Old Dutch Dictionary

Albert has found the meaning of some of the old Dutch words that are in some of these papers, and has sent those to us. I will try to keep this up dated, but bear with me!

  • bak-emmer-a big bucket
  • bodde-(horse) sled with a box on it for transport in snowtime
  • bodde with the word "glases"-window glases
  • boessem-a chimney
  • chaise-a kind of buggy
  • hakvat-a massive wooden table to cut the stewed green of fruits
  • jam-meren- lamenting
  • kevi-food cabinet with a barred door (against hungry animals or flies?)
  • knollen- turnip?
  • peul or peluw-long small pillow
  • ploegslede-a wooden sled to carry the plough to the land
  • rabat- a kind of styling strip above the curtains
  • rim-a ledge on a wooden wall to put the plates on it standing up
  • rijven-wooden hay-rake
  • stelmakerij-buggy factory?
  • schenk-ketel-a tea-kettle
  • snaphaan-an historical rifle (single shot?)
  • tijnen in the churn-house comes from the Dutch word "tiene"-a "big milk barrel" (for making cheese, I guess)
  • voormond-a family guardian
  • wijtel-white woolen bed goods
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