George Harrison Bliss 

Born: May 12, 1840, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Died: December 19, 1900, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Occupation: Telegrapher

Source Citation:
History of Early Chicago, Modern Chicago, and Its Settlement, Early Chicago and The Northwest by Albert D. Hager, page 540 and Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America.

GEORGE HARRISON BLISS was born May 12, 1840, in Worcester, Mass., of Perrin and Persis A. (Bullard) Bliss. The family came to Chicago in 1854, having been preceded by the father in 1852. He engaged in bridge and railroad building, and died in 1879, being followed by Mrs. Bliss in 1880. In 1858 young Bliss learned telegraphy: and was employed by the Illinois & Mississippi Telegraph Company, at Dixon Ill., in 1859, and at Muscatine, Iowa, in 1860. He was stationed at Aurora, Ill., in 1861, as operator for the same company and ticket agent for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. In 1862 he returned to Chicago, and served six months in the main office. and some months in the office of the superintendent of the Chicago & North-Western, where he became chief operator in 1863. Shortly afterward be was appointed superintendent of telegraph for that company; in which position he continued until the spring of 1873. Meanwhile, in conjunction with L. G. Tillotson & Co., of New York City, he established in 1867 the first important manufactory of electrical goods in Chicago, continuing until the fire, after which it was resumed for one year, when Mr. Bliss bought out his partners and merged the business in the stock company, George H. Bliss & Co., capital $40,000. The new enterprise requiring all his time, he resigned his position with the Chicago & North-Western in 1873; and in 1875 his company was embodied in the Western Electric Company, of which he became general agent. In 1877 he disposed of his interest therein, and engaged in the sale of some of Edison's earlier inventions. His health becoming impaired, he was largely occupied in a successful endeavor to restore the same by journeyings to and from Utah and other sections of the Northwest, in 1879 and 1880. In 1881 he became general western agent for the Edison electric light, being the first to introduce that system in the West. In 1882 the Western Edison Light Company was organized, with a capital of $500,000, and he was appointed its general superintendent. Mr. Bliss was married December 19, 1865, to Miss Mary M. Gilbert of Worcester, Mass., by whom he has had four children--Grace Ethel in 1869, Julian Perrin in 1872, Gilbert Ames in 1875 and George Edison in 1882. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss are members of the Plymouth Congregational Church, of which Mr. Bliss is a deacon. He has been a Mason for about twenty years, and is a Republican in politics. He has been a resident of Hyde Park since September, 1871.

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