Lawrence Bliss

Citations are from the First Century of the History of Springfield: The Official Records from 1636 to 1736 with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders by Henry M. Burt.  Original spelling has not been changed.


Biography of Lawrence Bliss ( pp. 532-3)

"Lawrence Bliss married Lidia, daughter of Deacon Samuel Wright, October 23, 1654.  He was chosen Constable in 1660 and Selectman in 1665 and 1669.  He died in 1676.  His widow married John Norton October 31, 1678.  John Lamb, January 27, 1688, and Quartermaster George Colton in 1692.  She died February 13, 1699.  Lawrence Bliss's children were:

Lidia, b. October 29, 1655, d. February 26, 1656
Sarah, b. April 11, 1657, d. April 18, 1657
Sarah, b. April 4, 1658, d. August 25, 1659
Samuel b. May 7, 1660, de. May 22, 1660
Samuel, b. August 16, 1662, m. Hannah Stiles
Hannah, b. May 26, 1665, m. Capt. Thomas Colton
Sarah, b. November 27, 1667, m. Samuel Smith of Hadley
William, b. April 28, 1670, m. Margaret Lombard
Pelatiah, b. August 19, 1674, m. Elizabeth Hitchcock"

(Note:  not all dates agree with those listed in Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss)

Topic Citations from Volume 1 Page Number
Cattle, complained of August 19th 1670: "Att a meeting of ye Select Men vizt Leut Cooper Ens Cooly Ben parsons He. Chapin, E. Holyoke, Thomas Miller, Hayward of ye feild on the West side the great River p'senting John Petty John Scott Edw ffoster Ja. Tayle, Tho. Mirick Jo. Clark Lawr. Bliss Antho. Dorchester Jon. Burt & J. Lumbard for turning or keeping their Cattell wthin ye sd feild contrary to Ord. Vpon hearing ye case the six last their offence being for yt  ye 18th of May their teemes were found in ye neck wthout  a keep: but it being declared yt yr cattell were impounded & the poundage paid by ye owners of ye cattell they were dismist & Soe were the rest on other considerations. 386
Committee on town bull ffeb 12th 1668:"The want of a Bull for ye use of ye Towne being considered It is left to Nathanell Ely & Laur Bliss to take care for to Provide one" 373
Constable February 5th 1660: "Lawrence Bliss at this Same meeting is chosen to ye office of a Constable for this Town for ye yeare ensueing, who accordingly took his oath for the execution of his office." 281
Constable ffebruary 4th 1661: "Lawrence Bliss Constable being desired to stand in his office till next August consented thereunto at wt tyme he is to be dismissed of his office: And then another Constable is to be chosen for ye yeare ffollowing from that tyme, And so yearly at ye tyme of choosing ye Comiss for Court." 292
Defective fence - fined June 29, 1668: "Att a Meeting of ye Select Men they being all p'sent, for judging of diverse defects of fences in the Town feilds on ye West side of ye great River presented & complayned of to ye Select Men: Lawrence Bliss 1 defect fyned at 2 s" 364
Deputy constable February 5th 1660: "Lawrence Bliss was chosen Constable Deputy for supply of ye Constables place in his absence." 68
Deputy constable ffebruary 7th, 1659: "Lawrence Bliss was chosen Constable deputy for supply ye Constables place in his absence." 268
Fence viewer November 4th, 1656: :"And for veiwers of the fences for the yeare ensuing were chosen Anthony Dorchester and Lawrence Bliss for the Lower end of ye Town from the Meeting house downward & from the meeting house & upward being the Hyer end of ye Town were chosen Thomas Miller and Benjamin Munn." 251
Fence viewer Novembr 2d, 1658: "Lawrence Bliss & Nath. Prichard are chosen veiwers for ye lower pt of ye Towne fro: ye meeting house downward." 259
Fence viewer Vol. 2 of town records, no date: "Laurence Bliss his fence fro: James Osborns to Laurence his woodpile, to be taken in straite wth ye rest of his fence, wch wil make ye taking in to be about Three foote in the middle." 333
Fence viewer ffebr 1th, 1670: "Veiwers of ffences for ye heare ensuing were now chosen & apointed as followeth: Tho. Mirick & Laur. Bliss for ye feild on the west side of the greate River agt ye Towne." 392
Grant of land March 14th 1653-54: "Granted to Lawrence Bliss 4 acres in ye same swamp" 231
Grant of land ffebruary 8th 1654:"thease parsells of meddow commonly called by the name of wattchuett was granted these inhabitants: John Harman 3 acres, Rich. Syeks 4 acres, Lawrence Bliss 4 acres, will Brooks 4 acres" 235
Grant of land Jan 30th 1655:  "Lawrence Bliss, 1 acre." 241
Grant of land ffeb 13th 1656: "Likewise there was granted to lawrance Bliss liberty to exchange the lott of meddow in his presentt possession for that which was formerly decon wrights but now fallen into the hand of the towne and likewise 2 acars over the mill river amonge the small lotts which formerly was given to decon wright: provided he continue 5 years in towne." 252
