Nathan Bliss of the Village of Whitesboro, NY

Lieut. Nathan Bliss of the village of Whitesboro (Whitesborough), NY was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts in September 1752-1754, the son of Ebenezer Bliss and Sarah Cooley of Longmeadow, Hampshire, MA. He married Submit White on November 19, 1782.

Mr. Bliss participated in the Revolutionary War, enlisting as a private in Major Andrew Colton's Company, Col. Timothy Danielson's Massachusetts Regiment, which had earlier marched (April 20, 1775) to the alarm of April 19, 1775.  He enlisted April 28, 1775 and served for three months, seven days.  He received an order for a bounty coat or its equivalent in money, dated December 22, 1775.  [ Note: On July 5, 1775, a resolve was passed to provide each of the non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the army with a coat; 13,000 were ordered to be provided by towns and districts, in accordance with a regular apportionment. This gift of a coat was considered in the nature of a bounty, and later, at the time of their distribution, the men in service were permitted to choose between accepting the coat or a sum of money in lieu thereof.]

Later Mr. Bliss enlisted in Capt. Gideon Burt's (Hampshire County) Company, Col. Timothy Danielson's Massachusetts Regiment for seven days.  He marched June 12, 1782  to retake Samuel Ely who was rescued from the Springfield jail and June 16, 1782 to oppose rioters at Northampton.

Nathan Bliss is listed in the 1800 census, along with a Jonathan Bliss, perhaps the son of Samuel Bliss and Mary Gleason of Warren, MA) (See listing below).

Children born to Nathan and Submit Bliss:

Charlotte, born August 16, 1783, married Darius Woodworth in 1801.

Harriet, May 12, 1785 in Hatfield, married Henry Dewey in 1807, died April 18, 1844, buried in Grand View Cemetery, Whitesboro.

Pamela, born April 9, 1792 at Hatfield, married Phineas Ford, died September 7, 1877.

Nathan, Jr., clothier, of Mexico (NY) and Whitestown, born September 24, 1796, married Almira Hitchcock in 1832, died June 10, 1858 or June 12, 1860, buried in Grand View Cemetery, Whitesboro.

Sylvester, farmer and clothier, born August 2, 1798 in Whitestown, married Submit M. White on February 7, 1824.

(Dr.) Daniel White, botanic physician, born April 20, 1803 at Whitestown, married Lucia Scovill on January 1, 1824, 

Nancy, born September 25, 1805, married November 12, 1829 to Monson Wheeler.

Lucy, born September 5, 1809, married 1831 to Stephen Rolph, died November, 1838.

Calvin, jeweler,  born January 22, 1813, married Esther Billings on September 24, 1835, died April 18, 1897 at Detroit, Michigan.

Four other children died young.

Nathan Bliss died on July 29, 1813 or 1818 and Submit White Bliss died July 28, 1840 or August 8, 1850.  Both are buried in the Grand View Cemetery at Whitesboro, NY.


#1 Thomas Bliss and Margaret Hulins of Rodborough, England and Hartford, CT.
#6 Nathaniel Bliss and Catherine Chapin of Springfield, Hampshire, MA
#31  Samuel Bliss and Sarah Stebbins of Longmeadow, Hampshire, MA
#94 Ebenezer Bliss and Sarah Colton of Longmeadow, Hampshire, MA
#249 Ebenezer Bliss and Sarah Cooley of Longmeadow, Hampshire, MA
#667 Nathan Bliss, Sept 27, 1752-53, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA; died July 29, 1813 or 1818

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1800 Census of Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Surname First Name M-10 M10-16 M16-26 M26-45 M45+ F-10 F10-16 F16-26 F26-45 F45+
Bliss Jonathan 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
Bliss Nathan 2 0 0 0 1 1 3 1 1 0