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BALDRA, Richard

BALDRA, Thomas

BALDRA, William

BARCLAY, Forbes Dr. (1812-1873): m. 1842 Maria Pambrun

BECK, Miss: m. [before 1839] Thomas Otchins

BECK, Joyce: m. [before 1839] John Johnson

BIDDLE, Harriet A.: m. Hamilton Campbell



CALLABY, Marie: m. Baldra


CAMPBELL, Hamilton: m. Harriet A. Biddle

CAMPBELL, Maria A.: d/o Hamilton and Harriet A. Biddle Campbell

CAMPBELL, Mary D.: d/o Hamilton and Harriet A. Biddle Campbell

CAMPBELL, Sarah C.: d/o Hamilton and Harriet A. Biddle Campbell

DALCOURT, Jean Baptiste dit Champagne was recorded in Vancouver in June of 1839


EBBERT, George Wood (1810, Kentucky-1890) joined the HBC at Ft. Vancouver in 1833 for a 3-year tour of duty. In the winter of1838-39 he was blacksmith for Rev. Spalding. George W. Ebbert moved from Lapwaii Mission to the Willamette Valley May 20, 1839 with his Native American wife; died at Hillsboro in 1890.



GEIGER, William Jr.:

GEIGER, Dr. William M.:

GRIFFIN, Desire C. Smith: m. 1839 GRIFFIN, John Smith.

GRIFFIN, Rev. John Smith (1807-1899): : m. 1839 Desire C. Smith (her maiden name is the same as his middle name

HALL, Rev. Edwin. O.:

HALL, Mrs. E. O.:

JOHNSON, John: m. Joyce Beck,

JOHNSON, Mary Ann: m. John Bird, was d/o John and Joyce Beck Johnson

JOHNSON, D.G.: JOHNSON, William: was likely already settled in the Oregon country before 1839; he arrived at Waiilatpu with William Geiger in early August of 1839; he and Geiger, both experienced trappers, may have been enlisted as assistants for the missionaries in MO or sometime along the Trail. William Johnson was a Scottsman who had been with the US Navy and then with the HBC; settled near Champoeg with a Native American wife and died 1876 [this description by Bancroft, Oregon pg. 238, sounds very like the William Johnson listed in 1817; if so he had been settled for a long time but may have continued to trap and travel].

JOURDAN, : a member of the Peoria Party from Illinois in 1839; went west at least as far as Ft. Crockett; fate unknown.

KEISER,: [Gray's roster] a trapper who may have come from Rendezvous to Oregon with the HBC caravan.


KLEIN, Charles

 LASSEN, Peter:

 LAWSON, ____: [Gray's roster] a trapper who may have come from Rendezvous to Oregon with the HBC caravan.

MUNGER, Asahel: died 1841

MUNGER, Mrs. Asahel: "Mrs. Elisa Munger" (i.e. a widow) married Henry Buxton (see 1841)

OAKLEY, O. A. : came west with the Peoria Party at least as far as Ft. Crockett; fate unkown; if this is Obadiah A.Oakley, a trapper, his name appears on Gray's (unreliable) roster of residents in the Willamette prior to 1840 and he is also with the Bidwell-Bartleson party in 1842. [OHS MS, 1842-45; Hafen, vol.3]. In 1839 at Bent's Fort, O. A. Oakley and one person named Wood were persuaded by Paul Richardson (see his entry in 1834) to join his caravan and head back to the States.

OTCHINS, Thomas: m. Beck, wife was sister of Joyce Beck


RIVET, Francois: on French Prairie by 1839. See his entry in 1818.

