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Descendants of Benjamin Butterfield I

Contributed by Sandra Wallman Franke

Generation No. 9

32. OLIVE9 BUTTERFIELD (JOHN8, JOHN7, JOHN6, BENJAMIN5, NATHANIEL4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 6 December 1783 in Goffstown, Hillsborough Co, NH328. She married ROBERT DUNLAP 22 September 1803 in Goffstown, Hillsboro Co, NH328, son of JOHN DUNLAP and MARTHA GILMORE. He was born 21 November 1779 in Goffstown, Hillsborough Co, NH.


41. i. ARCHIBALD10 DUNLAP, b. 15 Aug 1807, Bedford, Hillsborough Co, NH; d. 3 Jan 1882, Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX.

33. FRANKLIN9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 15 July 1790329, and died 16 April 1839 in Niagara, Niagara Co, NY330. He married NANCY WOODWORTH.

Notes for FRANKLIN BUTTERFIELD: Letter from Mary Parker Newman (Mrs. George W), 1996 State St. Rd, Watertown, NY to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 18 Nov 1953. Excerpt: "Did you know that Franklin's grandson, Bishop Frank Bristol of South M.E. Conference - once was pastor of Metropolitan M.E. church in Washington, D.C.?"

[NOTE: I show ALEXANDER's daughter, Hazel Angeline m. Leverett Bristol & had son Frank--swf]

More About FRANKLIN BUTTERFIELD: Occupation: Doctor, 1824 President, Niagara Co Medical Society331

Public Ofc/Service: Bet. 1830 - 1833, Supervisor Hartland, Niagara Co, NY; 1832 unanimously nominated at a Congressional Convention to represent Niagara & Orleans Co in Congress331


??Second Marriage??

Loring Hutchinson s/o David Henry Hutchinson & Lydia Ann Woodworth

b. 20 Jul 1788 Rensselaer Co, NY; d. 28 Aug 1860 Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY

m. 1806 NY Nancy Woodworth b. 3 Nov 1788 Rensselaer Co, NY; d. 27 May 1857 Fenner, Madison Co, NY CHILDREN:

1. Lydia Ann Hutchinson b. 22 Aug 1813, Fenner, Madison Co, NY; m.~1854, Madison Co, NY Reuben Jewett; d. 1 Jan 1882, Fenner, Madison Co, NY

2. Melissa Cordelia Hutchinson b 3 Sep 1817 Fenner, Madison Co NY; d 24 Feb 1890 Lime Springs, Howard Co IA

3. Alva P. Hutchinson b.1830, Madison Co, NY


i. CYRUS10 BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1810 - 1840, Niagara, Niagara Co, NY332.

ii. EMMA BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1810 - 1840, Niagara, Niagara Co, NY332.

iii. WOODWORTH BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1810 - 1840, Niagara, Niagara Co, NY332.

iv. PHYNANDA BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1810 - 1840, Niagara, Niagara Co, NY332; m. UNKNOWN MCCOBB.

v. ELIZA BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1810 - 1840, Niagara, Niagara Co, NY332.

34. ALEXANDER9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 9 March 1793 in NY333,334,335,336, and died 19 November 1867 in Newfane, Niagara Co, NY337,338. He married LUCINDA PEASE ~ 1814 in (NY), daughter of JOSIAH PEASE and NANCY PARSONS. She was born ~ 1798 in ME339,340,341, and died 19 November 1867 in Newfane, Niagara Co, NY342.


Alexander Butterfield and his wife Lucinda Pease Butterfield settled in the town of Kempville (later called Olcott), Niagara Co, NY, in 1814. In the same year he was acting Postmaster in Kempville. Niagara County Historian records show him to have been postmaster in 1817. U.S. Postal Service records show he was official Postmaster from 1820 to 1841. He owned and operated a tavern in Kempville in what is now Kruger Park, in 1819. He was elected "Censor" of the Niagara County Medical Society in 1823. He was appointed Commissioner of Schools when the town of Newfane, Niagara Co. NY was organized in 1824. He was Justice of the Peace sometime after 1824. He operated the Kempville Hotel in 1833.

The Codicil to Alexander Butterfield's will is dated 18 June 1866, but in the petition for probate it is stated he died in the town of Newfane, NY on or about 17 November 1856. There is some question naturally, as to when he died-one or the other must be a typographical error.

Source: The Butterfield Family, Lucy Farris Heidenreich

1850 Niagara Co, NY Census (roll 561 pg 409B), besides three of their children also living with Alexander and Lucinda Butterfield are: Nancy Holmes age 80, f, b. ME; Nathaniel Peass or Pease age 18, m, b. NY; Hellen D. Smith age 9, f, b. NY; Henry R. Smith age 6, m, b. NY.


Letter from Mary Parker Newman (Mrs. George W), 1996 State St. Rd, Watertown, NY to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 18 Nov 1953. Excerpt: "My grandma Kasandana had old letters from Alexander, Postmaster in Wolcott - near Rochester, N.Y. no stamps were needed. He sent a description of troops going to Canada during Patriot War. I let Rev. Roger Williams of Lowville, N.Y. take that - If I can trace him & that vivid letter I will send it to you.


