John Bliss

Citations are from the First Century of the History of Springfield: The Official Records from 1636 to 1736 with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders by Henry M. Burt.  Original spelling has not been changed.


Biography of John Bliss (pp. 533-4)

"John Bliss, the youngest of Widow Margaret’s children married Patience Burt, daughter of Henry and Eulalia Burt, October 7, 1667. The town granted him several pieces of land before he was married, as did also Northampton where his sister, Mary Parsons, resided. His homelot in that town was next north of his brother-in-law’s, Joseph Parsons, and extended from the present Market Street on the west, to Bridge Street on the east, or in front of the cemetery. He resided in that town several years after marriage, but returned to Springfield and resided in that part of the town now within the limits of Longmeadow. He died November 4, 1702, and his widow October 2, 1732. (Aaron Tyler Bliss differs slightly on the death dates.)

Their children were:— A child, b. September 8, 1668, d. September 20, 1668.

John, b. September 7, 1669 m. Ann Terry, daughter of Samuel Terry and went to Enfield and thence to Lebanon, Conn.

Nathaniel, b. January 20, 1671, m. Mary Wright and went to Enfield and thence to Lebanon. ( Aaron Tyler Bliss states January 26, 1671)

Thomas, b. October 29, 1673, m. Mary Maccrany.

Joseph, b. 1676, d. unmarried in 1754.

Hannah, b. November 16, 1678, m. Henry Wright.

Henry, b. August 15, 1681, d. November 30, 1684.

Ebenezer, b. 1683, m. Joanna Lamb."

Topic Citations from Volume 1  Page Number
When settled "1646: son of Margaret, died here in 1702" 43
Absent from town meeting, fined "Absent from a Town meeting August 29th, 1666.  John Bliss (with others): to be added to ye next Town rate." 355
Absent from town meeting, fined May 5th, 1669 "The Select men considering the excuses of men absent fro: ye Generall Towne meeting last weeke, doe allow of ye Reson for most mens absence: only 4 psons who were present most of ye day yet not attending to theire call & being also absent some tyme after, we doe for theire neglect Judge ym to pay a 6d a peice to be added to theire next Towne Rate viz: John Bliss 6d 2 s" (with several others) 368
Absent from town meeting, fined ffebry 11th 1677: "The names of such persons as did afterwards absent ym selves in ye town meeting wthout Leave fro: ye moderator or ye major part of ye Inhaitants & present no reason for ye absenting themselves, vizt: Jn Bliss, Samll Bliss Jun (with several others) whose Penalty is two shillings according to Towne order." 419
Cash toward minister's salary "5 s" 388
Fence viewer May 5th 1669:  "At this meeting of ye select men: They chose & appointed veiwers of fences for the severall feilds for ye yeare ensueing viz: John Clarke & John Bliss ffor Long meddow & ye Hom-lots up to the meeting house." 368
Fence Viewer Aprill 23th 1669: "In answer to the veiwers for their direction: ffor setling where the veiwers shal have charge, It is declared (ye Range now apearing to be at James waringers & not at ye meeting-house) that John Clarke and John Bliss theire veiw of fences shall reach thither, and Tho Day & James warinair, there veiw of fences shall be from thence upward." 379
Granted land May 11th 1663:"To John Bliss 30 acrs" 309
Granted land January 5th 1665: "John Bliss hath liberty Granted him for mowing 8 or 10 acrs on fresh water river, where he Mowed last yeare, & this till yt land shal be further Considered for disposing of it." 341
Granted land May 5th 1665: "There is grannted to John Bliss & Samuell Bliss Senior Six acres a peece in a Meddow on a brook that runs into fresh water brook (about a mile & halfe beyond Nathanell  Blyes Meddow) if these be soe much there: Samll Bliss his share to begin at ye higher and next ye swamp yt the brook runs out of" 351
Granted land ffebruary the 11 1666: "There is granted to John bliss ffour acars off medo som what beyond his six acars formarly Granted provided it be there to be had after that Gorg Colton and benjamin Colyes be measured out" 358
Portion of brook fence may 28 1679: "It was further voted agreed to Lay out or order each particular of Lotts:  The lot being cast the disposition thereof fel: 2. To Samll Blisse Junr. 4. To Samll Blisse Senr. 12. To Jno. Blisse" 425
Granted part of pond ffebr 1st 1665: "John Bliss hath ye Pond agt his land in Long medow granted him pvided ye Indians be not wronged of theire Pease" 346
Liberty to build Febr 13th 1670:"There is Liberty Granted to John Bliss to Build upon his Land in ye Long meddow at ye end of his lot next the Pond, & ye Land there at ye end of his lot to the Pond side is now granted him to be his, If it was not his by former grant." 393
Seat in meeting-house December 23, 1649:"In ye foreseate of ye Gallery: In ye upper seate above ye Pillar on ye North side: Henry Chapin, John Bliss, John Keepe." 128
Seat in meeting-house ffebr. 23 1662: "In ye upper part above ye Pillars on the North side: Henry Chapin, John Bliss, Jo. Keepe." 331
To lay out brook fence May 28th 1679: "It was voted & agreed, that Ensigne Cooley, Jno. Blisse & Ephraim Colton be the persons to lay out this fence on the brooke."


