DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition: 

Bliss Patriots in the Revolutionary War


First Names "A" through "I"

Image: Lt. Ira Allen in Parade Dress of the Green Mountain Rangers.  Courtesy of the Sons of the Revolution, California

Green Mountain Rangers, 1775
First Name Birth Death Marriage Rank
Aaron 1738 MA 1-12-1786 MA Elizabeth Lilley Pvt. MA
Aaron 3-20-1752 MA 5-11-1812 MA Lucy Shaw Pvt. MA
Abdiel 12-15-1740 MA 6-10-1805 VT Lydia Smith Lt. MA
Abel 4-27-1763 MA 11-3-1852 MA Betsy Barrows, Lucy Carpenter Pvt. MA
Abner 11-29-1752 CT 5-29-1812 NH Naomi Loveland Pvt. NH
Abraham 10-11-1743 CT 1-29-1795 CT Lydia Hebard, Sarah Hall Young QM CT
Abraham, Jr. 4-10-1735 MA 10-6-1816 NY Polly Scudder Ens. NY
 Asa 11-5-1760 MA 9-23-1851 MA Molly Emmerson Pvt MA
Azariah 4-7-1714 CT 6-6-1803 CT Mary Tilden, Lydia Southworth Storrs PS CT
Benjamin 8-7-1761 MA 4-11-1823 Amy Bowen Pvt. MA
Beriah 7-28-1765/66 CT 8-30-1827 NY Temperance Rogers, Mehitable Sperry Hubbell Pvt. CT
Calvin 9-23-1753 MA 2-2-1814 MA Lucy Hale Pvt. MA
Calvin 5-14-1754 MA 10-?-1849 VT Ruth Janes Pvt. MA
Daniel 11-16-1726 RI 6-30-1815 RI Sarah Allen Pvt. MA
David 6-17-1763 CT 3-18-1835  NY Bathsheba Col, Jane McDuffee Pvt. CT, Pnsr.
David 4-10-1756 MA 1809 MA Susannah Walker Cpl. MA
David 2-21-1737 CT 5-16-1813 VT Sarah Porter Pvt. VT
Ebenezer 4-7-1724 MA 10-20-1787 MA Sarah Cooley Pvt. MA
Ebenezer 12-7-1725 MA 3-2-1808 MA Mary Booth, Abigail Cooley Pvt. MA
Ebenezer 4-15-1749 MA 7-12-1839 MA Abigail Parsons Pvt. MA
Eleazer 5-7-1745 MA 9-2-1833 NY Betsy Ingalls, Mrs. Sally Tuttle Pvt. MA
Elijah 1732 PA 1796 PA Abigail __ Sgt. PA
Elisha, Jr. 7-17-1732 MA 12-13-1777 Ruth Thomas Pvt. MA
Ellis 4-5-1759 CT 8-22-1829 VT Abigail Taylor Sgt. VT
Ephraim, Sr. 6-3-1726 MA 7-2-1804 MA Mary Moulton, Sarah Read, Huldah Smith Pvt. MA
Gad 2-6-1748 MA 1-29-1826 MA Abiah Colton Pvt. MA
Gad 7-29-1762 MA 11-21-1845 MA Deborah Olcott Pvt. MA
Gaius 5-17-1761 CT 5-27-1815 CT Eunice Robinson, Flavia Keep Pvt. MA, Pnsr.
Henry 10-7-1741 CT 5-27-1815 CT Sarah Woodward, Azuba Loomis Pvt. CT
Henry 1760 PA 2-11-1843 PA Mary ___ Pvt. PA
Henry 1722 RI 5-10-1808 RI Mary Clark CS RI
Isaac 8-10-1760 MA 6-19-1845 CT Welthea Butler Pvt. MA, Pnsr.
Israel 4-17-1739 CT 1-26-1829 NY Mary Stiles Pvt. CT