Graphics:  Right: Royal North British Fusiliers
British Twenty-First Regiment of Foot, 1776 - 1777

Far Right: Massachusetts Regiment of Artillery, 1775-1776 "Knox's Artillery"

Courtesy: Sons of the Revolution of California

Royal North British Fusileers

Massachusetts Regiment of Artillery, 1775-1776

  Hon.  Daniel Bliss, Loyalist Deacon Daniel Bliss, Jr., Patriot

Associated With

Concord, MA Rehoboth and Leyden, MA
Birth March 18, 1739/40, Concord, MA November 16, 1726, Rehoboth, MA or RI
Bliss Book #410, p. 111 #515, p. 131

       Daniel, b. 1768


     John Murray, b. 1771


 Hannah, b.1780

George Lewis 


      Daniel, b. 1753 *

       Hezekiah, b. 1754 *

      James, b. 1757

       Allen, b. 1759

       Sarah, b. 1761 *

       Comfort, b. 1763 *

       Peter, b. 1765

      Ebenezer, b. 1767  

       Betsey, b. 1769

       Squire, b. 1771

       Esther, b. 1773 *

       Daniel, b. 1790

* Died in Oct. 1774, probably of smallpox
Advanced Loyalist Studies

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada
Listed in Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, p. 283
Death December, 1806, New Brunswick June 30, 1815, Leyden
Education Graduated Harvard College in 1760 Unknown
Marriage Isabella Murray of Rutland, MA Sarah Allen of Warren, RI
Occupation Lawyer and judge. Farmer and deacon.
Parents Daniel Bliss and Phebe Walker Daniel Bliss and Dorothy Fuller
Pedigree Hartford Line:
#001 Thomas Bliss + Margaret Hulins
#014 Samuel Bliss + Mary Leonard
#052 Thomas Bliss + Hannah Cadwell
#147 Rev. Daniel Bliss + Phebe Walker

#410 Rev. Daniel Bliss +
Isabella Murray
Rehoboth Line:
#002 Thomas Bliss + Dorothy Wheatlie
#021 Jonathan Bliss + Miriam Harmon
#069 Jonathan Bliss + Miriam Carpenter
#175 Daniel Bliss + Dorothy Fuller
#515 Deacon Daniel Bliss + Sarah Allen
Service Royalist;  Legal Advisor of Gov. Hutchinson.  Was proscribed and banished in 1788.  Joined the British Army and served in Quebec. Private, Capt. Gideon Burt's Co., Col. David Leonard's Regiment; enlisted March 2, 1777; discharged April 10, 1777; service, 1 mo. 10 days; marched to reinforce Northern army at Ticonderoga.
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