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Descendants of Benjamin Butterfield I

Contributed by Sandra Wallman Franke

Generation No. 1

1. BENJAMIN1 BUTTERFIELD I was born ~ 1548 in Ovendon, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng, and died ~ 1610 in Eng.


Burke's Encyclopedia of Heraldry, Coat of Arms of Butterfield Family:

Arms - "Gules, a griffin, passant, argent"

Crest - "Out of a ducal coronet or, a dragon's head, wings ele verted vert"


2. i. BENJAMIN2 BUTTERFIELD II, b. ~ 1572, Ovendon, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng; d. Eng.


Generation No. 2

2. BENJAMIN2 BUTTERFIELD II (BENJAMIN1) was born ~ 1572 in Ovendon, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng, and died in Eng.


3. i. THOMAS3 BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1592, Ovendon, Yorkshire, Eng; d. 16 Sept 1614, Ovendon, Yorkshire, Eng.

4. ii. BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD III, b. Bet. 1600 - 1610, Ovendon Parish, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng; d. 2 March 1687/88, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.


iii. SAMUEL3 BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1610 - 1620.

More About SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD: Date/ID Problem: Were there 2 Samuels, younger brother of Benjamin and s/o Thomas or was there only one?

Immigration: 1635, Eng to MA with older brother Benjamin.


Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS3 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born ~ 1592 in Ovendon, Yorkshire, Eng, and died 16 September 1614 in Ovendon, Yorkshire, Eng. He married SUSANNA WOOD 8 March 1611/12 in St. John the Baptist Church, Ovendon, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng1. She was born Bet. 1590 - 1595 in Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng, and died Aft. 1645 in Fairfield Co, CT.

More About SUSANNA WOOD: Date born 2: 7 May 1572, Ovenden, Yorkshire, Eng

Date born 3: 1590, Ovenden, Yorkshire, Eng

Immigration: 1635, Eng to MA Bay Colony w/family and with late husband's brothers Benjamin & Samuel Butterfield

Parentage/Ancestry: Query: ?d/o William & Frances Ogden Wood; ?d/o Edmund & Margaret Heird Wood


i. SAMUEL4 BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1612, Ovenden Parish, Yorkshire, Eng; d. 1636, Saybrook, Middlesex Co, CT.

Notes for SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD: Excerpt from letter/manuscript from Dorothy Benway Butterfield (Mrs. O.J.) sent to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 6 Dec 1952: "Samuel was in Springfield, Mass, in 1636 or before. Killed by Indians at Saybrook, 1637. No record of progeny." [This Samuel OR Samuel, younger brother of Benjamin (b.1600) OR some other Samuel?--swf]

More About SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD: Died 2: 1636, Middlesex Co, MA

Cause of Death: Killed by Indians

Christening: 16 January 1612/13, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng

ii. THOMAS BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1614, Ovenden Parish, Yorkshire, Eng; d. 1615, Ovenden Parish, Yorkshire, Eng.

More About THOMAS BUTTERFIELD: Christening: 26 December 1614, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng.

4. BENJAMIN3 BUTTERFIELD III (BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born Bet. 1600 - 1610 in Ovendon Parish, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng2,3, and died 2 March 1687/88 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA4,5. He married (1) ANNE JUNDON6 26 October 1632 in Yorkshire, Eng7. She was born Bet. 1605 - 1616 in Yorkshire, Eng8, and died 19 May 1661 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA9,10. He married (2) HANNAH CHAWKLEY 3 June 1663 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA11,12,13. She was born ~ 1612 in Eng, and died 19 May 1677 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA14.


Benjamin Butterfield from whom the American family chiefly derives issue was the son of Benjamin I, born abt 1600 Ovenden, York, England, and baptized at St. John The Baptist Church in Halifax, England. He married Ann Jundon of Moldon, Eng and they already had two small children when Benjamin and his family joined with Benjamin's young half-brother Samuel, and his older sister [in-law] Susanna, with her husband, the Reverend Matthew Mitchell and their children for the trip to America in 1635.

