Opwierde church members on September 10, 1713:
  1. Jan Cornellys.
  2. Jan Geerts and (*his wife) Trijntje Jans.
  3. Widow Hycke Jans of Peter Jans.
  4. Willem Ockes and (*wife) Sigrigh Jacobs.
  5. Lucas Jans and (*wife) Fyke Jelmers.
  6. Iwe Jans and (*wife) Eefke [*not given].
  7. Meyndert Jacobs and (*wife) Anse Jans. [*Note A.G.: Maybe he was the father of the following person Tidde Meinderts?].
  8. Tidde Meynders and (*wife) Mette Wabbes.
  9. Claas Dutmers and (*wife) Antie Geerts.
  10. Sicco Clasen and (*wife) Ettje Jans.
  11. Hindrick Tholens, school teacher.
  12. Pastor P. Edema and (*wife) Agneta(?) van der Goes(?).
  13. Jan Harmens and (*wife) Heertje(?) Simens.
  14. Thomas Doeckes and (*wife) Lysbeth Siccens.
  15. Marghien Freercks and (*spouse) Claas Jans.
  16. Folke Bennes and (*wife) Wolke(?) Eysses.
  17. Peter Peters and (*wife) Diewer Coeris.
  18. Olcher Pieters and (*wife) Eelje(?) Freericks.
  19. Albert Geerts and (*wife) Anse Peters.
  20. Jan Clasen.
  21. Willem Geerts and (*wife) Else Freericks (Not sharing the (*Holy Communion?) table).

[*Note A.G.: If this was the complete - of course without the not membered children - file of adult church members, is not sure. I can be that the minister only enlisted here the people at the "table of the Holy Communion", according his last remark].

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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