The sale on May 22, 1782 in Appingedam of a (big) farmstead by Fiebe Sieuwkes and his family to his son-in-law Julle Harms and daughter Lijsbeth Fiebes:
  • On May 22, 1782 certified, sealed and undersiged in Appingedam by the Judge, Dr. Henricus Johannes Wieringa.
  • Sellers:
    • Fiebe Sieuwkes (also called Sijwkes).
    • Lukke Joosten and her spouse Hitje Sjades as his stepdaughter and son-in-law (by marriage).
    • Daughter Eenje Fiebes and her spouse Roelf Meinders.
    • Daughter Martje Fiebes and her spouse Frans Eeckens.
    • [*Note A.G.: Martje Fiebes was married to Frans Eeckens - son of the deceased Lucas Eeckens and Anna Regina Holthuis - on the same date (March 22, 1782) when her sister Eenje Fiebes also married Roelf Meinders; but, opposed to her sister Eenje, Martje Fiebes married in the city Appingedam. (That day they had to drive (by horse and buggy?) - or even walk? - a rather long distance between Lasquert and Appingedam)!]
  • Buyers: Fiebe's son-in-law Julle Harms and Fiebe's full daughter Lijsbeth Fiebes.
  • According:
    1. The sale of a farmstead with barn, "with all its belongings and taxes", and a water mill, plus the permanent and eternal "beklemming" of 97½ "grazen" and 49 "roeden" land, under which 27 "grazen" own "Heemland" [*must mean the land near and around the farm buildings], with a permanent "Beklem" rent of 160 guilders [*a year], to pay on every Midwinter.
    2. The sale of the permanent and eternal "beklemming" of 3 "grazen" free land, called the "Schuttenkamp", with a yearly rent of one guilder and ten stivers, to pay to [*the owner] the "Schutten" Court of Appingedam.
    3. The sale of the "beklemming" of 8 "grazen" land, with a yearly "beklem" rent, to pay to [the owner] the Church of Appingedam.
    4. All located in Lasquert, under the "Schatregister" [*old Dutch for "Municipality"] of Siddeburen and the [*area of] "Olinger Hamrik", sold for a sum of 5500 guilders, of which the sellers already have recived the "Halfscheid" [*means 50%] of 2750 guilders. The rest has to be paid on May 1, 1783 and May 1, 1784, every time ¼ part of the total selling sum. [*Note A.G: The "Olinger Hamrik" concerned the lower lying meadows outside the little hill "Olingen or Ollingum", located in the very southern area of the municipality of Appingedam].
  • Certified in Appingedam, May 22, 1782 and registered there on September 19, 1850.
  • Conclusions:
    • With his farmstead of more than 108 "grazen" land more than 160 USA acres - Fiebe Sijwkes/Sieuwkes must have been a very wealthy farmer in those days, till now the biggest in the Pelmulder family.

Albert Geurink.
Date: Winsum, February 23, 2005.

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