The summarized marriage contract of Derk Eppes and his third wife Geeske Roebers

The summarized marriage contract of Derk Eppes and his third wife Geeske Roebers on March 1, 1725 in Siddeburen (?), province Groningen, Netherlands:

Marrying couple: Derk Eppes as Bridegroom and Geeske Roebers as Bride.

First: the marrying couple and their witnesses are satisfied with this arrangement.

Second: Sons and daughters from this marriage will have the same and equal rights of representation after the death of their parents as they have now.

Third: if the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, without leaving child or children, the Bride will enjoy and inherit the sustenance for her whole life. A same child part. If the Bride will die before the Bridegroom, without leaving child or children, the Bridegroom will enjoy from her inheritance a sum of 150 car, guilders.

Four and the last one: [*Note A.G.: unreadable hadnwritten Dutch text]

Witnesses from the Bridegroom side: Eppe Dercks as son, Jacob Geerts as brother-in-law.

Witnesses from the Bride's side: Hamiekjen [*?? Hard to read] Hind[*.. last letter unreadable: may be the surname "Hindriks"?] as sister, and "Wedina" [*Or was here written the Dutch word "Weduwe", that means "Widow"??] and Luitjen Jacobs as "dedigsman".

Date: March 1, 1725.

Unreadable signature by the "Redger" [*=Officer of the Registrar's Officer?]

[*Notes A.G.: This meant, by the date of this marriage contract on March 1, 1725, that Geeske Roebers [*or Robers?] must be Derk Eppes last and third wife, not the second one, like the ancestry researcher Pieter Blink wrote me. Does that mean also that Lijsabeth Geerts was Derk Eppes second wife, confirmed by the presence here of Derk's witness Jacob Geerts, his brother-in-law? I'll research this in a later Archives visit].
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