Topic Citations from Volume 2  Page Number
Granted land "Here ffolloweth Severall Grants of Land, Made by this Towne Beginning wth ye Yeare, 1665":"John Bliss have grannted unto him ye pond agt his land in ye Long meaddow: pvided it wrong not the Indians nor hinder them taking their pease" 217
Granted land "Here ffolloweth Severall Grants of Land, Made by this Towne Beginning wth ye Yeare, 1665":"There is granted to John Bliss & Samll Bliss Senr to each of them Six acres of meddow lying on a brook yt runs into ffresh water brooke about a mile & halfe beyond Nathaneell Elyes meddow, if soe much be there.  Samuell Bliss his share is to begin at the higher end of the meddow next to the Swamp wch ye brook runs out of.  Also Samuel Bliss Junr hath granted unto him three acres of meddow there wth his Uncles if soe much be there besides his former grants." 220
Granted land "Here ffolloweth Severall Grants of Land, Made by this Towne Beginning wth ye Yeare, 1665":"There is grannted to John Bliss ffoure acres of Meddow Somewhat beyond his Six acres formerly grannted, if there be soe much there after George Coltons & Benjamin Cooleyes Grants be measured out." 222
Granted liberty to build ffeb 13 1670: "Liberty is granted to John Bliss to build on his land in the Long Meddow at the end of his lott next ye pond & the land there at the end of his lott to the pond side is now granted unto him, if it were not his by former grant." 111
Highways ffebr. 12th 1668:"And in reference to ye highway up the great hill over Mill River these persons vizt Lawrence Bliss John Harmon Nathaneel Pritchard Benjamin Parsons Widdow Bliss John Bliss John Matthews Anthony Dorchester Richard Sikes Jonathan Burt John Lumbard & Thomas Bancroft" 69
Liberty to mow "Here ffolloweth Severall Grants of Land, Made by this Towne Beginning wth ye Yeare, 1665": "John Bliss hath liberty granted him for mowing 8 or 10 acres on fresh water River where he mowed last yeere: And this till yt land be further considered of for disposing of it." 215
Surveyor October ye 5th 1669: "John Clark & John Bliss are chosen Surveyors for ye Countrey high wayes for ye yeere ensueinge" 10
To settle land dispute Febr 7, 1687:"There being some difference between Nath Pritchard & John Harmon concerning their interests in their medows upon Pacowseeke Brooke & Nath Pritchard Petitioning the Town to doe something to compose yr difference. It was voted that Rolland Thomas John Bliss & Thomas Stebbins be a Committee to veiw the Lands in Controversy between ym & to measure the Lands & to divide them their portion, according to the Intents of the Towns grants to ym & that they make report of their acts hereing to ye Town." 195
Desires grant Feb 3d 1679: "Jno Blisse moves to have twenty acares of Land below the Second Dingle at or neer Ensigne Cooleys house." 256
Tithingman in place of Jonathan Ely Eleventh day of March Anno. dom. 1728-29: "Voted that Jonathan Ely be Excused from Serving in the office of a Tythingman.  And that another be Chosen in his Room John Bliss Chosen Tythingman for ye year Ensuing In the Room of Jonathan Ely." 448
Viewer and field driver March 13 1721-22: "Chosen for Fence veiwers John Bliss (and others).  it was also voted that the Fence veiwers be also Feild Drivers." 419