Disputed Lineages

Every effort has been made to build the Bliss Family in America website with 100% accuracy. The webmaster depends on primary and secondary resources as well as information from Bliss researchers to produce truthful information.  Unfortunately, some errors in records have been carried over from one book to another or from book to CD-ROM. Corrections, along with source information, are always welcome.
Information about the following persons has been either reported as erroneous or requires further research.  As the webmaster holds a full-time job and works on her own genealogy, she does not currently have time to conduct research or judge whether one person's research is more accurate than another's.  She will, however, report disputed lineages on this page as found.
Miriam Harmon, wife of Jonathan Bliss.  According to researcher Gene Z., Miriam Harmon is not the wife of Jonathan Bliss2.  An article about Gene's findings will be published in an upcoming Bliss newsletter.  To obtain a membership in the Bliss Family History Society and receive the newsletter, please visit here.  If you write to Gene Z., please mention this site.
Thomas Leonard (1577-1638), husband of Lydia White and son of Sampson Lennard and Margaret Fienes.  According to researcher Linda P., Thomas Leonard is the son of Margaret Fienes and Sampson Lennard and did marry Lydia White.  During her research in London in 2001, Linda discovered a document from E. Leonard & Sons Limited of London, Canada with a family tree and information prepared by Ibbotson Leonard, May 1934.  If you write to Linda P., please mention this site.
Thomas Blisse (abt. 1588-1647) of Preston Parva, Northants, England and Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. According to researcher Tom B., Thomas was married a second time in England.  His wife, Abigail Southam, and two children, Thomas and Amitie Blisse did not travel with him to America. If you write to Tom B., please mention this site.