SHORTESS, Robert: born 1797 Ohio and died 1878 at John Day hamlet (near Astoria

SMITH, Sydney: born 1809 Amsterdam NY, died 1880 Lafayette OR

SMITH, Silas B.:

SMITH, Willard E.: [Hafen]


 TRASK, James: a Trask with no first name is recorded in WH Gray's list of people in Oregon prior to 1843. [Gray lists a James Travers as an arrival in 1840, a name that does not reappear on the later census]. This could be James Trask or Elbridge Trask (his entry is in 1842). [Gray's census is rather unreliable--he lists some 1843 arrivals and garbles some names; sources for Gray's census are with his entry in 1836]

WALKER, Cyrus H.: ? listed as on the Oregon trail in 1836 and 1840 ? [OHS VF]

WALKER, Cyrus M.: this name may be a confusion with Courtney M. Walker (see his entry in 1834); a trapper, likely resettled to the Willamette Valley this year or 1840 [roster, Bancroft; Courtney M. Walker settled in the Willamette Valley in 1840]

WIGGINS, William




WRIGHT, Ben: [roster Gray] [Bancroft lists this name as J. Wright].

YATES, Charles:

[SOURCES: Farnam's published journal and an article in the Peoria Illinois Register (May 4, 1839) provided the names of most of the Peoria Party of 1839. Farnam also noted Peoria Party members who returned to the States or split off to join other parties as well as the names from at least two groups of independent travelers accompanying the fur company from Missouri. Other records and diaries provide dates and details for Peorians who wintered in the mountains and for ex-trappers resettling to the Willamette Valley. Joseph Holman (see his entry in the list for 1840) in particular encountered several of these individuals and recorded their fates in his journal and later published recollections. WH Gray (see his entry in 1836), not a particularly reliable source, made a list of people who arrived in Oregon before 1840 and another list of those prior to 1842. Names recorded in various diaries and mission records provide further clues for Oregon arrival dates. In summary--members of the PEORIA PARTY: Farnham (entry 1839), J. Wood (1839), C. Wood (1839), O.A. Oakley (? if this is Obadiah A Oakley, see 1843), Jourdan (1839), Sydney Smith (1839) Holman (1840), Shortess (1839), Kilbourne (1840), Amos Cook (1840), and Fletcher (1840); Robert Moore (1840) is the only recorded name from another ILLINOIS PARTY of about a dozen members in 1839; a private party JOINING IN MISSOURI: William Geiger (1839), J. Wright (1839), Peter Lassen (1839), and Dr. Wislinzenus (1839) [these names recorded by Farnham at Ft. Crockett]; ANOTHER PRIVATE PARTY, ORIGINALLY CALIFORNIA-BOUND [traveled with the missionary party]: D.G. Johnson (1839), Charles Klein, John Stevens (1839), William Wiggins (1839), and David D. Dutton.]







ABERNETHY, George (1807-1877): m. 1830 Ann Pope

ADAMS, Thomas: a Chinook

ALTGEIER, Niclaus or Nicholas: George Ebbert lists this name as an Oregon arrival in 1840. [Ebbert's "A Trapper's Life, 1829-1839", a MS consulted by Bancroft; A person named "Nicholas" drove a wagon with Newell's party to Oregon in 1840. A Valley resident by late summer 1840, Altgeier left for California with the US Exploring Expedition in 1841. [Listed as Algear in Gray's records (1836 lists WH Gray and sources by him)].

ARMSTRONG, Pleasant: joined the overland company at Hickory Grove, MO;married October 1845 to Jane Smith (see her entry in 1842), sister of Francis Fletcher's wife. He died in the Rogue River War of 1853.

BABCOCK, Dr. Ira L. (c1808-1888): and wife and one child

BLACK, Henry (born 1809): married Aug. 8, 1842 to Mrs. Lisette Warfield (she's probably the Warfield on Emmons's roster in 1841). [Records of Rev. J.S. Griffin]

 BREWER, Henry Bridgman. (1813-1886): married 9/3/1839 Laura Lucretia Giddings; died in Pelham Massachusetts in 1886.

CAMPBELL, Hamilton: with his wife and one child ; his nickname "Cow Campbell".

 CARTER, David: joined the Jason Lee missionary party in Hawaii, boarding with two Hawaiian missionary assistants, William and Peter ; married February 1841 Orpha Lankton (her entry is in 1840); his death in 1849 or 1850.

