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hE lived in Lebanon, N. H., until eight years old, when the family moved to Brookfield, Vt. For three years after marriage they lived in Cabot, Vt, but dwelt the rest of their lives on a farm on the west hill in Brookfield. He was an industrious, practical farmer and an esteemed citizen and was remembered as a conservative man, rather slow of speech, but full of dry humorous sayings, and as a most hospitable host. He began the collection of records from which much early history of the family in America has been preserved for this book


41. Emily Vital Wheatley, b 23 August, 1809, d Brookfield, Vt., 5 October, 1833.

42. Luther Wheatley, b 17 January, 1812, d Brookfield, Vt, 30 hours old.

43. John Wheatley, b 5 November, 1812, d Brookfield, Vt,18 hours old.

44. Sally Wheatley, 5 February, 1814, d Brookfield, Vt, six hours old.

45. Luther 2nd Wheatley, b 11 March, 1816, d Brookfield, Vt., 27 May, 1885.

46. Frederic Wheatley, b 11 February, 1819, d Brookfield, Vt, 1 May, 1847.

47. Infant Son, b 23 January, 1821, d Brookfield, Vt., 10 hours old.

48. Alpha Wheatley, b 9 January, 1824. d West Sommerville. Mass.

49. Sarah E. Wheatley, b 24 August, 1825, d Brookfield, Vt 28 October, 1850.

50. Eunice L. Wheatley, b 30 June, 1830, d Burlington, Vt,16 April, 1859.

16  III 5

Col. Nathaniel Wheatley was married March 4th, 1813, at Norwich, Vt, to Lydia Loveland, b Norwich, 3 February, 1790, d Brookfield, 18 June 1857. (See Loveland Genealogy.) She was of the fifth generation from Thomas Loveland who owned land in




Glastonbury, afterwards Wethersfield, Conn. He was taxed at that time for five thousand acres. His father came from Norwich, Norfolk County, England.

Lydia Lovelandís father Joseph was born in Glastonbury and lived there Until March 13, 1770, when he moved to Hanover, N. H., and from there to Norwich, Vt, November 16, 1779, where he died from accidental poisoning September, 1813. May 7th, 1777, he enlisted in Col. Jonathan Chaseís Regiment to reinforce the Continental Army at Ticonderoga (State Papers N. K) His daughter Lydia married Col. Wheatley. They lived at "Willow Grove," the old Wheatley farm. For many years they kept hotel, it being a relay station of the through stages between Montreal and Boston. He was a prominent member and a constant attendant at the Orthodox church and held family prayers daily. Often when returning from church he would discover people fishing and it was his habit to endeavor to dissuade them from such use of the Lordís day. They perhaps excused it with claiming it a necessity to obtain food, whereupon he always loaded them with provisions and sent them home contented. Col. Wheatley gained his title in connection with the state militia; the broad fields west of the branch were used for parade and drill. He represented the town of Brookfield in the state legislature and once served a term in the senate. He was an upright citizen, highly esteemed wherever he was known and always exerted a good influence in the community. Ambitious and enterprising, he was steadily looking forward to modern methods of farming. He first used the up to-date agricultural implements in his vicinity. His two horse mowing machine was the wonder of the region for some time, people coming long distances to see it work He was an active Whig in politics.



51. Infant, b 2 December, 1813, d Brookfield, same day.

32. John Wheatley, b 27 November, 1814, d Brookfield, 25 January, 1884.




53. William Wheatley, b 27 February, 1817, d Bane, Vt., 21 August, 1897.

54. Lydia Ann Wheatley, b 21 December, 1818, d Brookfield, Vt., 11 December, 1848.

455. Vinal Wheatley, b 21 November, 1820, d Brookline, Mass., 12 March 1900.

56. Nathaniel Wheatley, b 10 July, 1822.

57 Charlotte Wheatley, b 24 April, 1824, d St Johnsbury, Vt, 11 June, 1882.

58. Andrew Wheatley, b 21 February, 1826, d Brookfield, Vt, 28 February, 1826.

59. Joseph Wheatley, b 2 September, 1827, d Brookfield, Vt, 3 May, 1831.

60. Lucinda Wheatley, b 16 July, 1829, d Royalton, Vt., 12 July, 1864.

17 III 5

Lucy Wheatley was married December 26, 1808, at Brookfield to Seth G. Bigelow, b Brookfield 1778, d Brookfield, 21 April. 1852. He was a successful merchant at Brookfield Centre. Always an industrious, law abiding citizen.



61. Charles E. Bigelow, b 10 October, 1810, d Waitsfield, Vt, 11 November, 1883.

62. Gilbert Bigelow, b 23 July, 1812, d Brookfield, Vt., 19 March, 1891.

63. Andrew Wheatley Bigelow, b 14 September, 1815, d Brookfield, Vt, 27 March, 1849.

64. Lucy Bigelow, b 22 March, 1819. d Brookfield, Vt, 22 July, 1851.

65.. Mary Vinal Bigelow, b 30 August, 1825, d Brookfield, Vt, 7 August, 1851.