At a meeting in 1816, the following recommendation was recorded. It tells clearly what was required of students who wished to receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine:

"Whereas, Horatio Orvis and Sylvester Miller have produced to the Trustees of the College satisfactory evidence that they have each of them regularly studied Physic & Surgery with one or more reputable Practioner(s) of Physic & Surgery for the Term of three years and that they have each attended two full courses of Lectures of all the professors in this college and they having each of them been examined by the Professors of this College in the presence of the Trustees on the several branches of Sciences taught in this College and having each read and defended a Thesis on a Medical subject at the time of his examination and having also, by the Professors and Trustees of this College, been considered as qualifed and well entitled to receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine therefore Resolved that the said Horatio Orvis and Sylvester Miller be and they are hereby respectfully Recommended to the Regents of the University of the State of New York to receive said Degree."

In 1817, Alexander Butterfield, Jonathan S. Buel, Caleb Budlong, and James Warden presented certificates that entitled them to a public examination which was duly given and they were recommended to the Regents for the degree of M.D.

In 1818, these gentlemen qualified for a medical degree: David M. Richards, Ayers P. Merrill, Lucius Woodbury, Jonathan Sherwood, Luther Guiteau, Isaac Sears, and James Hadley.

1819: James Tripp, Horace Brownson, Joseph N. Clark

Also in 1818, "Resolved that no dead human body be admitted into this college in vacation of Lectures; and further that if any student in any way attached to the said College shall hereafter either directly or indirectly be concerned in digging up or in removing from any cemetery or burying ground any dead human body to be used as an anatomical subject in said College he shall forthwith be dismissed from the college and his name given up to some proper(?) For public

prosecution." From Minutes of 1818

Source: This list was extracted from original documents of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of NY, Fairfield, NY by Jane Dieffenbacher. Copyright 1997 Jane Dieffenbacher

More About ALEXANDER BUTTERFIELD: Burial: NY State (Niagara Co)

Graduation: 1817, Graduate of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of NY, Herkimer, NY

Occupation: 1819, Tavern Keeper "where is now Krull Park on Lake Shore"; Medical Doctor; 1833 operated Kempville Hotel342,343

Property: 1860, Real Estate Value-$5000/Macon Co, AL344

Public Ofc/Service: Bet. 1814 - 1841, Postmaster; 1823 elected "Censor" of the Niagara Co Medical Society; 1824 appointed Commissioner of Schools; after 1824 Justice of the Peace; 1833 Member of NY State Judicial Society345,346

Residence: 1814, Olcott (later Kempville), Niagara Co, New York; 1860 Macon Co, AL347,348

More About LUCINDA PEASE: Died 2: 20 minutes after husband, Alexander

Residence: 1860, Alabama


i. DYANTHIA10 BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1814 - 1847, (Niagara Co, NY)349; m. UNKNOWN SMITH350.

More About DYANTHIA BUTTERFIELD: Residence: Sanborn, Niagara Co, NY

42. ii. HAZEL ANGELINE BUTTERFIELD, b. Bet. 1814 - 1830, (Niagara Co, NY).

43. iii. MILTON BUTTERFIELD, b. 1821-1822, Niagara Co, NY; d. 19 August 1864, Stone Mountain, DeKalb Co, GA.

iv. NANCY BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1828, (Niagara Co), NY351; d. 1851, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL352.

v. LUCINDA BUTTERFIELD, b.~ 1828, (Niagara Co) NY353; m. UNK SLAUGHTER354; b. Omaha, Douglas Co, NE.

vi. ADELINE BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1831, (Niagara Co) NY355; m. UNK SLAUGHTER356; b. Omaha, Douglas Co, NE.

vii. FRANKLIN 'FRANK' A. BUTTERFIELD, b. ~1839, Niagara Co NY357; d. Bef 1866, Union Springs, Bullock Co AL358.

Notes for FRANKLIN 'FRANK' A. BUTTERFIELD: Excerpt from letter by Henry J. Rosenstihl, Jeweler and Registered Optometrist, Union Springs, AL, to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 10 Nov 1953:

"There is a lot in the old Cemetary with the names BUTTERFIELD and the graves are under the Episcopal church. The property was procured from the Foster Estate for the Episocpal Church and the Carnegie Library, permission was given by Mr Butterfield not to remove the graves but to build over them, several graves were on the spot and premission was granted from all those interested at the time the buildings were constructed. Now as to who is buried on this lot, I dont know."


Letter from Amie L. Holdy, Union Springs, AL, to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 20 Feb 1964:

"Dear Mrs. Heidenreich,

Mr. Henderson, our rector turned your letter over to me as he knew nothing of the record this far back. I cannot answer you question as to the name or names of the persons buried under the church. There is no record giving information as to the burial or date of birth. The only clue I have found is the name of "Frank Butterfield Co B, 23 Alabama Reg of Confederate Army" There is a slab under the church but I do not know the inscription thereon. Sorry I cannot help you in the matter."