CLARKE, Chloe Aurelia (1818-1874): m. 1840 at Fort Nisqually to William Holden Willson;in 1856, she left OR and returned early 1860's with their 3 daughters

CLARK, Harvey: died 1858 at Forest Grove; traveled with his wife 

COFFIN, Mr.: with the HBC, he came from Ft. Coleville to Ft. Vancouver in late summer 1840 and then returned with letters and dispatches. [from the diary of H.B. Brewer]

COOK, Amos: came west with of the Peoria party in 1839;arrived at Walla Walla in May, 1840.

COUCH, Capt. John H.: born 1816 Maine and died 1895 Forest Grove. He married Caroline E. Flanders

CRAIG, William:

DAVIS, George:

DOUGHTY (often DOTY), William: born 1812 Tenn. and died 1872 at Gaston OR. 

DIX, Mary Augusta: m. GRAY, Rev. William Henry (see his entry in 1836)


FISHER, Capt. Charles J.: died 05 Dec 1896 Bound Brook, NJ

FLETCHER, Francis: born 1814 England and died 1871, Dayton OR. ; came west with the Peoria Party of 1839; arrived at Walla Walla in May 1840. 

FORREST, Charles: in charge of Cowlitz Farm for the HBC in 1840.

FROST, Rev. Joseph H: arrived with his wife

FROST, Mrs. Joseph H.: arrived with her husband 

 GAGNIER, Mr. and Mrs: Gagnier commanded Ft. Umpqua for the HBC. In 1840

GIDDINGS, Laura Lucretia (Mrs. H.B. Brewer): died in 1853 at the age of 36.

GRAVES, W.H.: George Ebbert lists this name as an Oregon arrival in 1840.[Ebbert's "A Trapper's Life, 1829-1839", a MS consulted by Bancroft; Ebbert is listed in 1839]

 GRAY, Joe: an Iroquois Catholic convert came to live in the Native American community near Waiilatpu in April 1840.

GRAY, Mrs. William H.: see Mary Augusta Dix.

HINES, Rev. Gustavus (1809-1873): came to Oregon with his wife and sister ; back to New York in 1845, , and returned to Oregon in 1853 (probably bringing with them LUCYANNA LEE, Jason Lee's daughter)

HINES, Lydia (Mrs. Gustavus, died 1870 )

HINES, Miss: the Rev. Hines's sister came on the ship Lausanne.

HOLMAN, Joseph Esq. (1815-1880) member of the Peoria party of 1839; came to Oregon in June 1840;married in 1841 to Almira Phelps; second wife, Libbie Buss, were married in 1875.

HOLMAN, Mrs. Joseph, see Almira Phelps, arriving this year.

JANDREAU, : was reported leaving the 1840 Rendezvous bound for Oregon with the Newell/Meek party. He and at least a dozen ex-trappers may have reached the Valley this year.


JUDSON, Rev. Lewis Hubbel (1809-1880): ; m'd in 1831 to Almira Roberts ;married in 1846 to Nancy Hawkins.

JUDSON, Mrs. Lewis Hubbel. : Almira Roberts married L.H. Juson in 1831 ; she died in December 1844 .

KILBOURNE, R. L.: a member of the Peoria Party of 1839, arrived at Wallula in the summer of 1840

KERNARD, John: George Ebbert lists this name as an Oregon arrival in 1840.[Ebbert's "A Trapper's Life, 1829-1839", a MS consulted by Bancroft; Ebbert is listed in 1839]

KONE, Rev. William. W. with his wife

KONE, Mrs. W. W.: came with her husband.

 LANKTON, Miss Orpha (1806-1873);married February 1841 to Daniel Carter (his entry is in the list for 1840); second marriage Rev. John McKinney of the Methodist mission; she died, in 1873, in Sodaville, Linn County.

LARISON, John: m. a Nez Perce of the Salmon River region, a relative of the wives of Meek and Newell. An experienced trapper who was usually a companion of William Craig, he arrived with his wife and the Craigs in the Clearwater area in August of 1840.

LEBRETON, Geo W: died March 1844 

LEE, Mrs. Jason (Lucy Thomas Lee, died 1842), his second marriage

LEWIS, Charles: m. Mary Ann

LEWIS, Mary Ann: m. Charles Lewis, 

LITTLEJOHN, Philo: m. Adeline Sadler

LONGTAIN, Harriet: m. Thomas Moisan (a Thomas Moisan/Moisang was recorded as a resident of French Prairie, see the list from the 1842 census that follows the 1835 list.)

