Jacob Bliss

Born: March 12, 1763, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Died:  March 27, 1829, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation: Brigadier General, War of 1812

Source Citation: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County vol.2. The Lewis Publishing Company. New York. 1907, and Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America.                                     

General Jacob Bliss, son of Jedediah Bliss, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, March 12, 1763, died there March 27, 1829. He was a soldier in the revolution, enlisting in the Continental army in Captain Rowley's company, Colonel Moseley's regiment, June 5, 1780, when he was only seventeen years old. He served six months or more. He was also in the company of Captain Phineas Parker. The archives of the Commonwealth contain a personal description of him: he was five feet seven inches tall, complexion light. He rose in rank in the militia after the revolution and was brigadier-general in the war of 1812. He commanded a brigade of three western Massachusetts regiments at or near Commercial Point, Boston, in 1814. He was a prominent citizen of Springfield. He married, 1788, Mary Collins, daughter of Ariel Collins. Her mother was a Stebbins. Mary Collins was born in Springfield, June 12, 1765, died there October 14, 1854. General Bliss died there March 27, 1829. Children of General Jacob and Mary Bliss: Theodore, born March 4, 1789, died December 13, 1844; John, born September 7, 1790, died December 24, 1827, unmarried; Mary, born September 4, 1792, married, 1820, David Bryant, of Springfield; died April 19, 1839; Jacob, born May 11, 1795, died October 13, 1819, unmarried; William, born March 29, 1797, died March 3, 1838; Emily, born December 2, 1798, died young; Emily, born March 3, 1801, married, 1830, William Bryant, Maple street, Springfield; their son Andrew S. was cashier of the Boston & Albany Railroad at Springfield many years; Christopher, born July 30, 1803, died February 15, 1838, unmarried; Josiah, born July 31, 1805, died May, 1836, unmarried; Harry, born August 6, 1808, died June 15, 1862

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