George Bliss
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The Bliss Family in Newport, RI

George Bliss, brother of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth, was born in 1591 in Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England.  He married Ann Shaw on May 30, 1635 at Holy Cross Church in Daventry.  He and his wife joined Thomas and his family in their crossing to America, landing probably at Boston around 1638.  George may have resided a short time at Lynn, then Sandwich, Massachusetts.  On April 16, 1640, George was granted 1.5 acres of land.  He later removed to Newport, RI where he practiced his trade as a blacksmith.  In 1650, George was appointed (along with others) to make and mend all arms in Newport.  In 1657, Gov. Benedict Arnold described George Bliss as one of the original purchasers of the Island of Quononicut.  Later, Gov. Arnold's daughter, Damaris, married George's son, John.  George is listed in the Colonial Records as a freeman in 1655-56 and as a land purchaser in Newport on March 22, 1660.  George Bliss died August 31, 1667 at Newport.  [source: Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss]

First Five Generations of Blisses in Newport.

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