Anita Bliss of Philadelphia, PA

Reference Number: 21289
Submitter:  Anne Milner,
Second Cousin, 3 times removed


Anita Bliss, born 1875, daughter of William Bliss, merchant, and Athenaide Dallett of New York City and Philadelphia, was born in Philadelphia. Mr. Bliss was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England and married Miss Dallett on April 30, 1861.  He afterwards married Anna Dallett (sister of his first wife), born 1843.  Anita descends from a Bliss family of manufacturers of tweeds and woolens begun in 1757 in Chipping Norton, England, the Bliss Tweed Mills. 

Anita descended from the following line:

# 21265 William Bliss (July 4, 1832-1890) born at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, merchant, and Athenaide Dallett (1836-1876). Son of:

#21245 Robert Bliss (May 16, 1802-1872) of Chipping Norton, England and Mary Ann Dallett, born 1814-15 in Pennsylvania.  Married 1830, St. Mark's, Kensington, London. They emigrated to the United States about 1835 and lived at Westchester and Elizabeth, New Jersey until 1850 when they resided in Philadelphia, PA.  Son of:

# 21230 William Bliss (Oct 3, 1764 -1835), wool manufacturer, of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England and Hannah Lay (February 14, 1771-1815) of Burford, Oxon, England.  Married December 20, 1792 at Taynton, Oxon, England.  Son of:

# 21226 Thomas Bliss (1736-1798), cloth manufacturer, of Bisley, Gloucestershire, England and Ann Insall (1739-) of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.  Married 1758 at Chipping Norton.  Son of:

# 21220 Edward Bliss (1707 -) and Mary Smart. Christened at Minchinhampton Married December 4, 1726 at Avening, Gloucestershire.  Son of:

Thomas Bliss

Sources:  Anne Milner and Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America by Aaron Tyler Bliss