The summarized marriage contract of Eiske/Elske Hindriks in the years 1781:

Summarized marriage contracts of Eiske/Elske Hindriks in the years 1781 (in the village Biessum) and 1795 (in Holwierde), the stepmother or our ancestor Anje Pieters:

The marriage contract on April 6, 1781 between Pieter Geerts (the father of Anje Pieters) and Eiske Hindriks:

Witnesses from the bridegrooms side: Roelf Jacobs and his wife Anje Pieters, son-in-law and daughter, Jacob Geerts and wife Aafke Alberts, brother and sister-in-law, and Jan Geerts and wife Tijke Hindriks, half-brother and half-sister (*by marriage?).

Witnesses from the bride's side: Jan Ysebrants and wife Trijntje Hindriks, brother-in-law and sister, Pieter Hindriks and wife Martje Hindriks, brother-in-law (*by marriage?) and sister.

Actum Bijssum, the April 6th, 1781.

The marriage contract on May 25, 1795 between Jan Cornelis and Eiske Hindriks, widow of Pieter Geerts:

Witnesses of the bridegroom's side: the [*probably Solwerd] churchwarden Cornellis Pieters and full father (*he was a colleague of Jelle Jans Mulder!) and the brothers Pieter Cornelis, Hindrik Cornelis and Geert Cornelis, Reinder Pieters and his wife Martjen Cornelis, as brother-in-law and full sister, Libbel(?) Jans, as borther-in-law and Jan Hindriks as full uncle.

Witnesses of the brides side: Jan Ysebrands and his wife Trijntje Hindriks, as brother-in-law and full sister, and Pieter Hindriks, as brother-in-law.

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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