18 III I

Eunice Wheatley was married October 8, 1813, at Brookfield, to David Loveland (No. 6, Loveland Genealogy) b Norwich, 6 July, 1782, d Norwich, 28 March, 1828. They resided on a farm in Conn. Rivet Valley, which was divided between their two sons George and John. David Loveland made a success of farming, as his perseverance and energy would of anything he might undertake. He worked early and late. It is said that he used to do a full dayís work, and then mount his horse to ride thirty miles to see Eunice Wheatley. In her he found a helpmate indeed, one who, after his death, bravely took up the charge of affairs with the care of three young children, and lived to have eleven grandchildren call her blessed. The life of an ordinary farmer, even a successful one, who died at the comparatively early age of forty-live years, is not regarded with interest by the general public, but it is pleasant for his descendants to gather up the traditions which have come down, and, finding nothing to conceal, make mention of his thrift and sterling character. Such a man was David Loveland, who, after attaining his majority remained for a time on the ancestral farm, which be carried on in company with his brother William, and on which he built a house. In 1820 he completed the purchase of a large farm a mile and a half up the Connecticut river, where he several years later built a large house, which has since been occupied by his descendants. His brother John helped in making the bricks, and traced on two of them, while soft, the words, "Fear God and keep his commandments."

So far as is known, our farmer was never gone long, save once, from his native town. His father, with another man, made a contract to build a turnpike in Rowley, Mass., and when it was partly done the partner took the money which had been received and with his horse and chaise went to Canada The elder Loveland returned home discouraged, feeling that his farm must go to pay the help, but David, young at the time, engaged more men who were good workers, and while William assisted at home, he finished the road and helped to save the homestead.




David Loveland and his wife united, in 1827, with the Norwich South Congregational church, of which both were members at the time of their death.



66. George Loveland, b 6 January, 1816, d Norwich, Vt, 29 December, 1889.

67. Albert Loveland, b 24 December, 1819, d Norwich, Vt., 17 May, 1821

68. Caroline F. Loveland, b 30 May, 1822, d Norwich, Vt, 9 February, 1856.

69. John Wheatley Loveland, b 19 January, 1825,d Norwich, Vt,, 14 November, 1901.

20 III 5

Andrew Wheatley was married December 28, 1819, at Alstead, N. H., to Marinda Perrin. He was a merchant and lived in Berlin, Vt, several years, but moved to Plainfield, Vt., in 1825, where he continued mercantile business until his death at the age of 34 years.



70. Worthington H. Wheatley, b 21 December, 1820, d Plainfield, Vt, 10 April, 1826.

71. William F. Wheatley, b 27 October, 1822, d Berlin, 8 April, 1823.

72. Andrew Wheatley, b,26 March, 1824.

73. Charles Henry Wheatley, b 22 July, 1826, d Plainfield, Vt., 20 September, 1826.

74. Mary Hopkins Wheatley, b 2 October, 1827, d Manson, Iowa, 3 October, 1884.

75. Marinda Wheatley, 28 April, 1830, d Brookfield, Vt., d 26 December, 1852.  


21 III 5.

Jesse Wheatley was married December 11, 1823, at Brookfield, Vt., to Harriet Stratton, b 1 November, 1800, at Brookfield, Vt., d Brookfield, 20 March 1869. They spent their life on the farm next north of the school house, in district No. 9, Brookfield, Vt He was totally blind the last 27 years he lived, but was always cheerful and glad to see and chat with everyone. He had a remarkably retentive memory of incidents and dates, being authority for much of the material contained in this genealogy. His blindness did not in the least impair his love of fun, and lie was always ready at repartee. His eyes would twinkle with as much expression to the last, as in early years. He lived and died beloved by old and young.


76. Jesse Cook Wheatley, b 25 December, 1824.

77. George Wheatley, b 19 April, 1827, d Brookfield, Vt, 4 February, 1861.

78. Harriet Wheatley, b 28 October, 1832 d Essex Junction, Vt., 28 August., 1895.

22 III 6.

John Wheatlev Colburn was married 10 January, 1828, at Claremont, N. H., to Thankful Judd, b 1806, d Claremont, 3 February, 1879. They both joined The Congregational church in 1829. They conducted a successful merchant tailorsí business.



79. Henry F. Colburn, b 18 December, 1828, was in the civil war with a Massachusettsí Company, and died near Washington, D. C., in Spring of 1862.

80. Sanford Colburn, b 14 September, 1832.

81. Lucinda Colburn, b 24 June, 1884, d Claremont, N. H., 5 September, 1855.



23 III 6

Betsey colburn was married at Lebanon, N. H., to Winslow Pay, b BelchertowN, Mass., 24 April, 1787, d 6 December, 1842, at Lowell, Mass. They lived on farms in Sharon, Vt, and Lebanon, N. H., where their three children were boRN.

82. Winslow Pay. 83. Robert Pay.

These brothers went to Iowa and raised families but the people East have not their address.

84. Lucinda Colburn Pay, b Lebanon, N. H., 12 June, 1810, d Lowell, Mass., 18 December, 1852.