He was known to be in Charlestown in the Bay Colony in 1638, then, removing to Woburn, his name appears among the first town orders of Woburn and, in 1643, he was made a Freeman. (in early Colonial life a Freeman was one who was entitled to vote and was considered a "gentleman." To qualify, a man must not be indentured and must be a property owner and a member of the Church). In 1645 we find Benjamin's name on the Woburn tax list. In 1652 the inhabitants of Woburn petitioned for leave to explore the West side of the Concord River. The report was, "a very comfortable place to accomodate a company of God's people." In 1658, Benjamin headed a petition of twenty-nine names from Woburn and Concord for a tract of land six miles square, "to begin at the Merrimack River, as the neck of land six miles square, "to begin at the Merrimack River, at the neck of land next to the Concord River," to run southerly on the Concord River and westerly into the wild country. This spot was known to the indians as Naamkeek. The six mile tract was occupied in 1654 by Benjamin and his associates, including the family names of Learned, Chamberlin, Fletcher, Adams, Proctor, Hildreth, Blodgett and Parker.

In 1655 the town was incorporated under the name of Chelmsford, MA. The land adjoining was occupied by the Rev. John Eliot with a reservation for Christianized Indians called "Wamesit." The line between the Indians and the English was run "on the east side of Butterfield's highway" and marked by a ditch. On this highway Benjamin pitched his farm and built his house, somewhere within what is now Ward 4, Lowell, MA. Also in 1655, Benjamin was one of the signers of letters requesting the Minister of Wenham, MA, the Rev John Fiske, to come to Chelmsford, MA to start the Church at Chelmsford which is now Unitarian and known as the First Congregational Society. They gave the Rev. Fiske 30 acres of meadow and 30 acres of plowable land plus a house 20' x 38' with 3 fine rooms and brick or stone chimneys as well as 50 pounds the first year, and maintenance therafter. In 1656, Benjamin is named as one of the citizens of Chelmsford, MA to whom the Governor Dudley farm of 1500 acres in Billerica was conveyed.

On 1 Dec 1656, a minister in Chelmsford (probably Rev. Fiske) recorded the fact that he had baptized the following sons of Benjamin Butterfield that day: Benjamin III, age about 20 years; Jonathan, age about 15 years; Nathaniel, age about 11 1/2 years; Samuel, age about 8 years. In view of the birthdates recorded by the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for Joseph, Samuel & Nathaniel, it seems that the good minister was estimating the ages of the boys at from one to three years younger than they actually were. He also did not record a baptism for Benjamin's daughter, Mary. Therefore, as near as it can be discovered, it seems that Benjamin's and Ann's children were:

Benjamin III (AKA Berabin), b Eng ~1633; d Chelmsford, MA 1 Feb 1663

Mary b Eng abt 1635, m 1653, Daniel Blodgett, Chelmsford, MA; d 5 Sept 1666

Jonathan b 1641; m Mary Dixon of Cambridge, MA; d 3 April 1673

Nathaniel b Woburn, MA 14 Feb 1642

Samuel b Woburn, MA 17 May 1647

Joseph b Woburn, MA 15 Aug 1649

Benjamin II's wife Ann (Jundon) Butterfield, d Chelmsford, 9 May 1661 (VR); he m.2 3 Jun 1663 (VR) Hannah, widow of Thomas Wittemore of Cambridge; Hannah d 19 Mar 1677, Chelmsford, MA (VR)

