Clackamas County Historical Markers

This list is taken from an album available at the Clackamas County Historical Society. The album includes a photo of each marker, a copy of the words on the marker, a description, and map.


Barlow Road Marker - Barlow Pass

Pioneer Woman's Grave - Barlow Pass

Baby Morgan Grave-- Summit Meadow

Timberline Lodge

Joel Palmer Marker--Timberline

Government Camp

Samuel and Susannah Barlow - Government Camp

Laurel Hill - Government Camp

Tollgate - Rhododendron

Oregon Trail Marker-- Rhododendron

Danny Lynn Wagner- Lost Creek Campground

Fred H. McNeil -McNeil Campground

Barlow Trail Marker-Lolo Pass

Oregon Trail Marker-Rock Corral



Barlow Trail Marker - Sandy City Hall

John Revenue Grave - Cliffside Cemetery, Sandy

Bicentennial Black Walnut Tree - Varetti Farm, Sandy

Bicentennlal Douglas Fir Tree - Oral Hull , Sandy

Marten Peterson Grave - Firhill Cemetery, Sandy

B. E. Nelson- Nelson Memorial Pioneer Park, Sandy



McIver State Park - Clackamas River

Metzler Park - dedicated to Alice Metzler-- South of Estacada

Barlow Road Marker - feed store - Eagle Creek

Bell from Springwater School

Springwater Presbyterian Church - 1889

Currinsville Marker - north of Estacada

Foster Place and Barlow Road

Baker Log Cabin at Carver

Camp Millard on Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Store

German Methodist Church

Ruts in road near Holcomb School

Barlow Road sign



Cross Memorial Park - Gladstone

Pow-wow Tree- Clackamas Blvd.-- Gladstone

Bicentennial Park - Portland Ave. and Dartmouth - Gladstone

Marker for Pow-wow tree cutting

Dr. John McLoughlin Memorial - Bridge marker -South end of bridge over Clackamas at Gladstone

Plaque on Clackamas River Bridge - most beautiful steel bridge - class C

Clifford Stocker Memorial Parkside - Clarendon and Oatfield Road

Rev. Peter J. Desmet, S. J. marker - McLoughlin Blvd. and Jefferson - Milwaukie

Marker stone honoring Milwaukie's Founders -Milwaukie city hall - east side of Main Street

Marker on city water tank - Milwaukie



 City Hall Plaque - West Linn

 UnionHigh School Plaque - West Linn

 U. S. Post Office Plaque

 Meteorite plaque and marker - Willamette Fire Department

 Plaque on Lion - West Linn High School - dedicated to Mr, Jubb

 Plaque on Erratic Rock - rest stop west of I-205 bridge



 Peg Tree - plaque on rock next to tree

 Iron Furnace plaque - bottom of Furnace Park- founded 1866

 Ship's Bell of Clara - sternwheeler - in Furnace Park



 End of the Oregon Trail 1845-1846 (Kelly Field)

Dedication to the Belshers

Kelly Field (Abernethy Green)

Dedication Speech of E.C. Hackett (10-13-17)

Speech given by Mayor Dean Nichols (5-15-77)


Speech & program of 5-15-77 Marker dedication ceremony

McLoughlin House marker- McLoughlin Park

Barclay House marker-Mcloughlin Park

Dr. John McLoughlin commemorative- McLoughlin Park (corner)

Hudson Bay Cannon-McLoughlin Park

Vara Caufield Drinking fountain--McLoughlin Park

Dr. John McLoughlin Memorial Water Fountain-McLoughlin Park

First Protestant Church West of the Rockies-#811 Canter St.

Site of First Protestant Church--7th and Main

First Congregational Church-1844--Sixth and John Adams St,

Andrew Carnegie gift-Oregon City Public Library-Sixth and John Adams

Jacob's Memorial Square--Sixth and John Adams St.

Oregon City Woolen Mills-Sixth and John Adams

Background history-Oregon City Manufacturing Co.-6th and John Adams

Site of Oregon Territory State House-Sixth and Main

William Holmes Mansion-1847-#180 Ethel Street (off Holmes Lane)

Birthplace of Edwin Markham-O.C. Carnegie Library-7th and John Adams

Edwin Markham Marker--on Main St. between 11th and Moss Street

Oregon City Elevator and plaque-1954--7th St. and Railroad Ave to Promenade

First Suspension Bridge west of the Mieaissippi-1888

Concrete Bridge to replace suspension bridge-1922-East end of Oregon City-West Linn Bridge


McLoughlin Promenade-Kiwanis Club Promenade Development-City Bluff

MoLoughlin Promenade-City Bluff (Plaque has been removed from marker 1988)

Veterans' Memorial-Co. D- Mt View Cemetary-#500 Hilda St.

Peter Skene Ogden Memorial and Reverse--Mt· View Cemetery 500 Hilda St,

Historic Elm--17th and MoLoughlin Blvd,

Pioneer Oak--Mt View Cemetery

Program and media coverage of Pioneer Oak dedication-2-24-77

Old Oregon Trail Marker --Courthouse-8th and Main

Memorial to William Simon U'Ren--Courthouse-8th and Main St.

Blue Star Memorial Highway Armed Forces Tribute-Willamette Falls Turnout--Highway 99E

Site of first Paper Mill in Oregon (W.W. Buck and Assoc.)-4th and Main St.

Site of Oregon Spectator (first newspaper in American Territory)-4th and Main Sts.


Caufield Building-1848-Oregon's Oldest commercial bldg.-723 Main St.

Site of first Mt. Pleasant School-l856-#1232 Linn Ave, Oregon City

Dr, John McLoughlin Bust-Falls Vista-Highway 99E

"Steamer Gazelle" explosion marker-Falls Vista Highway-- 99E

Oregon History Marker-- Falls Vista Highway 99E

Masonic Building Marker--707 Main St.

Peter Skene Ogden's Home site-Falls Vista Highway 99E

Program for dedication of Barlow Bead marker 8-17-84

Wilsonville Memorial Park---I-5 Freeway at crossing of Willamette River

A.F. Andy Hasselbrink Memorial Ballpark--Wilsonville


The above section of Markers first compiled by Melvin and Dorothy Dunmire in 1976 and updated by Claire Met in January, 1988.



 First Evangelical Church - Twin Pine Trees

Canby Oregon Centennial - Wait Park

Canby Postoffice Marker - Veterans' Marker

Suzannah Lee Barlow Marker

William Barlow House

William Barlow Tull Fountain

 Canby Community Swimming Pool - Pudding River Bridge

Mark Family Marker

Memorial to pioneer ancestors of Knight family



Dibble House

Rock Creek Church and Cemetery

Feyrer Memorial Park - Ossie Marson Marker

Aunt Mary Robbins Fountain - Molalla Bicentennial Marker

Veterans' Marker - Dick Waldorf Marker

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