Bliss Deaths in Attleborough, MA

Bliss Date Age/Cause Parents/Spouse
Albert 7/18/1836 2y, 8m, 9d s., Jonathan and Chloe
Chloe Dean 5/2/1834 d., Jonathan and Chloe
Frank at Taunton 8/31/1848 1y, 2m, 3d/dysentery s., Henry and Parmelia
George N. 3/1/1825 7m, 4d s., George and Jerusha
Hannah 8/23/1815 d., Alfred and Hannah (King)
Hannah 1/13/1825 37th year widow, Alfred
Mary 12/20/1831 60y, 8m, 23d wife, Newman
Nelson Kent 10/3/1842 s., Jonathan and Chloe
Newman 12/22/1818 51y, 11m, 27d
Noah 8/__/1801
William 2/21/1803 5y, 4m
____ 1/12/1829 32 h d, Jonathan and Chloe
____ 5/15/1847 stillborn s, Rhodolphus