Archive Notes
on the Jan Cornellis and Stijnje Jelles Family

From the Meedhuizen birth, death and marriage church books:

October 24, 1719, Cornellijs Pieters is elected as elder of this parish in the place of Jan Jans. On the same day Jan Tonnys is elected as deacon in the place of the retired Cornellijs Pieters. (Note A.G.: maybe a relative or even the father of Jan Cornellis?)

On 19 Nov 1719, after three public notifications, Cornellijs Pieters is confirmed as elder and Jan Tonnys as deacon. (see note above)

Jan 1, 1733, Jan Cornellis is elected as Deacon in the place of the retiring bookkeeper (church-warden), master Roelf (unreadable). (Note A.G.: this must be "our" Jan Cornellis)

On 23 april 1747, Jan Cornellis and Heine Hindriks are elected as new Deacons and confirmed on the 14 May 1747. (see note above)

On 20 Jun 1718.......and being confirmed Pieter Corneelijs, the young daughter (or "young woman") epke Cornellijs and ........(Note A.G.: possibly a relative of Jan Cornellis?)

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