19 Jun 1953 - ____

Mother: Rachel COY

Family 1 : Emily COY
  1.  Matthew CARPENTER
  2.  Mikae CARPENTER

|                |________________
|                 _Frederick COY _+
|_Rachel COY ____|
                 |_Leona SMITH ___


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Bradford Almy CHAMPLIN

[1117] [1118]

1839 - 27 Jun 1864

Father: Alfred CHAMPLIN
Mother: Paulina ADAMS

                    _Jessie CHAMPLIN _+
 _Alfred CHAMPLIN _|
|                  |_Hannah ??? ______
|--Bradford Almy CHAMPLIN 
|                   __________________
|_Paulina ADAMS ___|


[1117] Killed in Action, Civil War, while charging up the slopes of KenesawMountain, Georgia.

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Francis E. COY


____ - ____

Father: Franklin D. COY
Mother: Helen Elizabeth GOODRICH

Family 1 : Steven K. WILLCOX

                             _David C. (3) COY _+
 _Franklin D. COY __________|
|                           |_Roby FRANKLIN ____+
|--Francis E. COY 
|                            ___________________
|_Helen Elizabeth GOODRICH _|


[1023] She Joined the DAR in April 6, 1910, Natj # 78789

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Clayton COYE


ABT 1912 - 1973

Father: Charles Elizur. COYE
Mother: Mary Morrison CARD

                         _Franklin D. COY __________+
 _Charles Elizur. COYE _|
|                       |_Helen Elizabeth GOODRICH _
|--Clayton COYE 
|                        _Clayton G. CARD __________+
|_Mary Morrison CARD ___|
                        |_Lovisa E. LITTLEFIELD ____


[1010] In 1926 He was awarded a scholarship valued at $1,135 at the St.John's Military School, Manulis NY so he took up his studies on Sept15th. This appointment was made because of his musical ability and isan expert cornetist. He was in the Coy Martial Band.

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[50] [51]

27 Dec 1866 - 15 Sep 1922

Father: Antonio Q. DEFRATES
Mother: Jessina QUINTAL

Family 1 : John McCrea PADGETT
  1. +Lucile PADGETT
  2.  Allan Frank PADGETT

 _Antonio Q. DEFRATES _|
|                      |___________________
|--Helen DEFRATES 
|                       _Antonio QUINTAL __
|_Jessina QUINTAL _____|
                       |_Josephine VIERIA _+


[50] The Padgetts resided at 6410 Ellis Ave, in Chicago.

From a letter Written by Helen Defrates she had this to say. On the13th day of December 1895 on Friday was born to us, a daughter. Onthe 10th day which was the 23rd of December, I got up and dressed andgot up every day after that. I had a nurse and paid her $7.00 perweek keeping her one & a half weeks. she was not proving satisfactory.

Dr, Courtright was the physician and did his work well, charging theusual $25.00. We named our daughter Emma Lucile Padgett after herAntie. The house of flat where Emma was born was 6410 Ellis Ave. Thename of the building was Tasmania. My sister Effie came to stay withme on October 27, 1895 and stayed until March 14, 1896.

Emma weighed 13 lbs when 3 & 1/2 months old. On the 14th day of Marchwe left Chicago for Jacksonville arriving there at 7 AM. It was verycold with snow on the ground. We stayed in Jacksonville two monthsand three weeks.

When Emma was five months old she cut her first tooth. She as alwaysa very good child with colic only about three weeks. When we cameback from Jacksonville we visited 2 weeks at Rogers Park. Then we cameto the Southside to a hotel Santa Maria, staying only one day and anight, the table being very poor. We then went back and boarded withMrs. J. for a week and came to 13 33rd St. where he had very nicerooms and board was good. I put Emma in sort clothes at 5 1/2 months.We stayed at 13 33st from June 30 to 1st of August when I will the 2childern and Miss Weller came to Jacksonville.

When Emma was 8 months old she had 6 teeth and at 9 months she crawledallo over and would eat almost anything. When one year old she couldwalk alone. When 10 months old she could say Bye Bye, Papa and throwa kiss.

On December 28, 1896 I received word Father was very sick. I left thesame day with Allan and Emma and stayed in Jacksonville 3 weeks and 5days returning to our present home 1756 N. Clark St. On the 25th dayof Jan 1897 I began to wean her and she only nursed nights.

In later years, I have heard mother talk about their grocery store inRogers Park and this was while Lucile was a school girl. The familywas together at that time. Helen passed away from Tuberculosis:

Notes by Lucile, OCT 1977:
Julia, my mothers (Helen) sister died from Pneumonia taking coldleaving house with her baby being chased into the cold by her drunkenhusband. When she died his relatives took the baby who died later. Mygrandfather had not approved of the marriage. Julia was musicianplaying the organ at church.

Helen was only about 14 and had to quit school as her mother passed onthen and she and Aunt Em, Helen's other sister were the oldest. (2younger ones) to take care of Grandfather Antonia needing them to keephouse.

From another Lucile letter, 1977:
"I was 21 years old (1916) when my folks broke. He claimed to havebeen healed aof drinking and went to Ohio. I believe he got a divorce( by a crook as my mother never was told about it.) and I presume mygrandmother went with him as she was 70 or more at the time andprobably no longer in the insurance business. I say when my fatherleft for another women. There were times he would show up afterabsences and seemed to show responsibility when I was in High School,but was not on the scene. I never heard any quarreling so anydifferences must have been out of earshot. He could be a help aroundthe apartment and strict about not letting me go to a rollar skatingringk, (only for toughs), wouldn't let me compete in high-jumping,(too strenuous at my teenage). Probably right! Believe my motherloved him. She never sent a word condeming him. She died Sept 1922,knowing she was not long to live. We had our marriage license & ringin Maya but she said to wait which we did."

In a letter to John and Helen, from Frances Strickland she asks aboutthe Park Grocery and who does Mrs. Poultney seem to fill the bill?This was written in 1905.

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