MATTS, Charles: listed as a former trapper settled in the Willamette Valley by the summer of 1840.[ by WH Gray in Lang's Personal Reminiscences…]

MARTIN, H.: "who came to the country in 1840 and of whom not much is known" was probably the same Martin listed on the 1843 legislative committee roster. [Bancroft, Oregon, pg. 301]

MCCLANE, Helen: m. John B. McClane: this entry (source?) may belong with John Burch McClane in the list for 1843.

McCERY: listed as a Willamette Valley farmer in 1840. Possibly ex-trapper Michel Cere [roster, Gray; McCrary and McCarty (both of 1834) were listed separately]

MCDONALD, Angus: at Ft. Hall for the HBC 1840-43 when he switched posts with Archibald McDonald at Ft. Coleville.

MEEK, Courtney. Walker. : s/o Virginia and Joe Meek who was born 10/39.

MEEK, Helen Mar: born ca. 1838 to Joe Meek and his first wife ;died in 1847.


MEEK, Joseph M. (1810-1877)

MEEK, Virginia: m. Joe Meek 1838, as his second wife. Daughter of Nez Perce Kowesote or Thunder Eyes whom Spaulding called James. Her sister was Kitty M. Newell.

MOISAN, Thomas: m. Harriet Longtain (a Thomas Moisan/Moisang was recorded as a resident of French Prairie, see the list from the 1842 census that follows the 1835 list.)

MOORE, Robert (1781-1857): was the only name recorded from a group of about a dozen young men who emigrated from Illinois in 1839 ;came to Oregon City in 1840; married again in 1851 to Jane Apperson of Portland.

NEWELL, Robert "Doc" (1807,Ohio-1869): m. Kitty M.Newell in 1834.

NEWELL, Kitty M. d. 1845: m. Robert Newell in 1834; daughter of Kowesote, a Nez Perce, in English, Thunder Eyes, whom Spaulding called James. Her sister was Virginia Meek.

NEWELL, Marcus Whitman b. 4/17/1840: s/o of Robert and Kitty Newell

NICHOLSON, Mr.: according the WH Gray (his entry in 1836) a trapper named Nicholson and his Native American wife settled in the Willamette Valley in 1840. A settler named NICHOLS left Oregon for California in 1841 (US Exploring Expedition roster). Neither of these names appears in other records. [Bancroft wrote that Nichols may have come as far as Ft. Hall with the Bidwell-Bartleson Party in 1841]

OLNEY, Rev. James and wife;he drowned in January 1843.

PARRISH, Rev. Josiah Lamberson (1806-1895): m. 1833 Elizabeth Winn ; second wife was Jane Lichtenthaler (died 1887) and his third marriage was to Mrs. M.A. Pierce in 1888

PARRISH, Lamberson W. ( -1840): s/o Josiah L. and Elizabeth [Winn] Parrish. Died in the summer of 1840.

PARRISH, Norman O. (1836-1900): s/o Josiah L. and Elizabeth [Winn] Parrish

PARRISH, Samuel B.: s/o Josiah L. and Elizabeth [Winn] Parrish

PHELPS, Almira: married in 1841 to Joseph Holman

 PHILLIPS, Miss Elmira : (m. W.W. Raymond. Editorial note: This may be an error; Bancroft and Gray list Mrs. WW Raymond and Miss E. Phillips separately on their rosters; in 1842 Miss Phillips and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond were posted to the Methodist mission at Clatsop Plains. Methodist Mission records also list Mr. and Mrs. W. Raymond, farmer and wife, separately from Elmira Philips. Almira Philips, WW Raymond, and Lucy Fisher were all teachers in 1845 at a school in Clatsop. However, a woman remaining single in Oregon for a long period of time would be very unusual.]

