Pelatiah Bliss

Citations are from the First Century of the History of Springfield: The Official Records from 1636 to 1736 with an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders by Henry M. Burt.  Original spelling has not been changed.

Pelatiah Bliss is the son of Lawrence Bliss and Lydia Wright.  He was born August 19, 1674 and died January or June 2, 1747.  He married Elizabeth Hitchcock on April 21, 1698. (Source: Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss)

Topic Citations from Volume 1 Page Number
Selectman "1709" 30
Selectman "1734, 1735" 31
Town recorder "Pelatiah Bliss: 1712-1715; 1717-1727" 47
Topic Citations from Volume 2 Page Number
Assessor 369
Boards and Brick for Schoolhouse Augt the 24th Anno. Dom. 1733: "Granted to Lt Pelatiah Bliss for boards and brick for the School House five shillings and two Pence." 487
Concerning Court House September 10, 1712: "Voted that there bee a Committe Chosen to Consider of & propose some method or way to Compose the Differences that have bin or may Arise about the Court House & to make Report of their proposalls to the Town: Voted that their be Ten in sd Commite. Voted that Leutt Ephraim Colton Pelatiah Bliss Increas Sikes Capt John Mirick Leutt Joseph Cooley Samuell Day Deacon Joseph Ely Ensign John Miller Ensign James Mirick & Jonathan Worthington be the sd Committe, & then the meeting was Adjourned to the 2d Munday in October Next Ensuing." 421
Desires land March 9, 1702-03: "William Bliss & Pelatiah Bliss Benjamin Stebbins &  Thomas Stebbins Desire  the Town to give them Ten acres of Land apeice on the North side of the Northerly Branch of Mil River, a little way Westerly from ffere's farmee, & partly against James Dorchesters medow." 303
For preparing alphabets November ye 22d 1717: "Voted to Raise one pound & five shillins for Thomas merrick for his Going to fech ye Schoolmaster & ther was also Granted to Pelatiah Bliss one Pound & Ten shillins for Preparing Alphabets for ye Town Records & also Granted to Pelatiah Bliss Two shillins & Sixpence for Copeys out of ye Record" 403
Granted land march 13 1710-11: "Pelatiah Bliss in granted to have four or five acres of land at the Easterly end of ye Lot that was Tilly Miricks wood Lot on the East side of the great River, saveing former grants and high wayes" 316
James Osborn's affairs November 26 1714: "at this meeting the Select men prsenting to the Town some money belonging to James Osband from Jonathan Bliss &c it was voted by the Inhabitants to Chose a Commity to Consider what methods might be left to Recover and obtaine what Right belonged to the sd James Osband from the sd Jonathan Bliss and to order the Town Treasur to act according thereunto voted for a Committee Capt John Pynchon Leut John mirrick Pelatiah Bliss and sert Joseph Cooly and it was voted that the Committee appointed to Consider of James Osbands Concernments should serch the Records what Right he might have as to Land at Grape Swamp and what might be done and make report thereof at the next Town meeting." 394
Make up accounts Augt the 24th Anno. Dom. 1733: "Voted that Lt Pela. Bliss, Thomas Stebbins &Wm Pynchon Junr be a Comtee to make up acctts with John Burt and Compa Trustees, of the Town Interest money in their hands." 485
Moderator 18th day of March Anno. dom. 1733-4: "Lt Pelatiah Bliss Chosen Moderatour" 493
Chosen Clerk Novembr 26, 1713: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Clerk" 392
Chosen Clerk March 14th 1726-27:; "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Town Clerk" 432
Report accepted  8th day of November Annoque Domini: "The Report of ye Committee appointed to make up Acctts with ye former Town Treasurer Mr Pelatiah Bliss and the Present Town Treasurer Being Presented and Read voted that the acctts mentioned in ye sd Report be accepted, and that the sd Pelatiah Bliss ye former Town Treasurer be and Herby is Discharged from ye se sd accompts" 446
Selectman March 8, 1708-9: "Selectman" 382
Selectman March 14, 1731-2: "Selectman" 473
Selectman March 12, 1733-4: "Selectman" 492
Selectman March 11, 1734-5: "Selectman" 500
Surveyor March 9, 1707-8: "Pelatiah Bliss, Obadiah Cooley Thomas Hale & Ebenezer Day were chosen Surveiros for high ways" 378
Sealer of leather March 11, 1700: "pelatiah Bliss Sealer of Leather" 357
Sealer of leather March 9th 1702-3: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer for Leather" 364
Sealer of leather March 14, 1703-4: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer for Leather" 366
Sealer of leather March 14, 1709-10:"Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer for Leather" 384
Sealer of leather March 13, 1719-11: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Leather Sealer" 387
Sealer of leather March 13th 1715-16: "Insign Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer of Leather" 398
Sealer of leather May ye 7th 1718: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Sealer of Leather" 409
Sealer of leather March ye 8th 1719-20: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Sealer of Lether" 413
Sealer of leather Novembr 20th 1729: "Lt Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Sealer of Leather in sd Town for the year Ensuing" 456
Town Clerk March the 11th Anno 1712: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Clerke for ye Town & Sworn" 388
Town Clerk March the 10th 1712-13: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Clerk and Sworn according to Law" 390
Town Clerk March ye 9th 1713-14: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Clerk" 392
Town Clerk March ye 12th 1716-17: "The Clerk then Chosen was Pelatiah Bliss who was then Sworn" 402
Town Clerk March ye 11th 1717-18: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Clerk and Sworen to sd office" 405
Town Clerk May ye 7th 1718: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Clerk and he was then Sworn to sd office" 409
Town Clerk March ye 8th 1719-20:"Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk" 412
Town Clerk March 14th 1720-21: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk" 414
Town Clerk March 13 1721-22: "Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Town Clerk" 418
Town Clerk March 12th 1722-3: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk & Sworen" 423
Town Clerk March 10th, 1723-3: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk & Sworen" 425
Town Clerk March 9th 1725-6:"Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk & was sworen to sd office" 430
Town Clerk March 9th 1724-25: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk and was sworen to sd office" 428
Town Clerk March 14th 1726-7: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Clerk" 432
Tithingman March 14, 1703-4: "Tithing men were chosen viz: Henry Burt William Warriner Pelatiah Blisse Samuel Ely & Joseph Cooley 366
Treasurer March 14th 1726-7: "Pelatiah Bliss was Chosen Town Treasurer" 433
To provide suitable "assisters" for the Town Records March ye 12th 1716-17:" It was also voted that the Town Clerk viz Pelatiah Bliss should att the Town Charg make or provide Sutable Assisters for the Town Records" 403
To examine accounts March 14, 1709-10: "Luke Hitchcocke Sen was chosen Treasurer for the Town, & mr John Pynchon junr Jose. Stebins Senr & Pelatiah Blisse were chosen & appointed to Joine wth sd prsent Treasurer to examine the accounts of the old Treasurer who was mr Pelatiah Glover Senr." 384