Andrew Jackson Bliss and Lottie Mable Bliss

October 19, 1865 - July 13, 1940
Reference Numbers: 22292, 24830, 22238

Submitter:  Sherry Hopkins Kosciuch, great-granddaughter of Andrew and granddaughter of Lottie.

The information below corrects information in
the Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss

Photo: Lottie M. Bliss, 1912


Andrew Jackson Bliss, date unknown

Issue of Lottie M. Bliss and Oscar Donald Hopkins

Ruthe Louise Hopkins was born May 3, 1924 at Johnsonburg, PA. (alive in 2001). She married Charles Lutz (alive in 2001) and then Stanley Collett (deceased).

Neale Irving Hopkins was born August 8, 1925 at Johnsonburg, PA and died May 1, 1988 at Erie, PA. 

Marlin Richard Hopkins was born December 2, 1926 and died October 10, 1988 in South Carolina.  He married Frances Louise Gunther (alive in 2001). In the Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss, Marlin is referred to as "Bud."

Edith Madiline Hopkins was born September 16, 1914 at Johnsonburg, PA. (alive in 2001).  She married George Joseph Schauer (deceased).

Shirley Mabel Hopkins was born January 14, 1916 at Emporium, PA and alive in 2001.  She married Elmer Sam Guelcher (deceased).

Ellsworth Oscar Hopkins was born March 5, 1918 at Niagara Falls, NY and died June 1, 1983.  He married Margaret Virginia Starsmere (alive in 2001).

Orville Eldridge Hopkins was born August 15, 1919 at Niagara Falls, NY and died July 27, 1940 at Erie PA. (not married).

Andrew Jackson Bliss was born October 19, 1865 in Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County, PA.  He died July 13, 1940 at Brockway, PA. Mr. Bliss married Marilla W. Prindle, born March, 1862 in Sugar Hill, Jefferson County, PA.  Mrs. Bliss died November, 1926 in Brockway, PA.

Issue:  Lottie Mable Bliss (#22238) was born Sept. 11, 1892 at Brockway, PA and died April 28, 1960 in Erie, Erie County, PA. (Note: Additional children are listed in the Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss.)

Lottie M. Bliss married Oscar Donald Hopkins, born March 4, 1890 at Emporium, Cameron County, PA.  Mr. Hopkins was the son of Stephen Bennett Hopkins and Caroline Smith Hopkins.