Fokkens Property

Fokke Hindriks, later with the surname Fokkens, the father of the silversmith Derk Fokke Fokkens purchased with [*his wife?] Alke Frericks on March 16, 1773 a bake-house and shop, plus tools, plus a fruit garden behind it, in the Solwerder Street 26 (East), near the small road to the "brede brug" (means "broad bridge"). Nine years later, Jan. 14, 1782, Focke Hindriks and [*another wife??] Eltje Willems purchased a house with a bleach-field in the Solwerder Street 27, just near the bake-house he owned. In my opinion he planned to live in this house number 27 and had his shop next door in number 26.

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