More About FRANKLIN 'FRANK' A. BUTTERFIELD: Burial: "The Old Cemetery" now under the Epicopal Church, Union Springs, AL

Military Service: Co B, 23rd AL Regiment.

35. DYANTHIA9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 26 April 1796 in (Herkimer Co) NY359, and died 7 November 1833360,361. She married DANIEL L. DIX 4 July 1822362, son of OZIAS DIX and LUCY HATCH. He was born 16 February 1796 in Kempville, Niagara Co, NY362, and died 1 January 1892362.

More About DYANTHIA BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: 28 April 1796, (Herkimer Co) NY363


i. ANGELINE10 DIX, b. 26 Nov 1823, Niagara Co, NY364; d. 25 May 1898364; m. JAMES H. REYNOLDS, 20 Oct 1842364.

ii. ELIZA SOPHIA DIX, b. 22 May 1826, Niagara Co NY364; d. 31 Mar 1910364; m. MATHEW MCINTOSH, 16 Jan 1851364.

iii. FRANCES DIX, b. 4 December 1828, Niagara Co, NY364; d. 30 Jan 1907364; m. PHILO CASTLE, 1 Sept 1857364.

44. iv. ALEXANDER FRANKLIN DIX, b. 27 Jul 1831, Niagara Co NY; d. 25 Oct 1921, (Union Springs, Bullock Co AL).

36. XENOPHON9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 10 April 1804 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY365,366, and died 18 December 1883 in (WI)367. She married UNKNOWN BOONE.

More About XENOPHON BUTTERFIELD: AKA (Facts Pg): Zenophon W. Boone368

Residence: 1860, WI368

Notes for UNKNOWN BOONE: Census Index 1830: Boone, Hiram, NY; 1840: Boone, Hiram, WI; 1850: Boon, Christian, WI; Boon, Cyrus, NY; Boon, Charles, WI; Boon, Christian, WI; Boone, Thoasm H., WI; Boon, William, WI 1860: Boone, C., WI; Boone, Charles, WI; Boon, Frank, WI; Boone, George, WI; Boone, Thomas, WI

Land Records Index 1790-1907 WI: Boon, Charles E.; Boon, Charles; Boone, Charles


i. WILLIAM10 BOONE, b. Bet. 1820 - 1853369.

ii. FRANK BOONE, b. Bet. 1820 - 1853369.

37. HAMILTON9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 12 Aug 1808 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY370,371, and died 18 January 1854 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY372,373. He married KASANDANA BOOM 23 March 1837 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY374. She was born 27 April 1815 in Jefferson Co, NY375,376,377, and died 18 June 1896 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY378.


Died 2: 18 January 1859, [1855 State Census indicates Kasandana Butterfield is a widow]378

Residence: Niagara, Niagara Co, NY

Notes for KASANDANA BOOM: 1855 NY State Census, 2nd District, City of Watertown

Kasandana Butterfield (female) age 39, b. Jefferson Co; widowed; 30 years resident in this township

Sarah V. Butterfield age 13; b. Jefferson Co, NY; child

Sidney B. Butterfield age 10, b. Jefferson Co, NY; child

Jeremiah Weaver age 39, b. Jefferson Co, NY; 9 years resident in the town.

Julia Weaver age 39, b. Jefferson Co, NY; 9 years resident in the town.

Amelia Osman age 14; a domestic; 1 month resident in the town.

1860 Federal Census, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY

Kasandana Butterfield, 45; Sarah Butterfield, 18; Sidney Butterfield, 15, farmer; John Parker, 27;

Orville Woodruff, 16

1875 NY State Census, Town of Watertown, Family #15

Kasandana Butterfield, 60, b. Jefferson Co; widow

Sidney Butterfield, 30, b. Jefferson Co; son; single

John G. Parker, 45, b. Ontario [Canada]; son in law

Sarah Parker, 35, b. Jefferson Co, NY; wife of John

James H. Parker, 12, b. Jefferson Co, NY; son of John & Sarah

More About KASANDANA BOOM: Residence: Boom farms and Butterfield farms joined, Jefferson Co, NY379


i. SARAH VICTORIA10 BUTTERFIELD380, b. 1 September 1841, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY381,382; d. 28 November 1927, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY383; m. JOHN C.' PARKER, 7 November 1860, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY384; b. 13 February 1832, Ontario, Canada384,385; d. 1919, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY386.


Parker Births Recorded in the Bible (1846 American Bible Society) of Kasandana Boom Butterfield, in the possession of Mary Parker Newman, State Street Rd, Watertown, NY:

John G. Parker February 13, 1832 Sarah V. Parker Sept'r 1, 1841

Mary D. Parker Sept'r 20, 1847 James H. Parker December 24, 1842 [?1862]

Fred E. Parker August 27, 1864 Nina C. Parker April 22, 1867

George Parker July 17, 1882

More About SARAH VICTORIA BUTTERFIELD: Died 2: 27 November 1926, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY387

Occupation: School Teacher388

Residence: Butterfield Homestead, (built by Cyrus) and farm sold in 1919, after her husband's death.388


Married in the parlor of the house built by Cyrus Butterfield388

ii. SIDNEY B. BUTTERFIELD, b. 20 November 1844, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY389,390; d. 10 July 1876391.

