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No 455: Summarized: a loan of 600 caroli guilders from Stoffer Berentz and wife to Jan Schüt, living in Heveskes, and wife the 12 May 1784.

............................... The H. Jan Schüt and his Housewife Ailtje Harkes, living in Heveskes loaned from the H. Stoffer Berentz and his Housewife Aaltje Derks in good and valid money, with interest, a Sum of six-hundred caroli guilders, with an interest of four equal guilders for each hundred, to pay yearly.


Made 12 May 1784 in Appingedam. Registered 18 May 1784.


[Note from A.G. About the loan of Stoffer Berents to Jan Schüt and wife Ailtje Harkes: Stoffer Berents must be (rather) wealthy in those days, while on 9 May 1784, 3 days before, he loaned also 500 guilders to Jelle Jans and his next wife Anje Pieters! That's 1100 guilders in one week! With 1100 guilders a man could buy in those days two (small) houses!]

From the churchbooks of Tjamsweer:

The 30-th December 1742 are Married the H.(onourable) Stoffer Berents from [*the village] Wirdum and Grietje Duirts, widow of Garmts Jans, living here [*in Tjamsweer].

The sale of a bakery in the Landstraat of the "fortress" Delfzijl by the owners Claas (Klaas) Onnes, his mother the widow of Onne Jacobs and his housewife Anje Pieters on September 27, 1775 in Delfzijl to Mr. Jannes Freriks and his bride Aagtje Cornelis for a sum of 700 car. guilders for a house, annex bakery in that Landstraat and 125 car. guilders for all the bakery tools, named in a special (other) inventory list To pay in 3 part direct 225 guilders, 300 on "Allerheiligen" 1775 and 300 a year later. [*Note: now we know-also the fathers name of Klaas Onnes: Onne Jacobs!]

A notarial arrangement between the widow Anje Pieters on December 8, 1780 and the guardians of her son Onne (Henricus Schenkel as guardian, Anje's half-brother Roelf Rotgers as family guardian and Lucas Claaszen as outside guardian) about the inheritance of the underaged son Onne and his rights (of maternal care, finances and education) till he becomes 18 years-old. Anje Pieters was obliged to see that her son Onne, was taught "reading and writing and what's more neceassary" and had to pay him at age 18 years his paternal inheritance of 2000 guilders and some silver objects of his deceased father.

The same between Anje Pieters - after the death of Anje's second spouse Roelf Jacobs made on July 13, 1784 with the guardians of (of her son of her deceased spouse Roelf Jacobs) Egbert Jacobs as guardian, Pieter Geerts (Anje's father) as family guardian and Lucas Claaszen as outside guardian. Also here is arranged that mother Anje had to feed, dress and educate her son "as obliged to her (wealthy) social status". Anje got the complete farm and 71 "grazen" land with all movables in it and the hay and corn and to pay her son at age 18 years 160 guilders, the silver watch of her spouse, his linen dark-blue jacket and 3 shirts from him.

The inheritance of the deceased Aaltje Jans by her surviving spouse Roelf Rotgers (Anje Pieter's half-brother) on Maart (March) 6 1788: Roelf inherited the whole farm with 25 "grazen beklemd" land in Biessum, arranged with the three guardians of the underaged children of Aaltje Jans and Roelf Rotgers. When the children become 18 years old, father Roelf Rotgers had to pay each of them 189 car. guilders.

April 19, 1787 the Solwerd church deacon, Jelle Jans, loaned in Solwerd his colleague, Jan Pieters Spithorst, 450 guilders.

Anje's father, Pieter Geerts, was also the guardian of the children of his deceased brother(?), Jacob Geerts and wife, Aafke Alberts; when she remarried about April 1786 with Jan Obbes they made with the guardians a notarial marriage contract on April 20, 1786. Aafke kept her farm with 48 "grazen beklemd" land.

A contract between the widow Asseltje Thomas - she was married to the deceased uncle, Jan Berents, of Albert Stoffers - and the guardians of her 4 underaged children (named Stoffer Berents (father of Albert Stoffers) and her brother-in-law as guardian, Pieter Thomas as family guardian and Jacob Heepkes as outside guardians) about the inheritance of her deceased spouse: she kept the farm with 34 ¼ "grazen beklemd" land in Uitwierda. Because widow Asseltje Thomas wanted to marry Hindrik Onnes (they made their marriage contract on November 3, 1779 in appearance of her brother-in-law Stoffer Berents)

But on June 1, 1784 this farm was sold in Uitwierda by the same guardians (1) Stoffer Berents, Pierter Thomas and Jacob Heepkes to Jan Hindriks and wife Antje Hindriks for 1250 car. guilders!

On Dec. 5 1788 the sale of Trijntje Pieters, widow of Hemme Jacobs (--father of Aaltje Hommes or Hemmes) and the guardians of her under-aged children with Hemme Jacobs (= half sister/brother of Aaltje Hemmes) in company of (her step- son-in-law) Albert Stoffers and (step-son) Gepke Hommes and wife Jan(tje) Pieters and the 3 guardians Cornelis Pieters, Derk Jacobs and Harm Pieters of the farm in Uitwierda, near Delfzijl with 68 314 "grazen" land.

Some accounts from the Cashbook of the church of Solwerd between 1787-1793:

Transcription and translation: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wednesday October 27, 2004.

21 May 1787: Jelle Jans, the church-warden of the Solwerd church; colleague church-warden P. Stiphout (or Jan Pieters Stiphout).

The before-said Amounts [*of church-warden Jelle Jans] of the Years 1791, 1792 and 1793 are checked and "c.s. bevonden" [*means probably "are okay"]. The Real income of the Amounts contain four hundred and forty-two guilders, three stivers and 2 doits, or 442 - 3 - 2. Being Jelle Jans appointed to book-keeping church-warden. Thus recieved and closed in the Rectory-house on Monday, the first December 1794.

