Bliss Records in the 1870 Federal Census in Kansas

Book and Candle
First Name Age Birth Place Location County
Asa 29 OH Oskaloosa Twp. Jefferson
Austin 40 Norway Claytonville Twp. Brown
Charles 33 IN Ottumwa Twp. Coffey
Charles 38 NY Salamanca Twp. Cherokee
Chrls S. 22 MA Scott Twp. Bourbon
Edwin 25 IN Irwin Twp. Brown
Frank 19 IL Republican Twp. Clay
George 21 IL Republican Twp. Clay
George 18 VT Manhattan Twp. Riley
H. H. 25 VT Centropolis Twp. Franklin
Henry 22 England Junction City Twp. Davis
Henry 22 MA Lincoln Twp. Dickinson
Henry 42 Prussia Atchison Twp. Atchison
James 42 PA Neosho Twp. Coffey
James S. 32 PA Valley Brook Twp. Osage
J. F. 50 VT Oskaloosa Twp. Jefferson
John A. 27 MA Lawrence Douglas
John A. 41 VT Vienna Twp. Pottawatomie
John E. 25 OH Ottawa Franklin
L. Mariah 24 MA Wakarusa Twp. Douglas
Linder 81 VT Towanda Twp. Butler
Lola Bell 6 NY Greenwood Twp. Franklin
Lyman J. 33 MA Atchison Atchison
M. 29 MA Lincoln Twp. Lincoln
Miles 25 OH Oskaloosa Twp. Jefferson
Silas 70 NY Wichita Twp. Sedgwick
William P. 30 NY Center Twp. Marion
William P. 30 NY Wichita Twp. Sedgwick