More About SIDNEY B. BUTTERFIELD: Occupation: Farmer392

Spouse: 1875, Not Married

iii. MARY STELLA BUTTERFIELD, b. 19 October 1849, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY393; d. 24 July 1851, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY393.

38. AMANDA9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 22 April 1811 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY394,395. She married GIDEON HIRAM SHEPARD396. He was born Bet. 1800 - 1820397.

Notes for AMANDA BUTTERFIELD: Letter from Mary Parker Newman (Mrs. George W), 1996 State St. Rd, Watertown, NY to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 18 Nov 1953. Excerpt:

" I took cousin Florence Griffin Martin thro' our old grandad's home, when she visited me from N.Y. City last summer-she loved it too.

Now Florence Griffin (M.) was a grand daughter of Mary Shepard G. Mary's mother was Amanda Butterfield sister to my grampa Hamilton B. Amanda B. married a minister Gideon Shepard - parents of Mary (Griffin) and a son Cyrus Gideon Shepard - one time member of Colgate Pharmacy Co. in New York. (Home Newark, N. Jersey).

Florence G. Martin is interested in "trees" & geneology [sic] so she took the Bible home with her. Not much real interest for you, as no dates of birth of Cyrus or his wives."

More About GIDEON HIRAM SHEPARD: Occupation: Minister398


i. CYRUS GIDEON10 SHEPARD398, b. Bet. 1831 - 1860399.

More About CYRUS GIDEON SHEPARD: Occupation: Colgate Pharmacy Co, NY400

ii. MARY SHEPARD400, b. Bet. 1831 - 1860401; m. UNKNOWN GRIFFIN402.

Notes for MARY SHEPARD: A note from Florence G. Martin, 5 West 65th St, New York 23, NY says: "Amanda Butterfield Shepard was a sister of Alexander Butterfield, also of Hamilton Butterfield who married Kasandana Boom, sons and daughter of Cyrus Butterfield. Amanda had a daughter, Mary Shepard, who married a Mr. Griffin, and they had a son, Clarence Griffin (now deceased)" who was the father of Florence G. Martin. Source: Letter from Grace Lansing, Watertown, NY to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 5 Nov 1953.

39. WELLINGTON H.9 BUTTERFIELD (CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 24 March 1815 in Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY403, and died 27 July 1904 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN. He married CAROLINE NELSON WHITE 27 December 1843 in Lockport, Niagara Co, NY404. She was born Jan 1816 in Goshen, Hampshire Co, MA405, and died 3 Dec 1900 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN405.

More About WELLINGTON H. BUTTERFIELD: Date born 2: 14 March 1815, Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY406

Burial: Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN

Occupation 1: 1838, Teacher; 1853 School Superintendant/Marquette Co, WI; Swedenborgian Minister/Horicon & Watertown, WI; Pastor of Church of New Jerusalem/Mineapolis, MN407,408

Occupation 2: 1843, Attorney at Law, "a leading attorney in the 50's and 60's"409

Public Ofc/Service: 6 May 1856, Elected President of the Villiage of Horicon, WI in charter election; 6th Postmaster/Horicon, WI410

Religion: Swedenborgian410

Residence: Lockport NY; Marquette Co, WI; Horicon, Dodge Co; Jefferson Co, WI

Notes for CAROLINE NELSON WHITE: Caroline White Butterfield was the daughter of Elias White, one of the numerous New England families who trace their descent from Peregrine White. Her early life was spent in Hatfield, IL, where she fitted herself for teaching. For about 8 years she successfully maintained as principal a flourishing seminary for young ladies. She relinquished her school to become thge wife of Wellington Butterfield. Their married life was spent at Lockport, NY, at Marquette and Horicon, WI and Minneapolis, Minn. From their home at Horicon, Mrs Butterfield for a quarter of a century dispensed a charming hospitality to a wide circle of admiring friends and acquaintances--a circle not bounded by state lines.

Soon after her removal to Minneapolis, she and her husband became charter members of the Monday club, one of the three oldest literary clubs in the city, and to the work of this club she devoted the wealth of a mind enriched with stores of learning and wisdom, until her advancing years compelled her to relinquish the duties of active membership in the club. She and her husband were continued on the records of this club as honorary members, and this pre-eminence, vouchsafed to but few persons by this club, marks the esteem in which she has ever been held by the members and the large circle of those who are familiar with this club and its excellent literary work. Taken from the Minneapolis Journal 3 December 1900 Page 10, Column 6.