Grant of land December 24th 1659:" Granted to Laurence Bliss 3 acars off meddow lyinge South of pacowsucke toward one of the branches off longe meddow Brooke begininge where Abell wrights doth end and in case there is nott 3 acars to be hadd then to bee made up where it can conveniently be found.  In reference to this there was granted to L. Bliss 3 acars of Swampe over Agawam River together with wch there was 4 acres more added,being 7 acres all in one peice; for this grant see further march 12th 1661-1662." 263
Grant of land March 5th, 1659: "There is granted to Laurence Bliss & Sam. Marshfeild & to each of them foure acres of Swamp over Agawam river in ye howse meddow that Spang of land twixt ye howse medo & Tho. Mirick & Tho. Bancraft to be ye first & ye rest of it to adjoine to it & run fro: Agawam River to ye howse meddow." 277
Grant of land Jan. 3rd, 1661: "It was agreed by the Proprietors of the land from the upper side of Abell Wrights lott to the Lower end of ye neck to runn a fence from Aggawam River to the great River ofr the securing of that feild: the fence to be a good sufficient fence of posts & rails, & this fence to be up & finisht by the middle of Aprill next: hereto agreed the Major part of the Proprietors of those lotts: vizt Samll Marshfeild, Nath Ely, Rich Sikes, Jonath Burt, Lawrence Bliss, Abell Wright, Charles fferry, Nath Pritchard, Anthony Dorchester, John Lumbard, Widdow Bliss, John Matthews." 290
Grant of land March 12th, 1662: "Theres granted of the Swamp land over Agawam River over agt the Indian ffort to Lawrence Bliss 7 acres to Elizur Holyoke 3 acre to Richard Sikes ffour acres & to Miles Morgan 3 acres: provided there be soe much undisposed of otherwise they are to abate according to each mans proportion: Lawrence Bliss his share to lye first next to Tho. Bancrofts land: Elizur Holyoke in ye 2d place. Rich Sikes 3d Miles Morgan 4th: this grannt Lawrence Bliss is partly in reference to a grant to him Dec. 1659." 299
Grant of land May 11th 1663: "Also there is granted to Lawrence Bliss Six acres of Meddow wch was formrly grannted to deacon Wright; this meddow is in ye meddow comonly called Watchuett." 308
Grant of land Jan. 5th 1665: "There is Granted to Lawrence Bliss some smale Nooke & strappets of meddow & swamp, lying in ye Corners of his meddow laid out at Watchuit in case all besides his former Grant there exceed not Three acrs." 341
Grant of land ffeb. 12th 1668: "There is likewise granted to Laur. Bliss ye land aft his lot there for 20 rod long fro: Reare upon ye like condition as ye former yt is to say in satisfaction for land taken for ye Highway: The like grant is made to the lot belonging to the howse of Correction & to ye lot yt belongs to ye howse & land wch John Matthew is now in." 374
Grant of land ffebruary ye 7th 1669: "Granted to Lawrence Bliss 2 or 3 acres of Medow land on ye North branch of the Mill River above his Medow bought of Rowl Stebin: pvided it be not granted to any other pson." 385
Highway surveyor ffebr 3rd 1662: "Lawrence Blis & John Lamb were chosen Surveyors for ye high ways for ye yeere ensueinge." 305
His stone horse ffebr 12th 1668: Also a whitefish stonehorse of Laurence Bliss: 3 y old & full ye height reqred is allowed to goe at liberty for a Stonehorse." 371
On committee to grant land ffebr 1st 1665: "At a meeting of Committee for Granting out of ye Lands belonging to the Plantation: Publike notice having bin given of this meeting: Also Geo. Colton Benja. Cooly & Lawrence Bliss who belong to this Committee all of  ym had notice of it." 345
Seat in meeting-house December 23, 1659: "6th Seate: John Lombard, Lawrence Bliss, Griffith Jones, Thomas Miller, Nathaniel Pritchard, Richard Excell." 127
Seat in meeting-house February 23, 1662:"In ye 5th Seate: - John Matthews, John Clarke, John Lamb, Lawrence Bliss, Thomas Miller, Thomas Day." 128
Seat in meeting-house December 23, 1659: "6th Seate: John Lumbard, Lawrence Bliss, Griffith Joanes, Tho. miller, Nath. Pritchett, Rich. Excell." 329
Selectman 1665: "John Pynchon, Benjamin Cooley, George Colton, Samuel Marshfield, Lawrence Bliss." 27
Selectman 1669:  "John Pynchon, George Colton, Nathaniel Ely, Samuel Marshfield, Lawrence Bliss." 28
Selectman March ye 20th 1664-65: "By ye Select men: George Colton, Benj. Cooly, Sam. Marshfeild, Lawrence Bliss, John Pynchon" 334
Selectman July 28th 1665: "At a meeting of ye Select men: p'sent: John Pynchon, Geo. Colton, Benj. Cooly, Sam. Marshfeild, Lawrence Bliss"

