Graphics:  Right: 42d Royal Highland Regiment (or Black Watch, British Fortieth Regiment of Foot, 1776

Far Right: Fourth Connecticut Regiment of Infantry Continental Line

Courtesy: Sons of the Revolution of California

Fortieth Regiment of Foot, 1776 4th Connecticut Regiment of Infantry Continental Line


 Capt. Samuel Bliss, Loyalist

Capt. Samuel Bliss, Sr., Patriot

Associated with

Greenfield and Concord, MA and St. Andrew, New Brunswick, Canada

Rehoboth, MA


November 19, 1750

July 25, 1730

Bliss Book

# 416, p. 114

# 473, p. 124


 Mary Harwood, b. 1783

(1) Hannah, b.1755

(1) Molly, b. 1758

(2) Susie, b. 1759

(2) Samuel, b. 1761


(2) Esther, b. 1764

(2) Lepha, b. 1766

(3) Lydia, b. 1794


Advanced Loyalist Studies

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada

Listed in Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, p. 284


February 28, 1803, St. Andrew, NB

January 5, 1820, Rehoboth, MA


Unknown Unknown


Mary Harwood of ?

1.   Hannah Carpenter of Rehoboth, MA

2.   Keziah Carpenter of Rehoboth, MA

      3.   Lydia Perry of Rehoboth, MA





Daniel Bliss and Phebe Walker

Nathaniel Bliss and Mehitable Whittaker


Hartford Line:
#001 Thomas Bliss + Margaret Hulins
#014 Samuel Bliss + Mary Leonard
#052 Thomas Bliss + Hannah Cadwell
#147 Rev. Daniel Bliss + Phebe Walker
#416 Capt. Samuel + Mary Harwood

Rehoboth Line:
#002 Thomas Bliss + Dorothy Wheatlie
#021 Jonathan Bliss + Miriam Harmon
#067 Samuel Bliss + Mary Kendrick
#167 Nathaniel Bliss + Mehitable Whittaker
#473 Capt. Samuel Bliss + 3 wives


Lieut. and Captain, British Army, Young Royal Highland Emigrants, June 14, 1775, and Highland Fusiliers

“Favored the cause of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War and was charged with helping to plot the British Force to Concord April 19, 1775 and with giving them suggestions as to where to search for contraband of war and also of pointing out the dwelling places of the leading rebels.”  He was proscribed and banished in 1778.  He joined the British Army and served with distinction in New York and New Jersey.

Captain of a company of 43 minute men, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 to April 27, 1775; service, 8 days. Ephraim Bliss, Amos Bliss, and Levi Bliss were privates in the company.

Captain in Col. Timothy Walker's (Bristol Co.) Regiment; commissioned May 24, 1775 to December 1775.  Cpl. Nathaniel Bliss and privates Ephraim, Charles, and David Bliss served under him.

Enlisted and served three years under Captain Slade; promoted to captain.

Served as Gen. George Washington’s steward at Morristown, 1777.

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