William Bliss

Born:  December 11, 1834, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Died:  1907
Occupation: President of the Boston & Albany RR Corporation

Source Citation: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County vol.2. The Lewis Publishing Company. New York. 1907, and Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America.                                     

William Bliss, son of William Bliss, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, December 11, 1834. He was educated in the public schools of Springfield. He began his business career in the employ of the Boston & Albany Railroad and rose by successive promotions to the position of general freight manager, a position he held when the president of the railroad, Hon. Daniel Waldo Lincoln, died. He was chosen as the chief executive of this important railroad. He was elected first a director of the corporation July 15, 1880, and a week later, July 22, 1880, president. A writer at that time well said: "It is not too much to say that his intimate and thorough knowledge of the widely extended business of that great institution and thoroughfare, the Boston & Albany Railroad, renders him the most capable person for that position (president) and the interests of the corporation and the general public will alike be promoted by his careful consideration and supervision." The prediction was amply verified. Mr. Bliss displayed great executive ability and attained an enviable position in the railroad world. The stock of his company became worth nearly three times its face value. The road prospered, kept up with the progress in railroading methods, rolling stock and road-bed. He held the confidence of the state and the patrons of the road as well as the directors and stockholders. His name stood for sagacious and conservative management. In 1900, in accordance with plans made and approved by Mr. Bliss and his associates in charge of the corporation, the property of the Boston & Albany Railroad was leased for a period of ninety-nine years to the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, and has since been operated as part of the New York Central lines, the present name. President Bliss retired from active business after turning over his railroad to the new management.

Mr. Bliss married, September 22, 1858, Margaret, Chapin, daughter of Chester W. and Dorcas Chapin, of Springfield, where she was born in 1835. Their children: Chester W., born in New York, July 3, 1859. Elizabeth Benjamin, born December 8, 1860, in New York, married, September 23, 1884, Hamilton Perkins, of Concord, born in 1848, in Cambridge, and their child, Margaret B. Perkins, was born in Boston, August 8, 1885.


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