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1891 Antigonish Census
Census data for Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Enter a surname.

Ancestry: Link Station
A wonderful resource from Ancestry, Inc. with over 3,000 links to genealogical sites on the Internet. First select a category or categories below and refine your search as you go along.

Geographical Location (ex. Alabama, California)
Record Type(ex. Census, Newspapers)
Ethnic/Religious(ex. Hispanic, Jewish)
Miscellaneous(ex. Immigrant, Maps)

Ancestry: Social Security Death Index
From Ancestry, Inc., this is The Death Master File from the Social Security Administration and contains over 51 million records created from SSA payment records. Use link above to narrow searcy further by incorporating additional fields.

First Name
Last Name
State Issued

Ancestry: World Tree
From Ancestry, Inc., a database of over 2 million records from user submitted contributions throughout the world.

First Name
Last Name

British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid
A database of over 100,000 interments in British Columbia collected from records and headstone inscriptions associated with 141 B.C. cemeteries and one from Washington, D.C. (You must select an initial letter even if you enter a surname - make sure the 2 match)

Surnames Beginning With 
Surname (if not sure of spelling)
Surname (if sure of spelling)
Given Name
Cemetery Name

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
A database of over 230,000 names of the United States Colored Troops. Enter a surname only.

Families on the Web
Limited information on some family histories. User submitted -- could grow to be a very useful site. (and, or, not, *)

Max Hits 

Family Trees of East Texas
Compiled by the East Texas Genealogy Society a database of know families from East Texas.

Birth Year Sex (M/F)

Genealogy Association of Nova Scotia
A database of GANS members' surname interests cross referenced with their snail mail addresses.

The goal of this organization is to build a database indexing all the genealogical resources over the world, on-line as well as off-line. The database is a list of surnames, dating before 1850, which connect to e-mail and snail mail addresses where whole works can be accessed.

Historic Roots: Hall of Names
This commercialized database gives some background history on over 500,000 names. Enter a surname.

Kentucky Death Index
An index to deaths which have been registered in Kentucky from 1 January 1911 to 31 December 1992. Information includes deceased's name, date of and age at death, and county of death and of residence.

Kentucky Death Index for 1911-1986
Kentucky Death Index for 1987-1992

Kentucky Divorce Index
Divorces granted in Kentucky from 1 January 1973 to 31 December 1993. Information includes the names of husband and wife, ages, residences, and place and date of divorce.

Kentucky Marriage Index
Marriages registered in Kentucky from 1 January 1973 to 31 December 1993. Excludes 1984 and 1985. Information includes names of bride and groom, place and date of the marriage, and their ages and residences.

Mayflower Database
Over 22,000 people. A database of passengers on the Mayflower. Case insensitive, must use first and last name using slashes (e.g. frances /homes/ or * /homes/).

National Archives of Ireland
A wide range of records relating to transportation of convicts from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868.

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
Surnames, cemetery name and location of over 1.1 million interments from approximately 2000 distinct cemeteries, cairns, memorials, and cenotaphs in Ontario Canada. It is necessary to set the beginning letter and a surname.

Surnames Beginning With 
Surname (if not sure of spelling)
Surname (if sure of spelling)
Given Name
Cemetery Name

Presidents Database
A database of U.S. Presidents genealogical data. Very slow. Search Help

Public Domain Land Sales in Illinois
Over 545,00 records. Only the first sale of public lands is recorded in this database; subsequent sales of the land are not. Search by purchaser's name. If using first and last name, use format lastname firstname, e.g. doe john. You can use the link above to search by purchase date, county, price and acres.

Roots Location List
Enter a location (country, region, county or town) for listing of people researching that location. Search countries and English shires by 3-character code, US states and Canadian provinces by 2-character code, otherwise by name.

Roots Surname List
Enter a surname for a listing of people researching that name.

Royal Family Database
Over 18,000 people. Enter first name, last name or both. Be patient! This database can also be searched by Title, Keyword, or Dates by using the link above.

Royal92 Database
A database of of European Royalty. Over 3,000 names. Case insensitive, must use first and last name using slashes (e.g. Diana /Spencer/ or * /spencer/).

Scots On The Net
Locate others of Scottish descent by entering a keyword or surname in the appropriate box below, or search by Clan using the link above. A user submitted database for contacting others.


Scots On The Net: Clan Finder
Enter a clan name for information about that Clan and other Internet sites and mailing lists related to the Clan.

US Social Security Death Index
This is the March, 1997 index with over 54 million names. Provided by Kindred Connections. (Last name and the death year range are required)

Last Name
First Name
Birth Year
Last Residence
Death Year Range for Search:
Beginning YearEnding Year

Yahoo - Genealogy
Searches Yahoo's Arts:Humanities:History:Genealogy Listings only.

Here is a searchable html file of the 1860 cenus of Maggofin,County. KY.Thank you Kurt! 

Social Security Death Records
This site has changed a bit you may want to try the one listed below, hosted by Ancestry. 

Social Security Death Records hosted by Kindred Konnections
Here is another Social Security Death Records hosted by Kindred Konnections

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