RAYMOND, Rev. W. W.: m. Miss Phillips

RAYMOND, Abigail m. Alvin Thompson Smith 3/19/40

RICHMOND, Rev. Dr John P. [the name is mistakenly listed as "Richards" by Bancroft]

RICHMOND, America Talley (Mrs. John P. Richmond): arrived with her second husband and 4 ;her first marriage to Dr. Alexander Talley of the Choctaw Mission

RORA, : a Hawaiian assistant at the Methodist Mission in Salem is listed in this year although probably an earlier arrival

SADLER, Adeline: m. Philo Littlejohn (see his entry in this year

SENECAL: Gideon ( -1896):

SMITH, Alvin Thompson (1802-1888): m. 1840 Abigail Raymond; Jane Averill of New haven Conn. became his second wife in 1869. AT Smith died in 1888 at Forest Grove


STANSBURY, Nicholas U.: listed as an Oregon resident this year [roster, Bancroft]

THOMAS, Lucy: see Mrs. Jason Lee.


WALKER, family of Joel P. and Mary Young Walker: eldest, Joseph L., b. 1828, John b. 1834, Newton, and Isabella all traveled the Oregon Trail in 1840. Louisa was born in January, 1841, near Salem.

WALLACE, : an African American sailor left his ship, the American brig Maryland, in December 1840

WALLER, Rev. Alvan F. (1808-1873): m. 1833 Elepha White

WARE, Maria T.: [aka Wair] m. June 11, 1840 to Daniel Lee

WASHINGTON, George: a black pilot aboard the replacement for the former river pilot, a Chinook also named George, who styled himself King George.

WHITE, Elepha: m. 1833 Rev. Alvan F. Waller

WILKENS (or WILKINS), Caleb: married Mrs. Miriam Enyart (records of Rev. JS Griffin).

WILKINSON, George: arrived this year with his Native American wife. [roster, Gray] George Ebbert lists this name as an Oregon arrival in 1840.[Ebbert's "A Trapper's Life, 1829-1839", a MS consulted by Bancroft; Ebbert is listed in 1839]


WINN, Elizabeth (died 1869): m. Rev. Josiah L. Parrish;

YOUNG, Martha: a single woman traveled with her sister, Mary, and Mary's husband, Joel P. Walker.

YOUNG, Mary: m. Joel P. Walker in Missouri in 1823

[SOURCES: Historians WH Gray and HH Bancroft both recorded rosters for the Lausanne--these have been corrected for mistakes and omissions by consulting the diaries of Henry Brewer and Chloe Clarke. Details on overland arrivals come from a variety of sources, chiefly Joseph Holman and Narcissa Whitman (who kept records in 1839) and various recollections written years later by others. Those arriving before the end of 1840 but otherwise unmentioned in primary sources for exact arrival dates are: Charles Mattes, Burrows, John Green, McCery (Michel Cere?), Obadiah Oakley (also definitely a member of the Bartleson-Bidwell party in 1841), Altgier, the Warfields family, and Nichols or Nicholson.]

*Lists of the American population of the Willamette Valley come from Rev. W.H. Gray, [quoted here from Lang] the Oregon Spectator of 1849, and the roster of those leaving for California with the US Exploring Expedition, Sept. 1841.







ALLEN, George T.

BAKER, Capt. John (1816-1908):

BARNIER, Franklin (1806- ):


BERNIER, Julien: PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 2 children


BERNIER, Isadore born at Spokane House in 1841 PSAC x


BIDWELL, General John


BIRSTON, Alexander PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 4 children

BIRSTON, James PSAC x ;emigrated with wife and 3 children

BIRSTON, Grizzell: w/o James. James Birston Jr. born at Rocky Mountain House in 1841 on the way to Washington. PSAC x

BRIDGER, Mary Ann: d/o Jim Bridger came to live with the Whitmans at the age of six; died 1848.

BURROWS, : with wife and child appear only as names of Oregon settlers leaving for California with the US Exploring Expedition in September 1841.

BUXTON, Henry (1829- ): m. Rosanna Wooley PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 1 child.

BUXTON, Frances: PSAC x; died winter of 41-42 at Nisqually; her widower moved to Twality and married the widow of Asahel Munger.