August 28th, 1665: "At a meeting of ye Select men: p'sent: John Pynchon, George Colton, Benja. Cooly, Lawr. Bliss & Sam. Marshfeild"

Sept. 27th 1665:  "The Select men: John Pynchon, George Colton, Sam. Marshfeild & Lawr. Bliss"

Selectman 30th January 1665: "By the Select men, John Pynchon, Benj. Cooly, Geo. Colton, Sam Marshfeild & Laurence Bliss" 343
Selectman Springfeild May 5th 1669:"At a meeting of the Selectmen for ye yeare ensueing: vizt John Pynchon, George Colton, Nath. Ely, Sam Marshfeild & Laur. Bliss" 368
Selectman ffebr 12th 1668 "At a meeting of ye Select men, present: John Pynchon, Nath. Ely, Geo. Colton, Sam. Marshfeild, Laur. Bliss" 371
Selectman Aprill 7th 1669: "At a meeting of ye Select men, present: J. PYnchon, G. Colton, N. Ely, S. Marschfeild, L. Bliss" 376
Selectman April 21, 1669:  "At a meeting of the Selectmen: G.C., N.E., S.M, & L.B." 377
Selectman May 5th 1669: "At a meeting of ye Select men, La. Bliss" 380
Selectman June 3d, 1669:  "By the Select men: Present: John Pynchon, Geo. Colton, Nath. Ely, Sam Marshfeild, and Laur. Bliss" 381
Selectman January 14th, 1669: At a meeting of ye Select men, present: J. Pynchon, G. Colton, Nath. Ely, Sam. Marshfeild, Laur. Bliss" 382
To pay for chain he lost ffebr, 1659:  "Laurence Bliss is to pay for ye chaine of steele Trap wch he lost: 5 s" 270
When settled "1646: son of Margaret.  Died here in 1676." 43
Wood for minister's salary Oct 12, 1670: "2 loads" 388
Topic Citations from Volume 2 Page Number
Committee to give land to Mr. Glover April 11th 1665:" At ye Same Meeting, It was voted to chuse a Comitee for giveing out ye land of ye Plantation wch yet lyes undisposed of and 'tis Ordered ye Capt Pynchon George Colton Benjamin Cooley Saml Marshfeild Rowland Thomas & Lawrence Bliss & Nathaneell Ely shalbe a Comittee for that end" 81
Granted Land September 4th 1693: "There is grannted to Lawrence Bliss Some Small nookes & Strappetts of Meddow & Swamp lying in the corners of his meddow laid out at Watchuett in case all beside his former grannt there exceed not Three acres" 214
Granted Land ffebr 12th 1668: "Lawrence Bliss hath a like grant of 20 rod long for the whole breadth of his lott over ye meddow vizt at ye Reere of it.  This being also in satisfaction for land taken from ye lot for the said high way" 232
Granted Land Oct 9 1669: "Granted to Lawrence Bliss 2 0r 3 acres of Meddowish land on ye North branch of the Mill River above his meddow bought or Rowland Stebbins  provided it be not grannted to any other p'son" 237
Hayward ffebruary 5th 1666: "<haywards chosen> And Lawrence Bliss for the ffeilds on ye West side of the Great River pposite to ye Towne & over Agawam Rivr" 85
Selectman ffebruary 7th 1664: "Capt Pynchon Benjamin Cooley George Colton Sammuell Marshfeild & Lawrence Bliss are chosen Select Men for Ordering the Prudenttiall affaires of this Towne for the yeere ensuinge" 79
Selectman ffeburary ye 2nd 1668: "Capt Pynchon Quartmr Colton Nathaneell Ely Samuel Marshfeild & Lawrence Bliss are chosen for Select Townes Men for ye yeere ensuing" 97
To lay out highway, etc. febr. 12th 1668:"And in reference to ye highway up the great hill over Mill River these persons vizt Lawrence Bliss John Harmon Nathaneel Pritchard Benjamin Parsons Widdow Bliss John Bliss John Matthews Anthony Dorchester Richard Sikes Jonathan Burt John Lumbard & Thomas Bancroft" 69
To lay out highway, etc. ffebruary 4th 1667:  "The Select men consideringe ye great need that the Proprietors on ye West side of ye great river stand in ffor want of a highway from ye South side of Agawam River into ye Common for their passage to Windsor & to their meddow Lands & severall other grannts, That doe therefore appoynt Thomas Stebbings John Dumnleton Lawrence Bliss & Rowland Thomas to lay out a highway from ye South Side of Agawam River & soe up the hill till they come to the common & they are to lay out the way in ye most convenient place" 88
To lay out highway, etc. ffebruary 12th 1667:"it occasioneth another gate to be made & sett between Lawrence Bliss & Joseph Crowfootes for ye maynteyning whereof, the p'sons of yt live over ye River haveing land in the feild stand chargeable they declaring their consent thereunto, till ye gate below Thomas Millers shalbe ordered to be remooved above yt high way where the new gate is Sett" 89