Summarized Marriage Contract of Jacobjen Jelles and Jacob Willems in Farmsum, Registered on October 8, 1733:
  • Appeared: the honourable Jacob Willems as bridegroom and the young woman Jacobjen Jelles as bride and the present friends.
  • First: everybody is satisfied with all the goods which the bridegroom and bride bring in this marriage.
  • Second: Children coming from this marriage will be equal as heirs and will get the rights of representation in the future inheritances.
  • Third: When the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, without leaving children, the Bride will inherite eternal from the bridegrooms goods 300 caroli guilders.
  • Fourth: Dito if the Bride will die before the Bridegroom, the Bridegroom will inherit also 300 caroli guilders.
  • Witnesses at the bridegrooms side:
    • The church warden Willem Ockes as father.
    • Ocke Willems and Eenrick Jans, married people, as brother and sister-in-law.
    • Berent Remkes and Diewer Willems, married people, as brother-in-law and full sister.
    • Derk Ockes as uncle.
  • Witnesses at the brides side:
    • Gerrijt Fockes as her "principal" guardian [*Note A.G.: In these days Jacobjen Jelles was 23 years old and under-aged].
    • Jacob Allers as family guardian and uncle by his marriage, together with his wife Gepke Roelfs, as [*full] aunt.
    • Eppe Eppes, as second and "distant" guardian.
    • Aaltjen and Stijnje Jelles as sisters.
  • Made and sealed on October 8, 1733 in Farmsum, Mr. H. Helperi.

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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