Burial: Minneapolis, MN; Funeral held 4 Dec, 1002 W. Franklin Ave (home of her dau. Mrs. J.B. Bushnell), 3:00411

Interests/Hobbies: 1881, Charter Member/Monday Club a literary Club, Minneapolis, MN

Occupation: Bet. 1838 - 1844, Principal of Lockport Female Seminary; 1845 started a school for young ladies in her home on Washburn St., Lockport, WI412

Parentage/Ancestry: d/o Elias White; descendant of Peregrine White

Religion: Swedenborgian

Residence: MA; Hatfield, IL; Lockport, NY; Marquette, WI; Horicon, Dodge Co, WI; 1881 MN413


i. ADA10 BUTTERFIELD, b. Bef. 1855.

More About ADA BUTTERFIELD: Residence: 1900, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN

Spouse: m. James O. Pierce OR J. B. Bushnell

ii. FRANK W. BUTTERFIELD, b. Bef. 1855; d. 1899413.

iii. CHARLES BUTTERFIELD, b. 22 August 1855, Horicon, Dodge Co, WI414; m. FRANCIS ANN RALSTON; b. 15 September 1867, Jefferson Co, WI.

More About CHARLES BUTTERFIELD: Residence: 1900, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN415

iv. H. KIRK BUTTERFIELD, b. 27 August 1857, Horicon, Dodge Co, WI416.

More About H. KIRK BUTTERFIELD: Education: Horicon HS; WI State University, Madison; Memphis, TN, 2 years as law student in the office of his uncle, Judge James O. Pierce416

Occupation: Admitted to the bar Spring 1879, returned to Wisconsin, practiced law w/District Attorney James B. Hays of Horicon; 1 June 1881 established practice in Hartford, WI416

Personality/Character: "His brilliance was legendary"417

Public Ofc/Service: 1897, Mayor of Hartford, WI; abt 1880 ran for District Attorney of Dodge Co on the Republican Ticket but was not elected418

Residence: Horicon WI; 1872 Madison, WI; 1876 Memphis, TN; 1879 Horicon, WI; 1881 Hartford, WI419


More About WELLINGTON D. BUTTERFIELD: Residence: 1900, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN420


More About DAUGHTER OF WELLINGTON BUTTERFIELD: Residence: 1900, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN

Spouse: m. James O. Pierce OR J. B. Bushnell.

40. JOHN9 BUTTERFIELD (DANIEL8, TIMOTHY7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 18 November 1801 in Berne, Albany Co, NY, and died 14 November 1869 in Utica, Oneida Co, NY.


Occupation: American organizer of stagecoach companies; Founder of the first overland mail service to CA

Spouse: 4 February 1833, Malinda Harriett Baker (b. 23 Oct 1799 Peacham, Caledonia Co, VT or Whitesboro, Oneida Co, NY; d. 20 Aug 1883, Utica, Oneida Co, NY)


i. DANIEL ADAMS10 BUTTERFIELD, b. 31 Oct 1831, Utica, Oneida Co, NY; d. 17 Jul 1901, Berne, Albany Co NY.

More About DANIEL ADAMS BUTTERFIELD: Life/Times Event: Credited with "Taps"

Military Service: General, Union Army421

Spouse: m.1 Julia E. Brown; m.2 Julia Loriland Safford James.


Generation No. 10

41. ARCHIBALD10 DUNLAP (OLIVE9 BUTTERFIELD, JOHN8, JOHN7, JOHN6, BENJAMIN5, NATHANIEL4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 15 August 1807 in Bedford, Hillsborough Co, NH, and died 3 January 1882 in Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX. He married ELMIRA CHANDLER 1 November 1829 in Dearborn Co, IL, daughter of ABRAHAM CHANDLER and NANCY. She was born 30 September 1809 in Orange Co, NY, and died 1887 in Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX.


45. i. ROBERT J.11 DUNLAP, b. 19 June 1837, IL; d. 3 January 1882, Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX.

42. HAZEL ANGELINE10 BUTTERFIELD (ALEXANDER9, CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born Bet. 1814 - 1830 in (Niagara Co, NY)422. She married LEVERETT AUGUSTUS BRISTOL 1 July 1847 in Olcott, Niagara Co, NY. He was born Bet. 1810 - 1819 in CT.


Father? Leverett Bristol 5 Jun 1795-4 Jun 1852; m. NN Coles; s/o Zealous Bristol & Lydia Munson

More About LEVERETT AUGUSTUS BRISTOL: Residence: 1820, CT; 1830 NY423

More About LEVERETT BRISTOL and HAZEL BUTTERFIELD: Marriage 2: ~ 1850, Orleans Co, NY


i. FRANK11 BRISTOL, b. Bet. 1847 - 1878424.

More About FRANK BRISTOL: Occupation: Bishop, South Methodist Episcopal Church/Washington, DC.

43. MILTON10 BUTTERFIELD (ALEXANDER9, CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born Bet. 1821 - 1822 in Niagara Co, NY425,426,427, and died 19 August 1864 in Stone Mountain, DeKalb Co, GA428,429. He married MARTHA BATCHELDER 21 September 1847 in Nashua, Hillsboro Co, NH430. She was born Bet. 1821 - 1822 in NH431,432,433, and died January 1874 in Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL434.

