From the "Schatregister Verpondingen 1721" [*the 1721 landtaxes] of the Village Opwierde:

The farmer Jan Cornelis [*maybe the father of the farmer Cornelis Jans, farming on the "Hoge Werf"?]:

  • Rented 25 "grazen" land from the owner Alberda Dijksterhuis.
  • Rented 4 "grazen" land from the owner Bartels Dutmers.
  • Rented 7½ "grazen" land from the owner the Opwierda Church.
  • Rented 4½ "grazen" land from the owner "Damster" [*= Appingedam] Church.
  • Rented 3 "grazen" "Pastorie land" [*land from the Rectory].
  • Total: 44 "grazen" land.

The farmer Tidde Meinderts:

  • Rented 45 "grazen" "Damster Pastorie" land [*The Rectory of the Appingedam Church].
  • Rented 9½ "grazen" land from the "Anncke(?) Gasthuis" [*literally a "Gasthuis" means a "Guest House", but here mentioned as "Hospital", I believe]
  • Total: 54½ "grazen" land.

The farmer Jacob Meinderts, brother of Tidde Meinderts:

  • Rented 19½ "grazen" land from the owner Michiel Mennes.
  • Rented 3 "grazen" land from Mrs. Gruus.
  • Rented 4½ "grazen" land from the "Damster" Church.
  • Rented 3 "grazen" land from the "Damster" Church.
  • Rented 4½ "grazen" land from the Opwierde Deacons.
  • Total: 34½ "grazen" land.

The farmer Claas Jans, probably a grandfather(??) of a later Claas Jans, married to Pieterke Roelfs/Roelefs:

  • Rented 11 "grazen" land of the owner "Damster Gasthuis".

The farmer Arys Jans, probably a very distant relative of the ancestor Anje Pieters:

  • Rented 6 "grazen" land from the owner, the "Raatsheer" [*a Judge?] Gruus.
  • Rented 12 "grazen" land from the owner Alberda Dijksterhuis.
  • Total: 18 "grazen" land.
  • Transcription: Albert Geurink.
    Date: Wensday, February 16, 2005.

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