Mary Bliss Parsons and Marion Michael Morrison A.K.A. John Wayne

The Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss states that, "According to a Salt Lake City, Utah newspaper (1979), Mary Bliss Parsons was a seventh great-grandmother to the late Hollywood screen actor, John Wayne, who was b. Marion Michael Morrison May 26, 1907 at Winterset, IA and d. in 1979." (page 31)

The newspaper was correct in its findings.  Below is the descendant tree from Mary Bliss Parsons to Marion Michael Morrison.  Information for the tree was gathered from the Bliss genealogy and from the Parsons Family Association site at http://www.parsons-family-assoc.com/


Mary Bliss
(abt. 1625-1711)


Joseph Parsons

Mary Clark

+ Jonathan Parsons
Abigail Smith
+ Jonathan Parsons, Jr.
Sarah Spencer
(abt. 1726-?)

Jonathan C. Parsons III
(abt. 1720-1800)

Wealthy Chase
(abt. 1755-?)

Dr. Medad Parsons

Betsey Buck
(abt. 1794-1827)

Eldad Parsons

Abigail Buck
+ Henry Charles Parsons
Marion Mitchell Morrison
+ Weltha Chase Parsons
Clyde Leonard Morrison
+ Mary Alberta Brown
Marion Michael Morrison
(John Wayne)

May 26, 1907-June 11, 1979

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