In 1666, Newfields, a tract of 241 acres of Intervale, across Stony Brook and extending up the Merrimack was granted to Chelmsford, MA. Of this, perhaps the best land in the growing town, Benjamin obtained 42 acres; the largest share of any one person. In 1686 the Indian reservation, "Wamesit" was purchased by the whites. The story of the imprisonment, neglect, starvation, and even selling into slavery of these Indians because the whites felt they could not be trusted during King Philip's War is a shameful one. The remnant of the "praying Indians", upon release, unable to trust the whites, moved north under the leadership of Wanalancit to join other "wild" tribes, and sold their land in "Wamesit." Three of Benjamin's sons were among the grantees. The surviving sons: Nathaniel, Samuel and Joseph. (Middlesex Deeds X19). This territory, which had been occupied by Wanalancit and his tribe as a cornfield and fishing station, is now occupied by the factories of Lowell, MA. The purchase included also 500 acres upon the north and east side of the Merrimack of "wilderness land", a general term for the unsettled country outside the incorporated limits. Nathaniel and Samuel Butterfield settled on the Wamesit lands, and Joseph in the wilderness between Tyng's Pond and the river.

Benjamin served the town of Chelmsford, MA as a Selectman or "Trustee" in the years 1656, 1657, 1660, and 1661. He died in Chelmsford, MA 2 March 1688.

Sources: History of Boston; Savage's Genealogical Dictionary; 400 Years Of Progress, G. A. Gordon, NEHGS Register, 44:33, Boston Transcript Files; Linares Chapter DAR and Records belonging to Charles Butterfield; Water, History Of Chelmsford; Vital Statistics of towns.

More About BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD III: Burial: Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Christening: St. John the Baptist Church, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng

Immigration: ~ 1635, Eng to MA w/family on the "James"15

Life/Times Event: 10 May 1643, Took Freeman's Oath/MA15,16

Occupation: Husbandman (Farmer); Proprietor

Public Ofc/Service: Bet. 1656 - 1657, 1660-1661 Selectman/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Religion: First Congregational Society

Residence: 1635, Charlestown; 1638 Woburn; 1653 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Will: 8 May 1677, Will Date; 7 June 1688 Will Probated/Boston, Suffolk Co, MA

More About ANNE JUNDON: Date born 2: Bet. 1605 - 1616, Devonshire, Eng

Parentage/Ancestry: Could she be a Jourdan/Jurdayne of Dorsetshire & Devonshire, Eng

Religion: First Congregational Society

Residence: Molten, Devonshire, Eng

Web Search: November 1999, No parentage on Gendex

Marriage Notes for BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD and ANNE JUNDON: Excerpt from letter/manuscript from Dorothy Benway Butterfield (Mrs. O.J. Butterfield), Sedalia, CO sent to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 6 Dec 1952:

"Some of the children [of Benjamin and Anne] were born in England, but no record of which. John, the eldest, went to Virginia from Massachusetts, Jonathan, Mary, Nathan, Nathaniel, Samuel, Joseph are the children of Benj. as far as known.

John, eldest son of Benjamin, probably born in England, went to Virginia from Mass., was at East Shore in 1633, probably before. Said to have been born in 1600. Was living next at Smith's Plantation, later at James City, Va. No statement of progeny, but probably the progenitor of the Butterfields scattered over the Southern States."

[Interesting, but have never heard of this before; DOB may be wrong, but 1600 DOB makes it impossible that he was the son of this Benjamin. Could Benjamin have had a brother, John who went to Virginia? Were there Butterfields in the south that early? --swf]


i. MARY4 BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1633 - 1635, Eng; d. 5 September 1666, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; m. DANIEL BLODGETT, 15 September 1653, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA17,18; b. 14 May 1631, Eng19; d. 28 January 1671/72, Chemsford, Middlesex Co, MA19.


Immigration: 1635, London, Eng to MA Bay Colony aboard the "Increase", age 4 w/parents & siblings20

Parentage/Ancestry: s/o Thomas & Susan Bloggett

Spouse: m.2 Sarah Underwood

ii. BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD IV, b. 1636, Charlestown, Middlesex Co, MA21; d. 6 December 1663, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA22.