CALDER, John: brother of Horatio PSAC x; John Calder went back to Red River in 1841 after discharge from the HBC. He married Mary McKay (the widow of John Bird) and returned to the Northwest in 1843 or 44.


CALDER, Horatio Nelson (d. 1885) PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 7 children (roster notes "3 Some grown up")

CARROLL, : passed through the Dalles on the way to the Willamette Valley in early September of 1841 [from the diary of H.B. Brewer]

CHILES, Joseph B.

CUNNINGHAM, John PSAC x emigrated with wife and 1 child



DAWSON, Cheyenne:

DESMETT, Pierre CFT Crittenden; Thwaites vol. 27

ELD, Henry:


FITZGERALD, : arrived at Nisqually in October 1841 with the HBC Puget Sound Company.

FLETT, David: traveled with Red River Immigration Company. The Fletts appear in the French Prairie census for 1842 (as Phlett). Miss Margaret Flett married John Spence 10/26/1850 at the home of Charles McKay. [records of Rev. JS Griffin]*1: 5pp reminiscence [written by son] in collection at OHS. PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 2 children (roster of the PSAC notes after children "one of the dec Jno Bird)


FLETT, James PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 4 children

FLETT, John PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 4 children

FLETT, Saskatchwan: William's 75 year old mother PSAC x

FLETT, William PSAC x; emigrated with mother and 4 children




FOWLER, : see the entry for Carroll in this list for 1841.

GREEN, John: with the six young men who built the Oregon Star and sailed to San Francisco in 1841. May have been a trapper the previous year.

GAGNON, Francois PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 5 children


GAGNON, Lucius: married an English/Indian woman in Canada. He was employed by the HBC and brought his wife and 3 children to French Prairie ca1841 [daughter, writing in 1926, said they came to Oregon "85 years ago" when she was age 4]. Two sons, named Louis and Antoine, were older than their sister, whose name is given only as "Mrs. DaBoin". At the age of 6 she lived with the LaChapelle family. She first married Peter Depot and then, widowed, married DaBoin. [Her account is in Fred Lockley's Conversations with Pioneer Women: edited by Mike Helm, published by Rainy Day Press, Eugene, 1981.]


HEATH, : an Englishman who had leased Steilacoom Farm, an extensive HBC property, and settled to raise sheep near the Methodist mission at Nisqually by 1841.


HILL, David: may be the "Hale" listed above. David Hill probably belongs on the list of 1841 overlanders but does not appear on the roster. There are no other records for "Hale" for this year and there is a diary reference to the arrival of "Hill"-- Fowler, the Kelsey family, Ross, Hill, and Old Williams (see his entry in 1837) came through the Dalles in early September of 1841. [from the diary of H.B. Brewer]. The name appears as David Hall (again no Hill or Hale) on WH Gray's roster of Oregon residents prior to 1843. However, Dobbs's Men of Champoeg (1932) states that David Hill arrived in Oregon in July 1842 and is the namesake for Hillsboro. In a more certain record, David Hill is listed as one of the three presidents elected July 1843 for the first provisional government. (The election took place before the arrival of the 1843 overland caravan);married 6/2/1846 to Mrs. Lucinda Wilson of Missouri. 


HOWELL, John (1787-1869): family members state that he was part of a survey team that came to Oregon in 1837; [may have been with Wilkes party that left on survey expedition in 1837 and arrived in Oregon in 1841] returned east; emigrated with family in 1843

INASS. or JUNASS.: may be an abbreviation, notation, or a name--the last entry on a roster of Oregon settlers leaving for California with the US Exploring Expedition in September 1841. Etienne Aaniesse was an arrival in Oregon in 1838.

JAQUES, Francios [PLOURDE dit JAQUES] PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 4 children

JOYELLE, Toussaint : family eventually used YELL PSAC x; Same person as Joe or Joseph YULL, Tuso JUGAL, Towsaw JOIAL, Toosang YELL and so on. ; emigrated with wife and 4 children


JOHN, James (1809-1886): traveled with Chiles and Weaver. He went as far as the Bear River with the main party. Someone named James John came to Oregon from California in 1843.

