The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth


The last Will and Testament of Thomas Blise being sick in body but in perfect memory made the seventh Day of the eighth month; 1647 the said will allso Exhibbited unto the Court holden at new Plymouth the eighth of June 1649, upon the oathes of Steven Payne Edward Smith

Imprimus I give in the name of the father sonn and holy Goste my soule into the hands of god yt gave it and my body to the earth

It I give unto my soon Jonathan my house and home lot Conditionally yt hee shall give unto my sonninlaw Thomas Willmore his lot wh hee now hath and allso the one half of my broken up ground for two yeares and shall healp him to build him an house and let him peacably and quietly live in the house with him untell they shall bee able to set up a house for him

It I give unto Jonathan two of my oxen Called Spark and Swad and my heifer wh is Called traveler and my heifer Calfe at the Iland and all my beding and all my tooles Conditionly yt hee shall use them in my trade or els they shalbee Devided to my fouer Children

It I give unto my eldest Daughter and her husband Thomas Willmore my other two oxen Called quick and benbo an my broad headed heifer and my Cow Called Damson and all my wearing aparrell

It I give to my Daughter Mary and her husband Nathaneill harmon my three two yeare ould steers and ten bushells of wheat

It I give unto Nathaneell the sonn of my sonninlaw Nicolas Ide my browne heifer and my two steere Calves wh are at the Iland

It I give unto Nicolas Ide ten bushells of Rye

It I give unto my sonn Jonathan and my sonninlaw Thomas Willmore the Resedew of my Corn and allso the Rye now sowne on the ground and my Coult and all my tackling and Implements as plowes Cart and Chaines all these to be equally Devided between them allso my pot and ketell; and I Doe make them exequters Joyntly of this my will and Testament; and I Doe Intreat my trusty and wellbeloved frends Richard Wright and Steven Payne to bee overseers of this my Will yt it bee Dewly and Justly performed in Wittness heerof I have set to my hand the Day and yeare first above written; I give unto my fouer Children my hide of leather which is in William ffeilds hand to be equalli Devided between them; and if any of my Children shall seeck to Defraude the others of any pt of theire Right or shall bee any wayes troublesom and it bee Justly proved hee shall forfeite all his part heer menssioned to be equally Devided between the Rest

In the prsence of Thomas Blise
Steven Payne
Edward Smithe



An Inventary of the goods and chattells of the late deseassed Thomas blise takein The 21 of the eight month [October] 1647.
Item s d
Impri his wearing aparell  3 0 0
It one fether bede 2 bolsters one blanked and one
coverlid and 2 sheets 
4 0 0
It one Iron pot one brasse kittle  0 10 0
It 3 payls one tube  0 6 0
It in bookes  0 5 0
It 3 axsses one throw one hatchet one adds one wimble  0 12 0
It 2 sithes one how  0 6 0
It one ould muskate one pistoll one pistollbarell and
one barell of a peece and 2 ould swords 
1 10 0
It 3 pitchforks one mukeforke .  0 5 0
It Iron and Steelle  0 9 0
It 2 beetleRings one wedge one mortising axe  0 6 0
It one warming pan one pot crooke one paire of pot
hooks one frying pan 
0 10 0
It one payer of stillyards  0 3 0
It one horse harnesse one Sadle tree  0 7 0
It 2 meale troughs tow old hoggsheads  0 6 0
It one ould bagg  0 10
It in oattes pilcorn and peasen  0 12 0
It all the tooles belonging unto the Smiths trade  22 0 0
It one hyde of soallether  1 4 0
It 2 sives  0 1 
It 2 oxen  12 0 0
It one Cow  5 5 0
It 2 oxen  22 0 0
It one Cow  5 0 0
It one heaifer  4 15 0
It 3 young Steers  8 0 0
It one Cow  5 5 0
It one court  7 0 0
It 3 calves  4 0 0
It 2 swyne  2 10 0
It haye  8 0 0
It wheat  6 15 0
It Rye  1 0 0
It in chaynes  0 12 0
It 2 plows and plow Irons  1 0 0
It one cartrope  0 4 0
It 2 yookes  0 5 0
It one cart  1 0 0
It Indian corn  1 6 0
It hempe  0 1 0
It one ould Sawe and other ould lumber  0 10 0


117 16 4
Aprised by Steven payne and Richard Bowin
at a generall court holden at neu plimouth the 7th of March 1647 Johnathan Blise and Thomas willmore testified Upon oath before the said court yt this is a true Inventory of the goods and chattels of thomas Blise above written