Clifford L. Coy Family - Coy Line Ancestors


Our specific branch of the Coy family can be traced back to England with Richard Coy born in 1604.  When his siblings arrived at Boston in 1650  it marked the start of what are known as, New England Coys in America.      

"New England" Coys began living in Massachusetts, but their families and their ancestors quickly branched over into Connecticut or other nearby states, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island, eventually emigrating into New York State.
US Records show that a total of 12 Coy men, served the Union in the American Revolutionary war.  David Coy is our A. R. ancestor.
Other Coy branches arrived from Scotland via Northern Ireland, and another from Germany via Canada, settling in different parts of the U.S. Some names, such as Coe, Coey, Coye, Cawey and Cawe, were also converted from, or to, COY.



Brewster 1540-1700 England - US, MA, CT
Champlin 1621-1850 England.- US, RI, CT, NY.
Coy 1604-1999  England - US, MA, CT, NY, IL, KA
Padgett 1838-1899 New England - Illinois
Strickland 1623-1840 England -Pennsylvania  
Taylor 1702-1792 Ct. - Pennsylvania
Wilcoxson           1601-1765 England - Connecticut 
COY FAMILY PROGRESSION TABLE flag_uk.gif (9686 bytes)
#1 CLIFFORD L. COY, Living, is the son of      Death Date:
#2 C. LYNN COY b. 31 Oct 1889 Chicago, Cook IL.
MARRIED: 30 Sep 1922 Chicago, Cook, IL
LUCILE PADGETT b. 13 Dec 1895 Chicago, Cook, IL.
1 Feb 1973

25 Sept 1981
#3 CLARENCE E. COY b. 09 Aug 1862 Chicago, Cook, IL
MARRIED: 25 June 1885 Kansas
MARY J. ROBERTSON b. 07 Apr 1864 Homer, IL
21 Mar 1950

26 Jul 1947
#4 URIAH C. COY b. 25,Apr 1826 Sherburne, Chenango, NY.
MARRIED: 03 Dec 1851 Smyrna, Chenango, NY
ABIGAIL CHAMPLIN b.  02 *Aug 1831 Sherburne, Chenango, NY
14 Nov 1909

 6 June 1922
#5 COMFORT COY b. 1779 Windsor, Hartford, CT
MARRIED: Abt 1801 Sherburne, Chenango, NY
SARAH BURDETTE b. Abt 1779 Sherburne , Chenango, NY
30 May 1852

#6 DAVID (II) COY b. 19 May 1759  Windsor, Tolland CT.
MARRIED: Abt 1777    Windsor, CT.
DRUSILLA POTTER b. Abt 1756 Windsor, CT
15 Dec 1854


#7 DAVID COY b. 23 Jan 1731 Norwich, New London, CT.
MARRIED: Abt 1757 Norwich, New London, CT
ABIGAIL COY b.18 Nov 1731 Norwich, New London, CT
Abt 1802

#8 SAMUEL (II) COY. b. 16 Feb 1698 Norwich, New London, CT. 
MARRIED: 22 May 1717 Stafford, Tolland, CT
ELIZABETH READ b. 05 Apr 1698 Norwich, New London, CT.

#9 MATTHEW (II) COY b. 05 Sep 1656 Preston, CT
MARRIED: Abt 1684 Preston, New London, CT
ANN BREWSTER b. 29 Sep 1662 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
30 Oct 1715

#10 MATTHEW COY b. 1623 England
MARRIED: 29 Aug 1654 Boston, Suffolk, MA

#11 RICHARD COY b. Abt 1604 England
MARRIED: Abt 1622 Boston, Suffolk, MA.
LUCY ANN LENTEN b. Abt 1604, England

Aft 1680