Aaron T. Bliss
Archibald M. Bliss
Eliphalet W. Bliss
Malcolm G. Bliss
Porter C. Bliss
Sidney E. Bliss
William Metcalf Bliss
William W.S. Bliss
Zenas E. Bliss

Eminent Bliss Ancestors Born in New York




Photo:  Lyman W. Bliss, M.D., born in NY, lived in Saginaw, MI

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Aaron Thomas Bliss, 1837-1906

Porter C. Bliss papers at Tulane

Archibald M. Bliss, 1838-1923

William Wallace Smith Bliss

Archibald M. Bliss, 1838-1923

William S. Bliss to Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1863 (Telegram requesting acceptance of his brigade)

E. W. Bliss, 1836-1903


Historic Fort Bliss

Lyman W. Bliss, M.D.