Gertrude Nina Bliss
of Lake Placid, New York

May 27, 1866 - 1936
Reference Number:
Submitter:  Charlotte Adams, Great-granddaughter


The picture below is of Gertrude Nina Bliss with her children and grandchildren from her first marriage to Edward Field.  James and Vera Littlejohn and their daughter Betty are from Gertrude's second marriage to James Littlejohn after the drowning death of Edward Field. Another child,  Charlotte Littlejohn, is not in this picture.
Gertrude Nina Bliss is descended from the following line

#2      Thomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatlie of England and Rehoboth, MA
#21     Jonathan Bliss and Miriam Harmon of Rehoboth, MA
#67     Samuel Bliss and Mary Kendrick of Rehoboth, MA
#169   John Bliss and Rebeckah Whittaker of Rehoboth, MA
#478   Nathan Bliss and Joanna Bowen of Rehoboth, MA
#1355 Sylvanus Bliss and Freelove Horton of Royalston, MA
#2999 Lewis Bliss and Eunice Melvina Preston of Wilmington, NY
#5982 John Preston Bliss and Mary Amelia Musgrove of Wilmington, Essex, NY
#9531 Gertrude Nina Bliss, born May 27, 1866

The picture below is of the house of John Preston Bliss and Mary Amelia Musgrove.