KELSEY, Josiah: see the entry for Carroll in this list for 1841.

KELSEY, Samuel: see the entry for Carroll in this list for 1841.

KLYNE, Joseph PSAC x emigrated with wife.

LAROQUE, Louis PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 3 children


LAROQUE, Pierre PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 3 children


MOFRAS, Duflot de:


MCKAY, Charles: note: another entry for Charles McKay, with family members, is in the list for 1842; emigrated with wife and 4 children. Charles Richard McKay was born at sea between Scotland and Canada in 1808. He died in Portland in 1874. He married in 1827 to Letitia Byrd, the daughter of James Byrd, governor of Manitoba. [A census of French Prairie for 1842 lists Thos McKey (see his entry in 1811) and Chas McKey; Charles, Thomas, and William C. McKay are all listed as residents of Oregon prior to 1843 (census lists by Elija White, his entry and sources are listed in 1837); Charles McKay is on the roster in TOPA 1912 as an Oregon arrival of 1841]. Charles McKay Jr. married Miss Mary Spence 9/16/1850 [records of Rev. JS Griffin] PSAC x

MCKAY, Letitia Bird PSAC x

MCKAY, Mary: five year old daughter of Charles and Letitia McKay

MOLAIR, : : appears only as the name of an Oregon settler leaving for California with the US Exploring Expedition in September 1841.

MOUNTAIN, Capt. Thomas:

OVERTON, William P

PACKETT, : ? (a Theodore Pancott signed a petition in Mar. 43; Pichette often became Picket)

PEALE, Titan R.:

POINT, Nicholas:

REINE [RANNE], Nancy in 1841 came west with her husband, H.N. Calder (they married 1830 after the death of her first husband, Michael Reine, in the Red River country); her sons by her first marriage also emigrated in 1841. They were named Michael and Charles and eventually took the last name WREN. Michael Wren married Christine Monroe in Twality.

RHELLE, Baptiste PSAC x emigrated with wife and 1 child


SAGE, Rufus R.: [acc. Mattes, he wrote a journal that survives]

ST. GERMAIN, Pierre PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 5 children


SAULES, James D., an African American sailor who remained in Oregon after the wreck of ship Peacock

SINCLAIR, James: led the PSAC from Red River to WA in 1841


SITWALLER, : listed as a laborer at the Dalles mission in the Spring of 1841, he left for the Willamette Valley by April 1841. [from the diary of H.B. Brewer]

SPENCE, Arabella McKenzie w/o John Clark Spence; after Spence's death, she married James Taylor PSAC x


SPENCE, Archibald; ; emigrated with wife and 7 children In 1841, a missionary at the Dalles mentions him as a frequent correspondent living in the Willamette Valley. [from the diary of H.B. Brewer] Charles McKay Jr. married Miss Mary Spence 9/16/1850 [records of Rev. JS Griffin] PSAC x

SPENCE, John Clark; h/o Arabella McKenzie Spence; emigrated with wife and 4 children




TAYLOR: "an old sailor" accompanied Tibbetts and Solomon Smith (both listed in 1834) on their coast to Willamette Valley cattle drive in 1841 [Men of Champoeg]


WARFIELDS, : with wife and child appear only as names of Oregon settlers leaving for California with the US Exploring Expedition in September 1841. "Mrs. Lisette Warfield" married Henry Black (his entry in 1840) at Robert Newell's house 8/17/1842. [records of Rev. JS Griffin]

WATTS, Charles: came to Oregon during or before 1840 [from Frederick V. Holman in OHQ 1912]

WILKES, Lt. Charles

WILLIAMS, Joseph: came with his family as a Methodist missionary and arrived at the Dalles September 24, 1841 (another Williams, "Old Williams", had gone through the Dalles two weeks earlier--easy to confuse these two



ZASTRE, Gonraque PSAC x; emigrated with wife and 6 children


PSAC=Puget Sound Agricultural Company

CTF (name)=primary source on individual is in Children of the Fur Trade bibliography

CTF (#)=primary source on individual is in Children of the Fur Trade footnotes

X= Children of the Fur Trade has biographical information on this individual that has not been added to the names list.

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