Bliss Births in Attleborough, MA

Bliss Gender Date Parents
Aaron m bp. 2/09/1769 Noah and Allathea
Adolphus m bp 3/31/1833 Martin and Sophia
Albert m bp 10/05/1834 Jonathan and Chloe
Alfred Nelson m bp 9/17/1837 Jonathan and Chloe
Alfred Augustus m bp 9/21/1828 George and Jerusha
Ann Janett f bp 7/8/1826 Jonathan and Chloe
Ann Sophia f bp 3/31/1833 Martin and Sophia
Adella Adeline f 7/8/1849 Henry, operative, and Adeline
Caleb m bp 6/7/1767 Noah and Alathea
Caleb m bp 10/27/1771 Noah and Allathea
Charles Henry m 01/01/1830 George and Jerusha
 Chloe Dean f bp. Aug. 4, 1832 Jonathan and Chloe
Esquire m bp. June 23, 1772 Daniel
Esther f bp. Aug. 15, 1773 Daniel
Ezra m bp. Sept. 9, 1780 Noah and Alathea
Frederick m bp. Aug. 5, 1764 Noah and Alathea
Frederick Drown m Dec. 9, 1843 George, manufacturer and Jerusha
George Nelson m Sept. 17, 1826 George and Jerusha
Greenleaf Orin Norice m Aug. 25, 1811 Alfred and Hannah (King)
Hannah f July 26, 1815 Alfred and Hannah (King)
Harlan Page m bp. Sept., 1841 Jonathan and Chloe
Hartford m bp. Jan. 1, 1839 George and Jerusha
Henry m bp. Sept. 5, 1824 Jonathan and Chloe
Jonathan m bp. Nov. 23, 1800 Hannah, wid.
Jonathan m bp. Oct. 6, 1822 Jonathan and Chloe
Lydia Carpenter f Jan. 5, 1849 Rodolphus, operative and Lydia
Mariah Ware f bp. Oct. 6, 1822 Jonathan and Chloe
Martin m bp. Nov. 23, 1800 Hannah, wid.
Mary King f Aug. 16, 1813 Alfred and Hannah (King)
Maryet Ingraham f bp. Aug. 4, 1832 George and Jerusha
Minerva Augusta f bp. Aug. 8, 1830 Jonathan and chloe
Olive f bp. May 30, 1765 Noah and Allathea
Rodolphus m May 15, 1847 Rodolphus, operative and L.
William Martin m bp. Mar 31, 1833 Martin and Sophia
Zeba m bp. Nov 23, 1800 Hannah, wid.
? f Feb. 5, 1844 Nathan H., yeoman and Mehitable