More About BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD IV: Died 2: February 1661/62, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA23

Died 3: February 1662/63, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Christening: 1 December 1656, by Rev Fisk at age 20/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA24

Web Search: September 2000, No marriage on Gendex

5. iii. JONATHAN BUTTERFIELD, b. 1641, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 3 April 1673, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

6. iv. NATHANIEL BUTTERFIELD, b. 14 February 1642/43, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 31 December 1719, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

7. v. SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD, b. 17 May 1647, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 30 July 1714, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

8. vi. JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD, b. 15 August 1649, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 12 February 1719/20, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.


Generation No. 4

5. JONATHAN4 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 1641 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA24, and died 3 April 1673 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA25,26. He married MARY DIXON 12 June 1667 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA27,28. She was born 17 June 1649 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA29, and died 8 April 1673 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA30,31.


An inventory of the estate of Jonathan Butterfield was apprized by us &c. on the 15th of April, 1673.

(Signed) Thomas Hinchman William Dixon Joseph Richardson

Waltham (Middlesex Probate Registry, lib. iv. folio.120.)

17 June 1673, Jonathan's estate was administrated and was granted to his father, Benjamin Butterfield and his father-in-law, William Dixon on behalf of ye children of ye said Jonathan. (Middlesex Court records)

More About JONATHAN BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: ~ 1633, Eng

Christening: 1 December 1656, by Rev Fiske at age 15/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA32

Official Records: 18 April 1672, On the committee to appraise the estate of Daniel Blodgett, signed his name: Jona: Butterfielde33

Will: 15 April 1673, Estate Inventory and Appraisal; 17 June 1673 Estate Administered34

More About MARY DIXON: Date born 2: 17 June 1650, Eng

Died 2: 4 March 1672/73, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Died 3: 3 May 1673, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Parentage/Ancestry: d/o William & Jane Dixon of Cambridge, MA


9. i. JONATHAN5 BUTTERFIELD, b. 1667-1673, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 2 Jun 1744, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA

ii. MARY BUTTERFIELD, b. 1670, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 4 November 1730; m. SAMUEL WHITMORE, Bet. 1709 - 1713, Middlesex Co, MA; b. 1 May 1658, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 22 May 1724, Lexington, Middlesex Co, MA.

More About MARY BUTTERFIELD: Christening: 8 March 1669/70, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA35

Spouse: Abraham Watson

More About SAMUEL WHITMORE: Died 2: 22 May 1724, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA

Parentage/Ancestry: s/o Francis & Isabel Park Whitmore

Spouse: 31 March 1686, m.1 Rebecca Gardiner (1665-1709) d/o Richard & Anna Rolfe Gardiner

iii. JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD, b. 1673, (Chelmsford) Middlesex Co, MA; m. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, ~ 1741, (Middlesex Co, MA); b. November 1692, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

More About JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: Bet. 1667 - 1674, Middlesex Co, MA36.

6. NATHANIEL4 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 14 February 1642/43 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA37, and died 31 December 1719 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA38,39,40. He married DEBORAH UNDERWOOD 31 December 1668 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA41,42,43, daughter of WILLIAM UNDERWOOD and SARAH PELLET. She was born 1652 in Concord, Middlesex Co, MA44, and died 25 June 1691 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA45,46.

More About NATHANIEL BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: 14 December 1642, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA47

Christening: 1 December 1656, by Rev. Fiske at age 11.5/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA48

Military Service: Bet. 1690 - 1697, King William's War,Garrison of the West Regiment of Middlesex

Occupation: Husbandman/Farmer

Official Records: August 1676, Received a cash settlement from the town of Chelmsford for losses sustained during King Philip's War

Property: 1686, Took part of the "Wamesit" land (now Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA)

Will: 10 January 1709/10, Divided his Chelmsford land between 3 sons: Benjamin, Samuel, Nathaniel49

More About DEBORAH UNDERWOOD: Date born 2: 1653, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Christening: 1 December 1656, Castleton, Rutland Co, VT


Marriage 2: 25 December 1668, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA50


i. DEBORAH5 BUTTERFIELD, b. 1 June 1670, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA51,52; d. 27 May 1761, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA53,54,55; m. WILLIAM LONGLEY, 16 February 1696/97, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA56,57; b. 12 March 1669/70, Groton, Middlesex Co, MA58,59; d. 15 June 1755, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA60,61.