Notes for MILTON BUTTERFIELD: Milton was a school teacher, but so far no records have been found to prove where he received his education, or where he taught in Niagara. His Uncle, Wellington taught in Lockport, NY, so Milton may have taught in a school there.

In 1849 Milton and Martha settled in Troy, AL until the purchase of land in Union Springs, AL, where they opened their own school. Milton taught Math, Science, History, Government and Music. Milton continued to teach school until the outbreak of the War Between the States (1861). The War Dept records from the US Adjutant General's Office show him as Captain M. Butterfield, of the Alabama 23rd. The Alabama 23rd was captured at the Battle of Vicksburg (June or July 1863) and later exchanged. He stopped at his home in Union Springs prior to returning to the Confederate Army, this was the last time his family ever saw him.

He was attached to a scouting expedition during the siege of Atlanta. Milton was wounded at Stone Mountain, GA near Atlanta, on 19 August 1864, by unexploded shrapnel, while writing a letter to his wife, and died of his wounds. He was buried near Stone Mountain by his colored [sic] body-servant, Ward. The servant delivered the letter to Milton's wife Martha along with a letter from Milton's Commanding Officer. These letters were sent to the Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, AL and cannot now be located.

The servant Ward was never able to locate the grave when he and Martha Batchelder Butterfield went there after the war.

Source: "The Butterfield Family" Lucy Farris Heidenreich

More About MILTON BUTTERFIELD: Burial: Unmarked Grave, Stone Mountain, GA

Cause of Death: KIA, Seige of Atlanta by unexploded shrapnel

Interests/Hobbies: music

Military Service: 12 October 1861, Enlisted Co B, 23rd Regiment, AL Infantry; 20 June 1862 appointed Captain435,436

Occupation: Bet. 1845 - 1861, Teacher437,438

Property: 1850, Real Estate Value-$1000; 1860 Real Estate Value $10,000 & Personal Propery Value $5000439,440

Residence: ~ 1848, Removed to Orion, Pike Co, AL; by 1860 Macon Co, AL

Notes for MARTHA BATCHELDER: According to her diary Martha spent her childhood in Northfield, Franklin Co, Mass, with an aunt, and may have been an orphan. Her parentage has not been ascertained but it is assumed that she ties in somehow to the Bachilor family of New Hampshire. She was a school teacher, who in 1846, accepted a teaching position in or near the City of Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co, AL. During the summer of 1847 she took a boat on the river from Benton, Lowndes Co, AL to New Orleans, LA where she boarded a River Boat "The Alexander Scott". She travelled thus to Cincinnati, OH, and took an overland stage and the train cars to Sandusky, OH where a sister lived. Among her many stops was Lockport, NY. While in Niagara she took in the wonders of the Falls, and from her diary, a husband as well. She continued on her journey through the Erie Canal and arrived at Springfield, MA where she was met by another sister. She remained a few days and went on to Nashua, NH. Milton arrived there on 17 July 1847. They were married by Rev. D. D. Pratt.

In 1849 they settled in Troy, Pike Co, AL until the purchase of land in Union Springs, where they opened their own school. Martha taught French, Latin, English Literature and Geography. After the wedding of Milton and Martha she does not make another entry in her diary until 3 Jan 1851. At this time she is writing in Orion, AL. She mentions that "Little Ned" and again "Little Eddie" is toddling around. She mentions the "academy" in both Orion and Union Springs, but never mentions the name of the schools.

Milton was killed during the War Between the States and Martha made her home in Union Springs, AL with her son Edward Milton following the close of the War.

More About MARTHA BATCHELDER: AKA (Facts Pg): Middle name Marie?; Maria?

Burial: Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL

Interests/Hobbies: Reading; Poetry; 1846-1851 (or longer) Kept a journal

Occupation: 1846, School Teacher; 1870 Millener

Property: 1870, Real Estate Value-$3000 & Personal Property Value $2000/Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL441

Residence: Northfield NY; Lowndes Co AL; Troy, Pike AL; 1848 Orion, Pike Co, AL; by 1860 Macon Co, AL442,443


i. FRANCIS 'FRANK' E.11 BUTTERFIELD, b. January 1848, NY444,445,446; d. Southwestern U.S. or Mexico.


According to information received form Lucy Farris Heidenreich, Jan 1993

The family received word from Frank that he had married a Mexican lady, with the title "Dona". It is not remembered what her name was or when they were married. The family tried to locate him in the 1870's. They put ads in newspapers in Mexico City and in newspapers in Texas and throughout the Western U.S. They received no word from him or from anyone who knew where he was. To this day no one knows what became of him.

More About FRANCIS 'FRANK' E. BUTTERFIELD: Military Service: Served in Confederate Army 23rd Regiment

Occupation: Interpreter for Mexican Government

Residence: AL; Mexico City, Mexico; Western U.S.

Spouse: Wife from Mexico, with title "Dona"

46. ii. EDWARD MILTON BUTTERFIELD, b. 4 April 1849, Orion, Pike Co, AL; d. 9 January 1927, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.

iii. LULA A. BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1852, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL446; d. 1863, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL.

iv. CHARLES 'CHARLIE' ALEXANDER BUTTERFIELD, b. ~ 1861, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL447; d. September 1886, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL448.

