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Posted :12-03-97
Subject:Tent girl
Mystery: Thirty years ago my father-in-law , Wilbur Riddle, found the body of a young girl. She was wrapped in a bag similar to the type used to make tents. Her identity and the identity of her murderer remain a mystery. I have been working to create a web - site dedicated to solving this mystery. A cloth diaper was found with the body. Could this possibly mean that a child was involved? Maybe even someone who is looking for their mother? She most certainly was someone's daughter. If anyone has any information please contact me Todd Matthews at jtmatthews@twlakes.netphone/fax 931-823-6992
Update: Solved
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Solved Read all about it here: Salyersville Murderer found

Posted 11-25-97

 Contact:Paul Bailey
Subject:Zona Slusher
County/Town:Salyersville Ky Magoffin Co.
Mystery: On July 4th 1943 three young children who lived near Salyersville KY were walking into town to join in the celabration. When a drunk driver in a truck struck them. The boy Payne Patrick was not physical injured, the oldest sister Ida E Conley was hurt badly with a crushed rib cage and lost one lung. The youngest girl Ida's and Payne's Half sister Zona was Killed!
Ida was my mother, and she died when I was still young, so I dont know a lot of the details. And Payne has block it from his mind. He too was very young at the time
I have searched the librarys in Ashalnd and found that July 5th 1943 is missing from the micro film. I went to the newspaper and it was missinf there also. I searched the paper at the Magoffin Co histroical socitey and there were pages missing there also. I checked the records at Prater Dunn and they had no record of it. I even checked out the bluegrass grave yard records where she is buried and it show she wasn't even in there. ( But she is) I drove to Paintsville and checked their micro film on the Paintsville newspaper. And there was no mention of the accident. I have checked birth and death records and there is no such person even listed as ever being alive! The Salyersville court house caught fire in the 50s and all records of the victims are gone, birth death etc.I can only go on what I remember my mother saying about it. And that was that the persom driving the truck was a relative of a local politician. And that he got off with a slap on the wrist, even after a passager in the truck with him had testified that he did it on purpose.


Thank you Dewanna


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