Jonathan Bliss

Citations are from the First Century of the History of Springfield: The Official Records from 1636 to 1736 with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders by Henry M. Burt.  Original spelling has not been changed.


Topic Citations from Volume 2 Page Number
Concerning Money November 26 1714: "at this meeting the Select men prsenting to the Town some money belonging to James Osband from Jonathan Bliss &c it was voted by the Inhabitants to Chose a Commity to Consider what methods might be left to Recover and obtaine what Right belonged to the sd James Osband from the sd Jonathan Bliss and to order the Town Treasur to act according thereunto voted for a Committee Capt John Pynchon Leut John mirrick Pelatiah Bliss and Sert Joseph Cooly and it was voted that the Committee appointed to Consider of James Osbands Concernments should serch the Records what Right he might have as to Land at Grape Swamp and what might be done and make report thereof at the next Town meeting." 394