44. ALEXANDER FRANKLIN10 DIX (DYANTHIA9 BUTTERFIELD, CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 27 July 1831 in Niagara Co, NY449, and died 25 October 1921 in (Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL)449.

Notes for ALEXANDER FRANKLIN DIX: Excerpt from letter written by his son, L.D. [Daniel] Dix, Mobile, AL to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 29 Apr 1953: "I do know that when father [Alexander F. Dix] was living in New York prior to the Civil War, he had a letter from his cousin Milton Butterfield, who was at Union Springs [AL], asking him to come to Union Springs and teach with him - which he did. Later, when I was ten years old, or in 1883, we moved back to Union Springs, and Cousin Ed [Edward Milton Butterfield], his wife and three girls were living there - Emmett, Estelle and Sunshine. There were the only kinfolk we had in the South, and so we very jealously claimed kin." "...but I am glad that you wrote me. Where is Emmett? I have a recollection of three very sweet, pretty girls, and Emmett visited our home at Pine Grove just prior to her marriage to Mr. Terrell. I would love to know something of those three girls."

More About ALEXANDER FRANKLIN DIX: Occupation: Teacher, taught in Union Springs with cousin, Milton Butterfield

Residence: Bef. 1860, Removed to Union Springs, AL at the urging of his cousin, Milton Butterfield; NY; 1883 moved back to Union Springs

Spouse: 2 January 1861, Helen (Nellie) Beach449


i. L. DANIEL11 DIX, b. 12 February 1873, NY449; d. Aft. 1953, (Mobile, AL).

Notes for L. DANIEL DIX: Excerpt from letter he wrote to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 9 May 1953:

"I remember quite distinctly some seventy years ago when we moved to Union Springs and the three pretty girls - Emmett and Estelle and Sunshine [Butterfield] - in the little summer dresses came to see us. The were cousins, and the first cousins we had ever seen."

"Some ten or fifteen years ago I was quite interested in tracing family lines, but I have lost my zest for it now, and none of the children are at home to work on it. My boys made the chart, copy of which I sent you. Since that time, I have gotten quite a good deal of information about other branches of the family, but I am afraid it will not get put into shape.

My only remaining brother, Philo [Dix], lives at Deerfield Beach, Fla. He has two daughters who are married, one living in Connecticut and the other in California.

We had six children, five of whom are living. One married daughter lives in New York, one married daugher here, and three sons all live in Mobile."

More About L. DANIEL DIX: Occupation: Associate General Agent, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co, The Henry K. Toenes Agency, Merchants National Bank Building, Mobile, AL450

Residence: 1883, Removed to Union Springs, AL; Mobile, AL.


Generation No. 11

45. ROBERT J.11 DUNLAP (ARCHIBALD10, OLIVE9 BUTTERFIELD, JOHN8, JOHN7, JOHN6, BENJAMIN5, NATHANIEL4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 19 June 1837 in IL, and died 3 January 1882 in Hillsboro, Hill Co, TX. He married SARAH DELILAH BOND 19 July 1870 in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX. She was born 1845 in AR, and died 1919 in Moore, Frio Co, TX.

More About ROBERT J. DUNLAP: Date born 2: 19 June 1837, Bowie Co, TX

Died 2: 3 January 1882, Moore, Frio Co, TX


47. i. IDA ELMIRA12 DUNLAP, b. 20 Mar 1873, Devine, Medina Co, TX; d. 6 Jul 1949, Three River, Live Oak Co, TX.

46. EDWARD MILTON11 BUTTERFIELD (MILTON10, ALEXANDER9, CYRUS8, BENJAMIN7, BENJAMIN6, BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, BENJAMIN3, BENJAMIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born 4 April 1849 in Orion, Pike Co, AL451,452,453,454,455, and died 9 January 1927 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL456. He married LUCY HARRISON 21 November 1872 in Columbus, Muscogee Co, GA457, daughter of CHARLES HARRISON and LUCY STURGIS. She was born 3 July 1852 in Columbus, Muscogee Co, GA458,459,460,461, and died 4 July 1907 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL461.


Edward Butterfield was about 16 when the War Between the States ended. In speaking about the war, he was quoted by his grand-daughter Lucy Farris Heidenreich as saying, "Wisconsin supplied the fighters and Connecticut supplied the thieves."


Letter [reproduced as written] from Henry J. Rosenstihl, Jeweler and Registered Optometrist, Union Springs, AL, to Lucy Farris Heidenreich 10 Nov 1953:

"Dear Madam:

This will be a jumbled up letter so you may wade through it. My parents moved from New York to Columbus Ga Jan 1861 in the month of January. In April the same year the war broke out and my father enlisted in the Confederate army, they were Germans, their names Mr & Mrs William Rosenstihl, my father was a Jeweler and Watchmaker, had seven children I am the youngest. I was born August 7th 1869 have just celebrated my 50th Wedding anniversary.

