The summarized marriage contract of Pieter Roelfs (Mulder) and Harmke Meertens (Luurtsema)

The sumarized marriage contract between Pieter Roelfs (Mulder) and Harmke Meertens (Luurtsema) on June 24, 1807 in Appingedam:

Marrying couple: the honourable Young Man Pieter Roelfs and the Honorable Young Daughter Harmke Meertens.

First: the Bridegroom, Bride and their presented friends are satisfied with this arrangement of all the goods as the following Married People have brought in, but the mutual inheritating goods will stay out of their common property and will go back to the side from which they come.

Second: Sons and daughter from this marriage will have the equal right of representation in the place of their [*deceased] parents the same as their parents would have enjoyed during their lives.

Third: If the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, without leaving a child or children, so the Bride will keep the goods of the Bridegroom, except the Life goods of the deceased, which will be offered to his closest heirs within six weeks. And if the Bridegroom will inherit goods during his lifetime, the Bride will be obliged to pay(?) for that. If the Bride will remarry, the Bride has to pay the Half Part of the inheritance before the remarriage, including all the goods which the Bridegroom will have inherited [*during his lifetime].

Four: Dito for the Bride if she will die before the Bridegroom without leaving a child or children.

Five: If both Elder People will die, with a surviving child or children, the goods of the one child will be passed on to the other one and [*in the case of] the last child being deceased, the one half will pass on to the closest friends of the father's side and the other half to those of the mother.

[*Note A.G.: with the confusing word "friends" they meant here the closest relatives of both sides!!].

Witnesses at the Bridegroom's side: Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters, as father by marriage and full mother.

Witnesses of the Bride's side: Meerten Geerts and Nanje Theunis, Married Couple, as full father and mother.

Signed by the Representives of the "Municipaliteit" Appingedam Klass Thomas, "Coll. Accordt" and S. Houwerzijl, Secretary.

Date: Made in Appingedam,. The 24th June 1807.

Registered in the Registers June 26, 1807

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