10. ii. NATHANIEL BUTTERFIELD, b. 28 December 1673, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 5 March 1748/49, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

11. iii. SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1679, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 1735, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

12. iv. BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, b. 24 February 1678/79, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 24 July 1715, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

13. v. JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD, b. 6 June 1680, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 1757, Tyngsboro, Middlesex Co, MA.

vi. JONATHAN BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1683, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA62; d. 17 April 1750, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA63; m. MERCY RICHARDSON; b. ~ 168864; d. 25 April 1743, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA65..

More About JONATHAN BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: ~ 1675, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA


Parentage/Ancestry: Query: Is she the d/o Josiah & Mercy Parris/Parrish Richardson?

Spouse: Query: Did she m.1 1707 Ephraim Hildreth or is that another Mercy Richardson?

vii. WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD, b. 5 January 1685/86, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA65,66.

viii. SARAH BUTTERFIELD, b. 6 March 1688/89, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA67,68; m. DAVID CARVER, January 1721/22, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA69; b. ~ 1669, Marshfield, Plymouth Colony (now Plymouth Co, MA); d. 17 September 1727, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT.


Date/ID Problem: 14 January 1720/21, Show Sarah Bates, widow of Benjamin Butterfield marrying David Carver

More About DAVID CARVER: Died 2: 14 September 1727, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT

Parentage/Ancestry: s/o John Carver & Millicent Ford

Residence: Canterbury, Windham Co, CT

Spouse 1: 16 December 1696, m.1 Ruth Whitemarsh/Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA (d.1708); 1709 m.2 Hannah Dyer (10 Oct 1682-1721)

Spouse 2: Query: Did he marry Sarah Bates widow of Benjamin Butterfield or Sarah Butterfield, d/o Nathaniel & Deborah Underwood Butterfield


Marriage Intent: 14 January 1721/22, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA69.

7. SAMUEL4 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 17 May 1647 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA70, and died 30 July 1714 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA71. He married MARY BALLARD 12 February 1667/68 in Middlesex Co, MA72, daughter of WILLIAM BALLARD and GRACE BERWICK. She was born 1650 in Andover, Essex Co, MA, and died 25 January 1702/03 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA73.


Will, signed 4/26/1703: "Samuel Butterfield, his Mark," was written by Eliezer Browne, one of the witnesses, and probated 7/1/1715. In it he mentions his sons Samuel and Jonathan, and his daughters Mercy, Ann, Phebe, and Deborah. It lies in the mdx. Registry with the following certificate appended: Middlesex County This will of Samuel Butterfield, late of Chelmsford, of paper was exhibited for probate pr. Samuel and Jonathan Butterfield sons of the said Deceased & Executors in the same named & Jonathan Powers made oath that he together with Nathaniel Blodgett (now dead) & Eliezer Brown (who now lives in Connecticut Colony set to their hands as Witnesses in the Testator's presence & that he see him sign and seal & heard him publish the same to be his last will and testament & that he was of sound mind & this will is proved & approved & the administration thereof is committed to the said Samuel & Jonathan Butterfield Executors are said. Witness my hand and seal of office at Cambridge, 7-1-1715. Pt. Fra. Foxcroft Judge Prob. for Middx.


Christening: 1 December 1656, by Rev Fiske at age 8/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA74

Occupation: Husbandman

Will: 26 April 1703, Will Signed/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; 1 July 1715, Probated

More About MARY BALLARD: Died 2: 1702, (Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA)75

AKA (Facts Pg): Marianne Ballard


i. MERCY5 BUTTERFIELD, b. 1668, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 1726, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT; m. SAMUEL SPALDING, 30 June 1698, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA76; b. 5 March 1667/68, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA76; d. Bef. 12 April 1726, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT76.

