Sale of the Farmstead of Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters on May 10, 1792

To me, Harmen Amsingh, constituted Judge of Solwert [*and Uitwierda] showed with this open, sealed Certificate(?) ...[*unreadable] appeared Anje Pieters, widow of Klaas Onnes and now as far ...[*unreadable] with her recent Spouse Jelle Jans, who confessed and declared ... [*unreadable] to have sold under the signed sale certificate of 9 February 1792 and now by this in full property ...[*To sale? Unreadable] to the Honourable Pieter Derks and Anna Jans Steenhuis, Married People, also appeared, declared to have accept a farmstead, containing a House and Barn, including the right of "beklemming" of about one and seventy "grazen" land, standing and situated in Solwert, with a yearly rent of one hundred thirty guilders, as said:

About 23 5/7 "gras" [*land to pay the yearly "beklemming" of it] to the merchant Eelko Jan Wijk of 43 guilders, 13 stivers and 2 doits [*often written as 43 - 13 - 2].

About 5 6/7 "gras" to Ewoud(?) Tokkes [*or Fokkes?] of 10 guilders, 18 stivers and 3 doits [*10 - 18 - 3].

About 5 6/7 "gras" to Meindert Geerts of 10 guilders, 18 stivers and 2 doits.

About 5 6/7 "gras" to Jacob Harms as guardian of the under-aged children of the deceased Geert Onnes, by marriage born to him and Lijsbeth Meinders of 10 guilders, 18 stivers and 3 doits.

And about 5 6/7 "gras" to the mentioned cattle merchant [*Eelko Jan Wijk] of 10 guilders, 18 stivers and 3 doits.

At last about 23 5/7 "gras" to Henrikus Schenkel, as guardian of the under-aged little son of the deceased Klaas Onnes in his marriage to Anje Pieters of 43 guilders, 13 stivers and 2 doits.

Containing the sum total of 131 guilders, which has to pay for the first time on Midwinter 1792 and than yearly on .... [*unreadable]..... .... .... which is protected from the "het zesjarig Geschenk" [*literally it means "the six years Gift"; but what that means??] ...etc.,etc., ...

And in this way this is sold, and by the buyers gladly accepted, for the sum total of 6300 guilders, six thousand and three hundred guilders, to pay in three parts, as the "Halfscheid" [*the Half] during the acceptation, a fourth part [*25 %] on 1 May 1793 and the last fourth part [*25 %] on 1 May 1794, after which the certificate of property will be obtained.

At the same time the Sellers [*Anje Pieters and Jelle Jans] declare that they have recieved the Half of a sum total of 3150 guilders, without .... [*unreadable and not important].

At the end is yet ordered that the recent Sellers by Paternal Settlement will ... [*unreadable: they mean paid or reserved?] to Hinrik Schenkel and Others(?) as Guardians of the under-aged "voorkind" [*which means littary "before-child", that must be her son Onne [*Klasen] born in her former marriage with Klaas Onnes] of the female Seller [*Anje Pieters], like is registered in the Certificate [*the Marriage Contract between Anje Pieters and Klaas Onnes] of 8 December 1780 a Heritage(?) of the sum total of 2000 guilders till the child's adulthood.... etc., etc.

Also made and signed... etc., etc., ... 10 May 1792.

[*Note Albert Geurink: This Judge had a real "rotten" handwriting, so this certificate was hard to read and write out. This sale of the former farmstead of Anje Pieters and Jelle Jans in Solwerd was made a day after their purchase of the windmill in Opwierde for 9000 guilders and their loan of 500 guilders of Albert Stoffers and Aaltje Hemmes. Anje Pieters and Jelle Jans received 50% of the sale of their farmstead - which means 3150 guilders - but had to pay also 50% of the purchase of the windmill of 4500 guilders. Anje and Jelle had to pay an extra 4500 - 3150 - 500 = 850 guilders! (They could do this, because they didn't have to pay the inheritance of their (step)son Onne Klasen of 2000 guilders at the same time to his guardians. But if they had, they would have needed 2850 guilders cash money!) But the marriage contract is talking about 200 guilders to pay to the heirs of the (deceased) bridegroom Klaas Onnes and here 2000 guilders? That means that I've to check those amounts again, what's written: 200 or 2000! In the first case Anje Pieters and Jelle Jans had to pay extra 850 + 200 = 1050 guilders, in the second case 2850 guilders, which was a very huge amount in those days!). Take also notice that Anje Pieters is mentioned here before her spouse Jelle Jans, as the legal female(!) owner and/or heir of this farmstead, very unusual in those "male" days].

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