Bliss Family Marriages in Attleborough, MA

Bliss Last Name First Name Date Parents
Alfred (of Rehoboth) King Hannah 12/16/1810  
Alfred A., 19, cotton spinner Richardson Adeline F., 17, weaver 2/22/1848 George and Jerusha Bliss
Anjaenette, 21 Hodges John H. of Wrentham, 24, jeweler, s. Harland 4/7/1847 Jonathan and Chloe Bliss
Betsey (of Rehoboth) Fuller Silvester int. 8/1/1807  
Betsey N. (of Attleboro) Claflin,Jr. Alfred of Attleboro int. 4/10/1836  
Chloe Carpenter Thomas 12/7/1786 Jonathan Bliss
David of Calais Vt. Blandin Lucy 6/15/1806  
Florella of Attleboro Parmeter  Draper of Attleboro 11/29/1829  
George of Attleboro Martin Jerusha of Attleboro 11/21/1822  
George N. of Attleboro Bowen Betsey of Attleboro 7/9/1835  
George N. of Attleboro Carpenter Lucia   S. of Attleboro 12/19/1846 George and Jerusha Bliss
Hannah of Rehoboth Carpenter Daniel of Attleboro 2/1/1795
Hannah of Attleboro Capron Otis of Attleboro 11/26/1801
Harriett of Rehoboth Gulliver Samuel of Taunton 11/8/1836
James, Dr. of Attleboro Guild Hannah of Attleboro 6/18/1778
Joannah of Rehoboth Mason John of Attleboro 12/25/1796
Jonathan Kent Hannah 3/19/1792
Jonathan of Attleboro Dean Chloe of Attleboro 12/2/1817
Jonathan, Jr. of Attleboro, manufacturer Williams Julia A. of Mansfield 4//27/1843 s. Jonathan Bliss
Lemira C. of Taunton Bliss William M. of Attleboro Int. 8/3/1845
Lita of Rehoboth Claflin Daniel, Jr. of Attleboro Int. 8/30/1822
Maria W. of Attleboro Atherton Simon of Attleboro 5/5/1840
Mary H. of Attleboro Lapham Edward S. of Attleboro Int. 5/20/1837
Nancy of Rehoboth Dean Ephraim, Jr. of Attleboro Int. 11/4/1815
Nancy of Attleboro Tingley Timothy C. of Foxborough 4/3/1832
Nathan H. (Capt.) of Attleboro Horton Mahitable of Rehoboth Int. 11/15/1832
Newman of Rehoboth Starkey Mary of Attleboro 4/16/1795
Rhodolphus of Attleboro, manufacturer, 22y Carpenter Lydia S. of Attleboro, 19 y. s. Martin, d. William
Ruben of Rehoboth Williams Nancy of Attleboro 4/20/1809
Sally of Attleboro Claflin Sylvester of Attleboro 6/14/1835
Sarah S. of Attleboro Williams Bradford G. Int. 5/11/1849
Sarah/Sally of Rehoboth Sanford John of Attleboro 12/27/1798
Susan J. of Attleboro, 28y Wright Gardiner, widr. of Attleboro, 24y, clerk 5/16/1847 d. Cyrus and Susan; s. Benjamin
William M. of Attleboro Bliss Lemira C. of Taunton Int. 8/3/1845