More About MERCY BUTTERFIELD: Residence: 1706, Removed to Canterbury, Windham Co, CT

Notes for SAMUEL SPALDING: Samuel removed from Chelmsford, Mass. to Canterbury, Conneticut about 1706. His three oldest children were born in Chelmsford, Mass. and the three youngest in Canterbury. His estate at his death was appraised at 823 pounds 17 shillings & 4d., and was distributed 12 April 1726:

" To Mary his wife 1/3 of the land and 1/3 of the moveables, amounting to 49

pounds 12 shillings & 3d."

" To Samuel, his eldest son, 156 pounds 17 shillings & 9d., of which 28 poubds

6 shillings & 4d is personable estate."

" To Jonas 78 pounds 8 shillings & 10d, of which 28 pounds 6 shillings & 4d. is

personal estate."

" To Zacharia, Jonathan, Mary and Bridget, the same as Jonas. The daughters to

have their portions from the persoal estate so far as it can be done."

SOURCE- Spalding Memorial, The updated version written by Charles Warren Spalding, and published in 1897.

More About SAMUEL SPALDING: Died 2: 1726, Pomfret, Windham Co, CT

Residence: 1706, Removed to Canterbury, Windham Co, CT


Issue: 6 children, first 3 born Chelmsford, MA, last 3 born Canterbury, CT

ii. PHEBE BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1670 - 1702, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA77.

More About PHEBE BUTTERFIELD: Spouse: ?m. Unknown How of Plainsfield, CT

14. iii. JONATHAN BUTTERFIELD, b. 1672, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 1728, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

iv. ANNA BUTTERFIELD, b. 2 September 1680, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA78.


Spouse: Query: ?m. John Davis, 19 Dec 1716/Chelmsford, MA (Oct 2000, Can't find on Gendex)

v. SAMUEL BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1670 - 1702, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA79; d. 24 January 1741/42, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA80; m. TABITHA* BUTTERFIELD, 7 May 1730, Westford, Middlesex Co, MA81; b. Westford, Middlesex Co, MA.


Date/ID Problem: Too many Samuel's in Chelmsford to determine exact DOB

Spouse: Query: Did he m.1 2 Jul 1703 Hannah Spalding (d. 22 Feb 1729/Chelmsford)?82

More About TABITHA* BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: 1672

Parentage/Ancestry: Query: Who are her parents?

Spouse: Query: Did she m.2 Jonathan Butterfield, 15 Feb 1746/Chelmsford, MA?

Web Search: September 2000, No info on Gendex; Oct 2000 Not on FTM

vi. DEBORAH BUTTERFIELD, b. 29 August 1687, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA82; d. 14 November 1724, (Canterbury, Windham Co, CT); m. JOSEPH CLEVELAND, 19 May 1718, (Canterbury, Windham Co, CT); b. 13 June 1692, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 11 May 1752, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT.

More About DEBORAH BUTTERFIELD: Died 2: Bef. June 1725, (Canterbury, Windham Co, CT)

Residence: ~ 1706, Removed to Canterbury, Windham Co, CT

More About JOSEPH CLEVELAND: Spouse: 26 June 1725, m.2 Mary Woodward

8. JOSEPH4 BUTTERFIELD (BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 15 August 1649 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA83, and died 12 February 1719/20 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA84. He married LYDIA BALLARD 12 April 1674 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA85,86,87,88, daughter of WILLIAM BALLARD and GRACE BERWICK. She was born 30 April 1657 in Andover, Essex Co, MA89,90, and died ~ 1728 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA91.


