Summaries of Property Accounts

Summarized sale of 5 "grazen" land in Biessum of the widow Aaltje Jacobs to the church-warden Cornellis Pieters and wife Auke Willems, 10 May 1793:

To me, Harms Amsingh... etc., etc.,... appeared Aaltje Jacobs, as legitimate female guardian of her under-aged Son from the marriage of her deceased Spouse Roelf Rotgers and his deceased wife Aaltje Jans, and Jan Derks as wittness and Jelle Jans, as family guardian and Jan Obbes as "out-side" guardian, plus Andries Hindriks, as wittness, Jelle Jans, as family guardian and Jan Obbes, as the "outside" guardian of the under-aged Daughter of her before-said, deceased Spouse Roelf Rotgers and his deceased [*second] wife Trijntje Andries, authorized by the Sale Certificate on 14 March 1792(?) to have sold the property of 5 "grazen" land in Byssum [*now called Biessum] to the church-warden Cornellis Pieters(?) and Auke Wilems, Married People in Byssum, situated under the Jurisdiction of Uitwierda, neighbouring in the north to the land of Anna Roelfs, in the East to the "Lijkweg" [*means literally "Corpse Road"], in the South the "Heereweg" [*literally the "Gentlemen's Road"] and to the West the female Seller Roelfs.... ect., etc., ... Made and signed by me, ....., 10 May 1793.

On the same day 10 May 1793 with the same sellers (including Jelle Jans) and the purchasers Meindert Koones(?) and wife Mertje Fokkes [*summarized]:

.... according to the Sale Certificate on 14 March 1793 [the before-said persons] have sold 5 "grazen" land, situated in Byssum to Meindert Koones(?) and wife Mertje Fokkes for a sum total of 820 guilders of which the Appeared declared already to have recieved the first part of 410 guilders... etc., etc. Made and signed ... etc., ... 10 May 1793.

Dito the 11 May 1793 the same sellers sold to Andries Hindriks 4 "grazen" land in Byssum for a sum total of 655 guilders.

The inheritance of a farmstead with 28 "grazen" land on 24 October 1788 of the widower Roelf Rotgers and his son after the death of his first wife Aaltje Jans, with the appearers Jan Derks, as wittness, Jelle Jans as family guardian and Jan Obbes as "outside" guardian [*Not transcribed (yet)].

Dito 17 February 1791 after the death of Roelf Rotgers' second wife Trijntje Andries, also in company of the same appearers, like Jelle Jans. [*Not transcribed (yet)].

The purchase of 9 "grazen" land in Opwierda by Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters on 15 May 1800:

Hindrik van Weerden, from the "Bataafschen Volksregter" [*means "from the Judge of the "Bataafsche" Republic", the name of the Netherlands after the French occupation] of Solwert cum annexis declare with this sealed certificate that to me appeared Hindrik Hielkes and Lammegien Dolfing, Married People from Tuitwert, who confessed and declared ... to have sold, registrated and handed over to Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters, Married People, in Opwierda, accepting the sale of nine "grazen" land, situated under the "Schatregister" of Opwierda, containing two parts between [*the river] "Het Diep" [*later called "Het Damsterdiep"] and the road, with the neighbours, in the North the widow of G. Geerts and ["the river"] "De Delft", in the East to Derk Jans and in the South the "Damsterweg" [*means "Damster Road"] and in the West the widow of Geert Geerts, with all his assets and liabilities, ... etc.,... for the sum total of eightteen hundred car. Guilders or 1800 = ,, = ,, =. Of which the sellers declared they have recieved it all in the fully possession of the sold ... etc. etc. and is certified by my Seal and with the signature of my name, confirmed in Solwert. The 15-th May 1800.

Was signed
Dr. H. van Weerden, Judge.

The sale of the farmstead near the harbour Delfzijl on 5 December 1788 from the heirs of the deceased Homme Jacobs (father-in-law of Albert Stoffers) to Jacob Hibberts(?) of 6145 guilders:

To me, Harmen Amsingh, Judge of ... [*unreadable: must be Solwert], Lord of [*the town] Stedum and neigbouring villages and constituted Judge of Solwert declare that appeared to me Trijntje Pieters, widow of the deceased Homme Jacobs, including Jacob Hommes, Albert Stoffers, for himself and his House-wife Aaltje Hommes, Gepke Hommes, in company of her Spouse Jan Pieters, plus Cornellis Pieters, as Wittness, Derk Jacobs, as Family guardian of the two under-aged children of the deceased Homme Jacobs and his deceased wife Martje Jacobs, born to their Marriage, as was earlier authorized ... and certified on 15 July 1788, to have sold the "mandelijke" [*old Dutch for "common"] Farmstead, standing and situated in Delfzijl, on the "Oude Dijk" [* means "Old Dyke"], under the "Schatregister" [*means during this French occupation something like "municipality"] of Uitwierda, containing an Inside-house, A Middle-house and a Frisian Barn, with all the (im)movables in it, plus the "beklemming" of about 68¾ "grazen" green and arable land [*that means that "grazen" land were not always meadows, I conclude?], of which 62¾ "grazen" land have a yearly rent of 120 guilders, to be paid to Beerend Jans and 5 "grazen" yearly to the Society with the motto "Tot Steun des Ouderdoms" [*"Till Support of the Old ages"] 40 guilders as rent, neighbouring in the north to the "Dijk" [*"Dyke"], to the East the "gracht" [*"canal"] of Delfzijl, to the South the Heirs of the Lord Clock Romke Cornellis and Jan Eppes, "meyers wijzen"(??) [*Unreadable] and to the West the "Provincielaan" [* the "Provincial Avenue"] and this farmstead is with all the assists and liabilities ... etc., etc., ... sold for the sum total of six thousand one hundred and fourty-five guilders, 6145 guilders, of which sale's amount the sellers declared to have recieved the "Halfscheid" [*the Half] 3072 guilders and 16 stivers and the rest to have been paid in two parts [*of 25%, I guess?], 1 May 1789 and 1 May 1790. Etc., etc.,...

The sale on 27 September 1775 by Claas Onnes and his mother(?) [*must be his wife!] Anje Pieters of a house(bakery) in the "Landstraat" of the "fort." [*"fortification"] Delfzijl to Jannes Freriks and his bride Aagtje Cornelis [*Will be transcribed in the next Archives visit(s)].

The inheritance of the deceased Stoffer Berents of a farmstead and 52 "grazen" land in Jukwert and 6 "grazen" land in Marsum on 24 January 1787 to his widow Aaltje Derks and her step-son Albert Stoffers and his wife. [*Has to be done yet].


The explanation of the biggest (Van Dale) Dutch dictionary of the old Dutch word "gras" or "grazen":

"Surface measure for "grasland" [*means "meadows"] of about 0,5 hectare or 0,4 "morgen"; synonymous "geers" (or also writeen as "gaers" or "gras"), meaning a land measure, mostly one-third of a "morgen".

Transcription and translation: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wednesday October 27, 2004.

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