Your letter interested me, I am the oldest NATIVE BORN CITIZEN in Union Springs, I remember Mr Ed Butterfield, for some reason the Butterfields and my people were friends. I have a photograph of Ed Butterfield in a Brass Band, the other members that stand out plain on this old picture is a Mr. Henry Harris and also George Hanson, and a Mr Jim Eley.

There is a lot in the old Cemetary with the names BUTTERFIELD and the graves are under the Episcopal church. The property was procured from the Foster Estate for the Episocpal Church and the Carnegie Library, permission was given by Mr Butterfield not to remove the graves but to build over them, several graves were on the spot and premission was granted from all those interested at the time the buildings were constructed. Now as to who is buried on this lot, I dont know.

On May 3rd 1879 my father repaired a gold watch for E.M. Butterfield, this was a bouble case gold watch made by Hyde and Sons London and Paris, the same date another gold watch was reparied for Chas A. Butterfield Made by Dobile & Co, Geneva Switz.

On May 18th 1868 to 1873 Robert Fleming and Laura J. Fleming gave a deed to Martha M. Butterfield for a certain peice of property in Union Springs. There is also a deed from M.M. Butterfield to C.A. Butterfield There were other transfers of property listed about this same time, among them as Martha M. Butterfield to Edward M. Butterfield.

There were a few children in the family, it sees Emmett and Julian, he was quite a small boy and used to go to the country with a boy name Frank Hubbard and they hunted together, it seems the old home was on north Pararie Street and also down near what was know as the old Tom Martin home, just this other side of the bridge that crosses the Central of Ga R.R.

My oldest sister used to write us that she saw Ed Butterfield quite often and he must have moved to Birmingham, as the letter written here regarding the lots was from Birmingham, to let the graves remain.

As for as the school proposition the old teachers were a Mr McMurray, Prof McIver, M.R. Simmons and J.M. Banks, there were many private schools that I attended, being Misses Carrie and Nilla Norman, Miss Carrie Threadgill, Mrs McGowan, Mrs Honie, Mrs Mabson, Miss Kittie _ urch [Purch, Burch], these go back to the time I was 6 years old, and there was a Mrs Tanner, which I forgot to mention, your people may have been connected with one of the above. The name ACADEMY for a school came Later on. I am giving you the names of the oldest teachers.

As for the Millinary business these are the following names, Miss Mary Graves, Miss Kate Coleman, and my mother who was in the business when I was a small boy. The place she could have had a dress and milinary shop would have been the upper part of North Pararie St. that was where the shops were during those days, they were all wooden shacks and are torn away, and built up.

Yours very truly, Col. Henry J. Rosenstihl

I have written for each weeks edition of the Herald news of Bullock County and Union Springs these articles have appeared for the past two weeks or more.

My wife's people were among the first to settle in Union Springs, Dr Daniel Boone Coleman, he lived in a log hut just where the lareg home of Capt P.H. Coleman stood and is now the Bullock County Hospital. I was married in the old Coleman house to the relatives of the Colemans who was a Miss Anna Alexander and her home was in Gadsden Ala. her family moved to Union Springs her parents like mine are all dead.

More About EDWARD MILTON BUTTERFIELD: Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL

Cause of Death: Influenza/Senility

Occupation: 1870, Mercantile Store Clerk/Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL; Owned a Billiard Hall462,463

Property: 1870, Real Estate Value-$500463

Residence: 1888, Removed to Birmingham Jefferson Co, AL

More About LUCY HARRISON: Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL

Residence: 1888, Removed to Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL


Marriage 2: 21 March 1872, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL464


48. i. JULIAN MILTON12 BUTTERFIELD, b. 9 January 1874, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL; d. 3 December 1949, Huntington Beach, Orange Co, CA.

49. ii. LULA 'EMMETT' BUTTERFIELD, b 5 May 1876, Union Springs, Bullock Co AL; d 1966, Atlanta, DeKalb Co GA

50. iii. VIRGINIA 'ESTELLE' BUTTERFIELD, b. 1 August 1877, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL; d. April 1973, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.

51. iv. JAMES STUART BUTTERFIELD, b. 13 March 1878, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL; d. ~ 1950, Train between Birmingham, AL and St. Augustine, FL.

52. v. FLORENCE ROWENA BUTTERFIELD, b. 6 September 1881, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL; d. 23 January 1954, Ft Lauderdale, Broward Co, FL.

vi. CHARLES FRANCIS BUTTERFIELD, b. 20 February 1882, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL465; d. October 1882, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL465.

vii. INA 'NINI' HARRISON BUTTERFIELD, b. 16 April 1886, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL465; m. HARVEY JACKSON HANNA, Atlanta, DeKalb Co, GA465.


Residence: 1888, Removed to Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL

viii. EDWARD RIDDLE/RIDELE BUTTERFIELD, b. 4 August 1888, Union Springs, Bullock Co, AL465; d. Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL466; m. NINA MAE DOWNEY, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL467.


Date born 2: 4 Aug 1890, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL468.

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