Christening: 1 December 1656, by Rev Fiske at age 6/Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA92

Occupation: Settler/Husbandman

Residence: 1656, Chelmsford, MA; 1686 settled on 500 acres of "wilderness land" on the north side of the Merrimac River, between the river and Tyng's Pond. (now Tyngsboro, Middlesex Co, MA)

Will: 22 December 1720, Estate appraised and inventoried

Notes for LYDIA BALLARD: Filed with the same inventory in the Midx. Reg. Viz: To the honoured Judge of probate for the County of Middlesex:

Honoured Sir: After my service presented to hour honour, these may certify you, that through age and infirmities I am not able to come to Cambridge: I earnestly desire that Dea. Joshua Fletcher may be put in administrator upon the estate of my deceased husband, for he is an honest man and one that is capable of managing such a work; which if your honour please to grant or show of your honour will much oblidge you humble servant.

Chelmsford Sept. ye 14th., 1728 Lydia Butterfeild (Endorsed)

Sept. 16, 1728. At the desire of his widow, within named, of Joseph Butterfield, only surviving son of said deceased, of Simon Thompson and Ephraim Waters, Husbands to two of Deceased's Daughters, Administration on ye said Deceased's estate is granted to Joshua Fletcher of Chelmsford, yeoman, Joseph Butterfield of said Town surety___lbs. 300, I.R. J.P.

More About LYDIA BALLARD: Will: 14 September 1728, Filed letter with Judge of Probate/Middlesex Co, requesting Deacon Joshua Fletcher be made administrator of her late husband's estate


Marriage 2: 12 February 1673/74, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA93


i. HANNAH5 BUTTERFIELD, b. 8 July 1678, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. Bef. 172894; m. SIMON THOMPSON, 12 December 1700, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA95; b. 15 June 1673, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA95.

More About SIMON THOMPSON: Occupation: Town Clerk, Chelmsford MA

ii. JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1674 - 1706, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. Tyngsboro, Middlesex Co, MA; m. SARAH* FLETCHER, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; b. Bet. 1675 - 1700.

More About JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: 28 January 1673/74, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Date born 3: 28 January 1674/75, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Date born 4: 6 June 1680, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Date born 5: 1 October 1689, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA

Died 2: 4 April 1749, Dunstable, Middlesex Co, MA

Died 3: 1757, Middlesex Co, MA

Date/ID Problem: Bet. 1674 - 1706, DOB in this range; you couldn't swing a dead cat in Chelmsford without hitting a Joseph Butterfield. Same problem for DOD.

More About SARAH* FLETCHER: Date born 2: 21 January 1689/90

Parentage/Ancestry 1: Query: ?d/o Samuel & Hannah Wheeler Fletcher; ?d/o Joshua Fletcher & Sarah Wiley; ?d/o Ezekiel Fletcher

Parentage/Ancestry 2: Query: Related to the Joshua Fletcher who was appointed administrator of mother-in-law's estate?

More About JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD and SARAH* FLETCHER: Marriage 2: 22 November 1709, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA (Or this may be the marriage date of some other Joseph to someone else!)

15. iii. BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, SR, b. ~ 1683, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 31 March 1715, Frances Hill, Middlesex Co, MA.

iv. TABITHA BUTTERFIELD, b. 29 May 1687, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA96; d. Bef. 1728, (MA)97; m. EPHRAIM WATERS; b. 12 October 1687, Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.

v. ISAAC BUTTERFIELD, b. 1 October 1689, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 4 November 1689, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA98.

16. vi. JACOB BUTTERFIELD, b. 1 October 1689, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. Bef. 1728, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA.

vii. ABRAHAM BUTTERFIELD, b. 4 June 1693, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 8 June 1693, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA98.

viii. ABIGAIL BUTTERFIELD, b. 4 June 1693, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. 6 March 1773, (Middlesex Co, MA); m. DAVID BIXBE, 4 August 1712, Concord, Middlesex Co, MA; b. 15 February 1687/88, Andover, Essex Co, MA99; d. 1767, Westford, Middlesex Co, MA.

More About DAVID BIXBE: Date born 2: 16 February 1686/87, Andover, Essex Co, MA

Parentage/Ancestry: s/o Daniel & Hannah Chandler Bixby.

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