J. Stip.
D. Alberda.

29 October 1794: Because the Honourable Jelle Jans has moved from Solwert with ... [*uneadable] his "Domicilie or Dominee"(?) [*Domicile or Minister?]... requested, those Results are examined by me, as "Coltatex" (??) and approved okay. Being deducted the expenses from the incomes ... [*untranslatable] a [*positive] sum total rested of three hundred guilders, seventeen stivers and two doits, which sum is handed over to and kept by the [*next] church-warden Jan Pieters Spithout for the "decharge" of the H.[*onourable] Jelle Jans, who will be thanked by this occassion for his care and well book-keeping. Solwert, the 29-th October 1794.

Jan Pieters Spithout
Goula... [*unreadable rest]

Note Albert Geurink: Pity enough the Groningen Archives don't allow for safety to make copies of the well readable and good looking handwriting of Jelle Jans! Maybe I'll take once extra pictures of those papers (only allowed with a normal (reflex) camera, but without using flash!)? After the departure of Jelle Jans the church-wardens started to write the income at the left page and the expenses at the right, where Jelle Jans and his predesessors wrote the church expenses at the end of this cash-book (turning this book 180 degrees).

Expenses 17 September 1780, written by Jelle Jans:

  • Paid to Jan Jans , by vacancy of the sexton's job, for his performance in the church service.............. 12 stivers
  • 27 June 1788: For the cleaning of the church .............. 1 guilder, 2 stivers
  • For a half book writing paper for the Amounts of the church ............. 3 stivers
  • For the cargo of the church books to Groningen [*by a tow-boat?] ............... 4 stivers
  • 21 November 1791: a visit to Groningen to show the cash books over 3 years to the Lords of the Deputed States [*of the province Groningen]: travel costs [*by tow-boat?] .................... 2 guilders 10 stivers
  • 16 December 1791: for sweeping out the church................ 6 stivers
From the Groningen Archives
  1. The father-in-law Hemme Jacobs of Albert Stoffers was in 1767 till 1778 deacon of the Solwerd and Uitwierda churches.
  2. The parents of Anje Pieter purchased on March 4, 1773 4 "grazen" land, without a dyke, North of the Jonkers Road.
  3. The parents of Aaltje Hemmes (wife of Albert Stoffers) purchased on Nov. 11, 1763 a farmstead on the Old Dyke in Uitwierda with 87 "grazen beklemd" land. (Later this inheritance came partly back to son-in-law Albert Stoffers).
  4. On Dec. 18, 1772 Klaas Onnes (Anje Pieters first spouse!) purchased from his mother Bywke Jans, widow of Onne Jacobs (= father of Klaas Onnes) in Solwerd, 1 farmstead with 71 "grazen beklemd" land, 53 "grazen" land in Solwert, 12 "grazen" in Appingedam and 6 "grazen" land in Opwierda. This is the later farm of Anje Pieters and Jelle Jans, which they sold in 1792 to Pieter Derks and wife Anna Jans (Steenhuis), just before their purchase of the Opwierda Peeling Mill. [*Note: at that time in 1792 Anje Pieters first son Onne from Klaas Onnes still lived, about 15 years old].
  5. On May 11, 1803 Jelle Jans and wife Anje Pieters sold a piece of land on(?) the foot path of Appingedam to Delfzijl, North of the Delft River. (So opposite to their mill at the other side of the River?)
  6. On May 17, 1794 Jelle Jans loaned 800 guilders from Jan Derks, guardian of the under-aged son [*named Jacob Roelfs] of the deceased Roelf Rotgers (= step-uncle of Anje Pieters) and deceased wife Aaltje Jans.
  7. The inheritance of the deceased Stoffer Berents to his widow Aaltje Derks and his son Albert Stoffers and wife Aaltje Hemmes on Jan. 24, 1787 of his huge properties. (I've the whole transcriptions, including also a lot of their loans to other people, acting as a real bank of loaning!).
  8. No ships sales in Delfzijl with an enlisted name of Jelle Jans. That means that Jelle Jans didn't owned a ship??
Pelmulder accounts from the historical book about Appingedam "Vissen rond de Floem" by A.Hoft.

Page 282 of this book:

On the West side of the "Klapweg" number 1: The widow of Mr. Schelto Scheltens and Trijntje Ekko Wijk, heiresses of Ekko Jabobs Wijk sold May 4, 1796 to the married people Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters and "hopman" Johannes Kim and wife Hilligie Geerts a garden or apple orchard on the Howierder Road. Situated to the North the road, to the East Mr. Lauwe Nannes and the sellers, to the South the buyers and to the West Mr. L. Tonkens.

Also on page 282:

Geertruit Heeringa(!), widow of Johannes Petrus Uilenborch sold July 25, 1761 a small house of two rooms to the guardians of the St. Anthoniusgasthuis.

Page 124:

Boatman Tjaart Tammes Dijkstra and [wife?] Trijntje J. van der Werff sold December 31, 1805 for 800 guilders to the church-warden Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters a warehouse to the East and besides the house of the sellers [*on the Solwerderstraat 68], with an apart room to rent, with a bleach-field behind this on own ground. Situated to the North the street, the East the Storage near the "Brede Brug" [*means Bride Bridge], to the South the Fivel [*River] and to the West the sellers.

[*Note A.G.: while Jelle Jans stepson Pieter Roelfs (Mulder) became that day 23 years old, this warehouse maybe was sold as his future shoemaker’s workshop, rented from his stepfather??]

Page 125:

The house in the Solwerder street number 69, a hatter’s workshop, was situated to the East to the premises of Jelle Jans.

Transcribed: Albert Geurink.
Date: September 13, 2004

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