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Justus F. Butterfield

Located very pleasantly in section thirty-five, township thirty, range eight, is to be found one of the well known and highly esteemed old settlers of northeastern Nebraska. This gentleman is Mr. Justus Butterfield, and he has been closely identified with the history of Knox county from a very early date, having come here when the country was very sparsely settled, and he well remembers when the plains abounded with wild game, and Indians were frequently seen in bands near their settlements.

Mr. Butterfield is a native of Kalamazoo county, Michigan, and was born October 2, 1850 (His grave stone says 1856). His father was born in New York, and his mother was a native of the same state. Our subject's boyhood was spent in his native state until he was about eight years old. He then came with his parents to Buchanan county, Iowa, where he followed farming as an occupation until he was twenty-four years old, at which time he came west, driving through from Buchanan county Iowa, to Knox county, Nebraska, where he filed on a homestead in 1874. His first work was to build a house of rocks, in which he lived for several years.

During his early residence in Nebraska, Mr. Butterfield and his family went through their share of the hardships which met every pioneer on the frontier, experiencing failures of crops, grasshopper raids, severe storms, etc.; but they had the courage to endure, and in the years of plenty that followed those times, have managed to accumulate a fine property and establish a permanent home. His holdings consist of two hundred and eighty-eight acres of land, every part of it under good improvement, except eight acres of timber.

Mr. Butterfield was united in marriage in October, 1877, in Knox county, to Miss Queiney Canning, a native of Wisconsin, who came to Nebraska with her parents, William and Mariette Canning, in 1874. To them have come eleven children named as follows: Henry, Hiley, Laurence, Eva, Elmer, Willard, Marvel, Merle, Clarence, Mabel and Claude. Merle, Mabel and Claude are now deceased, all having died from diphtheria and membraneous croup in October, 1910. Mrs. Butterfield died May 2, 1906.

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