A Summarized Certificate of Inheritance According the 3 Under Aged Children of the Deceased Hugo Cornelis and His Widow Grietje Derks [*parents of Trijntje Hu(i)ges]:

Registered on February 16, 1785 at Appingedam by Dr. Henricus Johannes Wieringa, certified Judge of the [*main] city of Groningen.


The family guardians of the under aged children of Grietje Derks, born to her and her deceased spouse Hugo Cornelis, to say Cornellis Cornellis [*Maybe a brother of Hugo Cornelis?], Jan Alders [*Maybe a relative of the before said Jacob Allers or/and the next bridegroom Symen Alders of Grietje Derks?] and Hinderykus Schenkel.

Grietje Derks and her [*second?] bridegroom Symen Alders.

Concluding that the inventory of the goods of the deceased Hugo Cornelis and wife Grietje Derks proved that the debts of their properties were higher than the profits there was decided that the second Appearers [*Grietje Derks and her new bridegroom] will keep the complete (im)movables with all the debts and profits and will raise and host the under aged children until the age of eighteen years and will give them a proper education according their status, and will provide and nurse them in health and illness, teaching them to read and write properly and to do all that a good education will need. All the parties are satisfied with this arrangement, etc., etc. ... Signed and sealed by me, the Judge, in Appingedam, the February 16th, 1785.

Signature Dr. H. J. Wieringa, judge.

[*Conclusions A.G.: After the burial of her spouse Hugo Cornelis, farmer at the "Hoge Werf" in Opwierde, on July 7, 1777 in Opwierde, this certificate proves to us that his widow Grietje Derks remarried 7½ years later to Symen Alders. Her three mentioned under aged children were: "our" Trijntje Huges, her sister Martje Hu(i)ges and her brother Mayndert/Meindert Hu(i)ges; the last two must have died soon after this second wedding: as in the Opwierde Church books is recorded that on January 11 (or 17?), 1786 was buried daughter Martje of Hugo Cornelis and Grietje Derks and on January 21, 1786 her brother Mayndert, son of Hugo Cornelis and Grietje Derks. The three other children of this married couple were already deceased before 1785: son Derk Hu(i)ges was buried on June 1, 1799, son Cornelis Hu(i)ges on October 8, 1777 and daughter Jantje Hu(i)ges on August 8, 1781, all at the Opwierde Cemetery. In this way Trijntje Hu(i)ges was their only surviving child! In my opinion the name Mayndert or Meindert of Trijntje's brother indicates to us that there must be a link between the Tidde Meinderts and the Hugo Cornelis families. The same church books recorded also that "Grietje Derks died on December 18, 1808 in Opwierde, 71 years old, has lived at the "Hoge Warf" in Opwierda; her corpse was registered on December 23, 1808 in Opwierda". ].

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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