Inventory on January 29, 1765 in Lasquert of the Properties of Jacob Alders and Gepke Roelfs (registered after her death):

The farmstead with the "beklemming" of 56 "deimpt" [*"deimpt" is the same measure as "grazen"] "beklemd" land and 9 "deimpt" Own land and encore 13 deimpt Own land [*totally they farmed on 78 "deimpt or grazen" land].

The cattle, like 3 "gebeterde" [*means "better"] cows, 4 "ongebeterde" cows, 2 "twenter" heifers, 2 "twenter" oxes, 2 "enter" heifers, 4 "heukelings(?)" horses, 1 old mare, 1 "twenter" gelding, 2 "enter" foals, 1 foal, 5 old sheep, 1 winter pig, 5 geese, 14 chickens and cocks.

In the barn, like wagons, ploughs, etc., etc.,...

Copper [*including iron and furniture] goods, like 3 kettles, big and small, 4 kettle buckets, 4 baking buckets, 2 "top" buckets, 1 yoke, 2 shovels, 1 "schip" with his belongings [*literally a "schip" means "ship", but if this is meant here?? maybe "boat"?], 2 sicles, 1 "swaai", 3 sieves, 2 little wash-basins, 4 pigs racks(?), 1 "haal" [*for the open fire], 1 chain [*also for the fire], 1 hanging iron [*for the fire], 1 "potseel", 1 "reuster" [*old dutch for "rooster", meaning a "grill"?], 1 ash shovel, 38 saucers and plates on the mantelpiece, 3 flowers pots on the little chest, 1 "stelsel" and tea goods on the chest, some other baken clay goods in the "schuttelkamer" [*means "saucers room"?], 1 mirror, 1 clock, 4 tables, small and big, 1 iron box, some other glasses and "roemers" [*glass rummers], 1 flat-iron, 1 fire pan, 1 oaken chest, 1 "vuren" [*means "deal"] chest, 4 (mand) baskets, small and big, 2 groats barrels, 1 reel, "mangelgoedt" [*means "goods for a mangle"?], 3 iron pots, 2 "degel" pans, 1 coffee kettle, 3 coffee pots, 1 pewter water pot, 4 pewter saucers, 5 pewter plates, 2 butter boxes, 2 pewter bowls, 2 pewter cups, 1 pewter funnel, 3 jugs, big and small, 2 pewter basins, 20 pewter spoons, 10 chairs, 6 chair cushions, 1 pewter tea pot and 3 foot-warmers.

Bed goods: 4 under-beds, 1 quilt, 5 "peulen", 15 bed cushions, 3 pair curtains and "rabats", 5 blankets, 2 carpets, one on the table and 1 on the bed.


  • Geert Derks.................. 250 guilders.
  • The children of Fiebe Hitjes............ 50 guilders.
  • Hemme Jacobs ................... 200 guilders. [*Note A.G.: Probably Hemmo Jacobs was an uncle - from maternal side - of our Martje Alberts van Dijk?]

I, the unsigning Jacob Alders, declares that I've made an agreement with the guardians of the under aged children of [*my ex wives?] Fiebe Hitjes and Etjen Toomes and promised to donate to them, besides the before said goods, a sum of 450 guilders, four hundred and fifty guilders, and will own by himself all the debts and incomes,....., and the farmstead with all its belongings and the own land. And declared to have divided the "life goods" and the linen [*of my deceased wife Gepke Roelfs] and to have recieved the half of these goods.

Lasquert, the January 29th, 1765, Jacob Alders.

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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