Certificate of inheritance tax of the deceased Martje Alberts van Dijk, recorded January 4, 1848:

Memory of declaration for the register of inheritance tax of the inheritance of Martje Alberts van Dijk, deceased in Appingedam, the 2 December 1847.

The undersigned, Pieter Luitjes Tietema, barrel maker, living in Appingedam, as father and guardian of his two single under aged children, named Marie and Albert Luitje [*Tietema], by him procreated in marriage by deceased Martje Alberts van Dijk; [*and] Jelle Jans Pelmulder, Teacher in Bomwird, province Friesland, and Hindrik Jacobs Bos, iron smith, living in Zijldijk [In the neighborhood of Appingedam], managing the common properties between him and his wife Aaltje Jans Pelmulder, choosing domicile at the house of the solicitor R. Mulder [*Note A.G.: must be Rudolphus Mulder, the son of Martje's half-brother-in-law Pieter Roelfs Mulder] in Appingedam.

Declare by this:

That Martje Alberts van Dijk, by life without profession, [*living] in Appingedam, there is deceased the 2 December 1847 "ab in testato".

That her inheritage, like the law orders to her four children, being the two mentioned, under aged children and the before-said Jelle and Aaltje Jans Pelmulder, being the last said procreated by the deceased Jan Jelles Pelmulder with her in her first marriage.

That by the this death no "fides Commies" is overhanded, neither the profit rights are lapsed.

That the by the deceased inherited immovables contains the half in:

1. A house number 128 in Appingedam with "beklemd" yard, with the rent of fl. 4, [*guilders] Land Registry Section 1 O(?) number 200, large 2 "roeden" [*20 meter] and 70 "ellen" [* about 70 x 0,70 = 4,90 meter]

2. One(?) seat in the Reformed church in Appingedam. That last comparing to her .......

Made and signed [*4 January 1848]

[*signature] P.L. Tietema

[*dito] J. Pelmulder

[*dito] H.J. Bos

[*Note A.G.: The second marriage of Martje Alberts van Dijk with Pieter Luitjes Tietema was made on May 23,1832 in Appingedam, 15½ years before].

Transcription and translation: Albert Geurink
Date: September 16, 2004.

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