The summarized marriage contract of Rotger Roelfs and Jantjen Dercks

Dito of the marrying couple Rotger Roelfs and Jantjen Dercks on March 31, 1740 in Farmsum:

Marrying couple: the H[*onourable] Rotger Roelphs as Bridegroom and the H.[*onourable] Young Daughter Jantjen Dercks.

First: All the people, present here, are satisfied with this arragement.

Second: Sons and Daughters, coming from this marriage, will be the same and equal heirs about the goods of the father and mother and have the rights of representation by all (family) inheritances.

Third: If the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, without leaving child or children, so the Bride will inherit eternal from the life-goods of the Bridegroom a sum of two hundred caroli guilders.; when the Bride will die before the Bridegroom, so the Bridegroom will also inherit from the life-goods of the Bride two hundred caroli guilders.

Witnesses of the Bridegroom side: Willem Dijmer(s?) as brother by marriage, and Jan Berents, as brother-in-law by marriage.

Witnesses from the Bride's side: Geert Derks, as full brother, Claes Derks and Geert Dercks as half-brothers.

Signed and personally sealed by the "Rigter" [* old Dutch word for "Judge"] L. Helperi, Rigter, dated in the year seventeen hundred and forty, March 31, 1740.

[*Note A.G.: Be aware that here is spoken about two witnesses Geert Derks: a full brother and a half-brother of the Bride!! Rather confusing!]

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